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Amethyst & I 2: The Wrath of Syenite


A second fanfiction of the cartoon 'Steven Universe' created by Rebecca Sugar.

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The Return of Diamond White

Amethyst & I 2

The Wrath of Syenite

By: Michael Wydock

In a different part of a city, dark storm clouds were formed in the sky. A loud clash of thunder followed by a flash of lighting filled the air. Rain was falling while a woman was running through the rainy streets. She was stopped and surrounded by these strange people wearing rags and hoods.

“Leave me alone!” She shouted. But the men just kept coming towards her. Then someone whistled to get the attention of the attackers. A flash of lighting revealed the whistler to be a white haired man with a red trench coat and a set of tough and light weight rubber armor with a pair of shades to complete the look.

“I suggest you leave the poor lady alone before something bad happens to you all.” Said Blade Hunter. The men turned around to face him and hissed. The men with pointy ears, red eyes and fangs turned out to be vampires. Blade Hunter tilted his head just a little and loosened his neck bones as he took off his shades and put them in his coat pocket.

“Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He said as he pulled out his sword from his back. The vampires came rushing towards him.

“Let’s dance.” Blade Hunter said as he charged toward the vampires. He jumped up and came back down with his sword, slicing four of the vampires with a single swipe. As more vampires came his way, he avoided their strikes as he sliced and diced them. He spun around, taking out one of his guns and blasted three of the vampires as they were coming up from behind him. But these were no ordinary bullets. Those were sun ray bullets. And that meant they explode a ray of sunlight, disintegrating the vampires from the inside. His eyes were burning with rage as he never felt so alive before.

“Awe, that’s it? I was just getting warmed up.” He looked up and a horde of vampires were on the rooftops surrounding him. As he prepared himself for another battle, the vampires jumped down from the rooftops in all directions.

However, Steven was cheering for Blade Hunter to win the battle that was happening on the television screen. Pearl, Amethyst and even the newest member of the Crystal Gems Michael Greene watched as well.

“Yeah, go Blade Hunter!” He cheered as he saw the character slaughtering the vampire horde. “Blade Hunter is so cool.” He said as he turns to Michael. “I still can’t believe that your book was made into a TV series.” Michael Greene stared at Steven and smiled.

“I can’t believe it either. To be honest, I never thought I would make it this far with Blade Hunter.” Amethyst reached over and kissed Michael on the cheek. Michael blushes a little as he turns to her.

“I am so proud of you Michael.”

“Thanks.” He smiled to her. Garnet stepped into the room through the warp pad. Now that Malachite was destroyed and Jasper fell into the Earth, the Crystal Gems had some spare time since the Cluster wasn’t a threat anymore. Garnet was snooping and trying to track down Diamond White. During their last battle with Jebediah Black, Diamond White managed to escape. Since Garnet had future vision, she could’ve easily tracked him down. However, Diamond White was no fool. He manages to escape from her vision every time.

“Any luck Garnet?” Asked Michael Greene. Garnet looked up at him and fixed her shades.

“No. Diamond White’s hard to track down, he keeps avoiding my future vision. But we will find him.”

“I certainly hopes so. Diamond White needs to be stopped before anyone else gets hurt.” Replied Michael.

Little did the Gems know was that Diamond White was under their feet, under the Earth. Deep in the dark caves, Diamond White used his gem on his forehead to light his way through the darkness. But what was he looking for, or ‘who’ was he looking for? After hours and hours of searching, he saw something glimmering in the distance. He grinned and walk toward the shining gemstone. He knelt down and picked it up. It was a Jasper gemstone but it was cracked from the fall. Diamond White shined his light on it to observe the damage to the gem. He placed his hand onto the surface of the crack. Diamond White used his magic and healed the cracked gem.

He stood back up and stepped back to watch the resurrection. The gemstone floated in mid air before at last resurrecting Jasper herself. With her yellow tiger stripped skin and long white hair, she landed on all fours before standing back up. Diamond White was pleased with his work.

“Jasper.” He said. She looked up at him. “I have been looking for you for quite some time now.”

“Who are you?” She asked. She saw his white gemstone on his forehead and gasped. “You’re a Diamond!” She realized as Jasper gave him the Diamond salute.

“That I am. I am Diamond White.”

“With all due respect my Diamond, but I’ve never heard of you before.” She said to him. He smiled at her.

“That’s because I am one of the ancient Diamonds. I have existed long before the other Gems.”

“What do you want with me?” She asked him concerned.

“I have a proposition that you maybe interested in. I have seen your records. I have seen what you are capable of. And I must admit, I am impressed. It is not easy to impress me but you have managed to do so. You are one of the finest soldiers I have ever seen. You will not stop until the job is done. I admire that. I’ve witnessed your battle with the Gems as Malachite. But Malachite was weak against the Gems. But I can help you beat them. We will be much stronger, much more powerful then Malachite that we will crush the Gems with no effort!”

“So you have a grudge against them too?”

“They are traitors to Homeworld! It was a mistake bringing them here in the first place! So I will help you destroy them in exchange in helping me destroy Michael Greene.”

“Whose Michael Greene?” Diamond White showed a hologram of Michael Greene through his gemstone.

“He is a half breed just like the one they call Steven. But he’s in more control of his powers then little Steven. Do not take him lightly. He has experience. He’s much stronger then most of them.” Jasper observed the hologram of Michael Greene and the other Gems. She stared back at Diamond White and saluted him again.

“I am at your service’s my Diamond.” He grinned as he shut the holograms off.

“Excellent. Now come Jasper, we have work to do.” He and Jasper walked and headed out of the darkness of the caves.

Garnet suddenly had a realization.

“I’ve got him! I’ve got a lock on him!” Michael Greene turned to Garnet and stood up.

“Where is he?” Garnet fixed her shades.

“I don’t know exactly. He’s appearing in three different locations.” Pearl spoke up.

“What? Hows that even possible?”

“He’s trying to throw us off his trail.” Michael realized. Garnet turned to him.

“Well it’s your call Michael. What’s the plan?” Michael Greene had to think about it. Until at last a spark came to him.

“Alright, here’s the plan. Amethyst and I will check out location one. Pearl and Steven, you check out location two. And Garnet will go to location three. Now I took to liberty to build us these wrist communicators.” He said as he pulled out five of them out of his pocket and gave the Gems each one.

“If any of you find Diamond White, call me and I’ll be there in a flash.” The Gems understood and followed up on Michael’s plan. They nodded ‘yes’. Michael pointed toward the warp pad.

“Alright. Gems, let’s move out!” They all headed for the warp pad as Steven beamed them up into three separate ways.

Michael and Amethyst ended up on a tropical island. Amethyst looked around her surroundings.

“The island? Why would Diamond White be hiding here?”

“I don’t know.” He replied. “IF he’s hiding out here.” He corrected her. Michael and Amethyst pressed onward.

“This is the island where we fought Malachite. Before Jasper fell into the Earth.” Amethyst told him. After saying that, she realized something.

“You don’t think Diamond White came here to find Jasper?” Michael turned to her.

“Malachite. Jasper. I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

“Oh yeah, you weren’t with us then. Well it’s a long story. I’ll tell you later.” After hours of searching, Michael finally looked up into the sky and saw dark storm clouds coming their way.

“A storm is coming Amethyst.” He said as his long red hair started to blow in the breeze. “We need to find shelter and continue the search later.”

“Hey, I found a cave!” She yelled out as she pointed to it. Michael walked up to her.

“Well that didn’t take long.” He said to her. A loud clash of thunder rumbled through the sky as he stared back at the dark clouds.

“Come on, get inside quick. This storm’s going to be pretty nasty.” The rain was starting to come down. Michael covered Amethyst as they both rushed into the cave.

“I hope the others are having better luck.” She said.

Garnet was somewhere underground in one of Diamond White’s labs. It was dark inside the labs. One of Diamond White’s robots came out of the corner with a light shining from the top of it’s head using it as a flashlight. Garnet took cover quickly as the light was almost on her. She summoned her iron fists. As the robot walked right past her, she used her iron fists to crush the robot’s head. Another robot came out of the corner and shined his light onto her. As she looked back surprised, the robot held out it’s arm gun and fired rapidly at her. Garnet was quick enough to dodge every single shot and hid.

As the robot was still firing shots, she thought quickly. As more robots were coming, she punched the floor as hard as she could, that a huge chunk of it popped out from the ground. She punched the chunk of floor toward the robot as it crushed the bot against the back wall. She ran up to one of the robots as she punched her fist right through it. She used the robot stuck to her fist as a shield as the last robots fired.

She kicked it off as it was sent flying into the others. As it knocked the last two robots down, she had jumped in the air. She came back down as her fist pounded the last two into submission. She stood back up and smiled.

“Hmph. Looks like you need better security Diamond.” She said to herself as she walked onward. As she walked, a door had opened as a room full of thirty more of Diamond White’s robots aimed their arm guns straight at her.

“Oh.” She said. As she saw them, her smile turned into a frown.

“This rain is coming down really hard.” Said Amethyst as she was watching the storm. She turned back and walked to Michael who was sitting on the ground in front of a firepit. She sat down right next to him and started to make conversation with him to pass the time.

“So if you’re not originally from here, where are you from Michael?” He looked at her than back at the fire.

“Paradise City.”

“I never heard of it. What’s it like there?”

“It’s nice.” He looked at her as she stared back. “Well, it’s not really such a Paradise there anymore due to the amount of crime that happens there.”

“So why did you leave? Don’t they need you there?”

“Nah. Paradise City has plenty of crime fighters there, they can handle it. And besides, I was on the run from Jebediah Black at the time.”

“But he’s destroyed now.” Amethyst pointed out. “And that was so cool the way you took out all his clones. That was awesome! The way you did that lighting attack.” He smiled at her and chuckled.

“Yeah. But I don’t think I can ever do that again even if I try.” Amethyst yawned as she turned herself into a cat and jumped into Michael’s lap. He held her in his loving arms and smiled as she looked back up at him. She curled up into a ball as she lyed down into his lap and purred. Michael smiled at her as he kissed her head and petted her. He stared back at the storm and watched the rain pouring down.

Pearl and Steven were also in one of Diamond White’s underground labs. As they walked deeper into his dark labs, they both saw incomplete robots inside large tubes covered in greenish glass.

“Are these all his creations? What is Diamond White planning to do with all of them?” Asked Pearl. Steven shrugged. He saw blue prints on a table in front of a tube. He walked over to it and observed the blue prints. His eyes grew big. He stared up at the tube. He freaked and backed away in fear when he saw who it was.

“Pearl!” Steven shouted. She rushed to his aid. She looked up to see what Steven was looking at. She gasped. Inside of the tube was none other than Jebediah Black himself. She observed the blue prints. They were plans for rebuilding Jebediah. The font was printed in white, bold letters that read; Jebediah Black 2.0.

“Oh my god.” She said. “He’s rebuilding Jebediah.” She than looked at all the other robots and realized that they were all Jebediah Black’s. “This is worse than I thought! He’s building an army of unstoppable Jebediah’s!” As their backs were turned, the completed Jebediah opened his eyes as they glowed yellow. Upon hearing the glass cracking, Pearl and Steven turned and backed away in fear. She pulled out her spear as Steven held his shield. The glass broke completely as Jebediah Black 2.0 jumped out and stood up slowly. Steven turned to Pearl as Jebediah just stood there looking at them.

“HeeHee, maybe he doesn’t remember us.”

“Pearl. Steven. Eliminate.” He said as his hands transformed into yellow energy swords. Jebediah took a swing at Pearl, but Steven stepped in front of her and blocked his attack saving her life.

“Steven, get back!” She demanded. “He’s too dangerous for you!” As Jebediah swung again, Pearl deflected his blow with her spear, giving Steven the chance to get away.

“You Crystal Gems must be terminated!” Shouted out Jebediah. He kicked Pearl back as far as he could. “He programmed me to complete my mission!” Jebediah ran toward Pearl. She jumped high in the air as he swung and missed her. She threw her spear down to him, but Jebediah sliced her spear in half. As Pearl landed, she pulled out another spear from her gem as Jebediah swung at her. Pearl blocked and deflected every single one of Jebediah’s attack’s. Steven threw his shield as if it were a boom-a-rang and hit Jebediah in the back of the head which got his attention.

As Jebediah stared angrily at Steven, he turned to him. While he was distracted, Pearl took the opportunity to stab her spear right through Jebediah’s chest. He just stood there and grinned, laughing in the process.

“You think that old trick would work on me?” He took a hold of her spear as he kicked her back. As she crashed into the wall behind her, he took the spear that was lodged in him and crushed it. He turned to her and walked towards her. As Steven was watching in fear, he sparked an idea. He realized that Jebediah Black himself wasn’t always a machine. But he was once human just like him. Steven knew that he had to try something. As Jebediah was about to finish off Pearl, Steven stepped in.

“STOP! You don’t have to do this Jeb!”

“Steven, what are you doing?” Asked Pearl. “I told you to get away from him!”

“Jeb.” Steven continued. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I was programmed to complete my mission! And I shall complete it!”

“NO!” Shouted out Steven as he blocked Jebediah’s attack. “Diamond White may have rebuilt and programmed you. But somewhere in your robotic shell, there is still humanity inside you, I know it! You were once human Jeb. That means you still have your free will. Use that will to say ‘no’ to Diamond White! Use the last of your humanity to help us stop him!” Jebediah lowered his swords only for a moment as the expression on his face turned from anger to sorrow.

A figure stepped out of the shadows inside the cave where Michael Greene and Amethyst was.

“Found you!” Diamond White shouted. Cat Amethyst jumped out of her skin and hid behind Michael as she turned back into herself again. Michael Greene stood up and summoned his sword as Diamond White just stood there and laughed.

“Scaredy cat!” He laughed. Amethyst looked at him with an annoyed look on her face.

“Diamond White.” Michael said menacingly. “We finally found you!” He laughed.

“We? What we? The two of you? I only see you two weaklings. Speaking of which, look what I’ve got Michael.” Diamond White held out Emerald Greene’s gemstone. Michael and Amethyst were in awe when they saw Emerald’s gemstone in the clutches of Diamond White’s hand.

“Dad!” Michael shouted. Diamond White grinned as he closed his palm and crushed Emerald Greene’s gemstone into nothing but dust.

“Oops, I’ve shattered him.” He said with a sinister smile.

“NO!” Michael shouted. Amethyst gasped as she covered her mouth. “You monster! You’ll pay for this Diamond!”

“I’ve shattered Emerald Greene. And now I get to shatter his son.” He laughed. “But of course I couldn’t have destroyed Emerald Greene myself.” He stepped aside as Jasper stepped out of the shadows.

“Hello runt!” She said to Amethyst. She gasped at the site of Jasper.

“Jasper!” She shouted.

“So that’s Jasper?” He asked. Amethyst nodded. Michael stared back and he grinned. “Hmph. She doesn’t look that tough.”

“What did you say punk!?”

“I’ll easily wipe the floor with you.” Amethyst covered her mouth and threw down her fist.

“Oh, sick burn!” She said. Jasper grunted.

“Why you little....” Diamond White stopped her.

“No. Let’s not take them on single handedly. Instead, let us show them what Syenite can do.” Jasper grinned as Michael and Amethyst just stood there, ready to attack.

“Syenite?” They both said confused. Diamond White took Jaspers hand as he spun her around as if they were doing a tango dance. He pulled Jasper back in as she fell back. Diamond White gripped her back as both their gemstones glowed bright and the two of them fused into one. They have become a new form entirely that towered over the two in a bright light. This new form had grown four arms in total. Long white, flowing hair and tiger stripped pale skin. The Jasper gemstone in place of it’s nose. Diamond White’s collared cape and white sash on it’s waist and back.

It’s four eyes opened up and looked down at them as it grinned. The two felt terrified of this new form that was Jasper and Diamond White’s fusion. This new fusion was a titan that stood as high as the trees.

“So, this must be Syenite!” Michael pointed out. The newly formed Syenite pounded the ground with it’s fist as Michael and Amethyst both jumped out of the way. Amethyst summoned her whip and attacked the beast. However, Syenite barely felt a cut from the weapon. Syenite grabbed Amethyst. As Michael was rushing in to save her, Syenite punched him so hard that he flew back a mile. He slide on the ground into the heavy rain storm. Syenite threw Amethyst as far as they could.

“HA HA HAAAA!” Syenite laughed. “Take a good look Michael. This is the very form that crushed Emerald Greene! And now, so too shall Syenite be your end!” Syenite jumped in the air and came back down trying to crush Michael. However Michael rolled out of the way and ran for cover. Syenite laughed.

“That’s right! Run! Run away like the coward you are! But I will find you!” Amethyst managed to catch back up with Michael.

“Syenite is too strong for us to take on alone Amethyst.” Michael told her as she looked up at him.

“Let’s you and me fuse.” She suggested. Michael looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. He smiled at her.

“You’ve read my mind babe.” As Syenite was distracted, Michael took Amethyst’s hand and began to dance.

“I thought you said this was going to be easy my Diamond!” Said Jasper.

“Patients my dear Jasper. Those two can’t hide forever.” Syenite heard what sounded like a beam of light shining down from behind them. They turned as Michael and Amethyst fused and formed a titan of their own. Syenite went in for a punch to try to prevent the fusion. However, the fusion was complete and they caught Syenite’s fist just in time.

“WHAT?” Syenite said confused. Syenite’s eyes grew big as they saw Michael and Amethyst’s new form. Long white hair and purple skin. Four arms but only two eyes. Their boots were white but they looked as if they were covered in ice and frost. Michael Greene’s chest armor and Amethyst’s pants with the holes in them that were cut out to look like stars. The newly formed fusion opened it’s emerald green eyes as it used it’s strength to pick up Syenite and threw them across the island. Syenite landed on their back but got right back up as they stared at the fusion.

“What are you!?” Syenite demanded to know.

“You can call me Glacier.” They said as Glacier summoned Michael Greene’s sword. Syenite grinned and summoned Diamond White’s sword.

“Fused or not! I will still beat you! It’s the only way!” Glacier just stood there and chuckled.

“Oh Diamond. If you think fusion is the only way to beat us....” Glacier opened their eyes and looked directly at Syenite. “...Then I truly do pity you!” Syenite summoned Jasper’s helmet as they charged at Glacier. Glacier used their sword to block as Syenite pushed them back. The two clashed their swords together. Syenite swung again, but Glacier ducked it and backflipped in the air, kicking Syenite in the chin. Syenite stepped back, giving Glacier some space. Syenite rubbed their chin as if the kick really hurt them. Syenite went in for another swing but Glacier just jumped back and avoiding the blade.

“STOP TOYING WITH ME!” Syenite shouted. Glacier jumped in for a punch, but Syenite caught them in mid air as they threw Glacier back. Glacier crashed into the cave behind them.

“Stay down!” Syenite demanded. “That’s a good look for you.” Glacier chuckled as he stood up.

“I see you standing there looking so smugged.” Glacier began to sing. “But let me tell you something. You can try to knock me down, but I’ll just get right back up. See, you’re never gonna keep me down, ’cause I’m the best around. So come at me bro, if you’re able.” Syenite grinned as they rushed toward Glacier. “Come on, let’s put on a show.” As Syenite was swinging their sword, Glacier deflected every blow as he continued to sing. “Not even your machine could stop me! Beating you will be the key! I am better in every way then you!” As soon as an opening was made, Glacier head-butted Syenite so hard that it broke the visor on Syenite’s helmet. Glacier kicked Syenite back as they went flying, spirling through the air and crash landed. “Amethyst and I are in love. Wish I can say the same for you two.” Glacier smirked. Syenite stood back up.

They curled up into a ball and charged they’re spin dash attack as they rushed towards Glacier. “So you can try to knock me down, but I’ll just get right back up.” Syenite jumped high in the air and came hurtling down toward Glacier. Glacier caught them. “See, you’re never gonna keep me down, ’Cause I’m the best around.” As Glacier was about to throw Syenite, Syenite placed they hand on top of Glacier’s head and bounced right out of Glacier’s grip. Syenite kicked Glacier as hard as they could as Glacier was sent flying into a wall of rock.

“This is for honor, this is for valor. ’Cause this battle is in the calor.” Glacier sang as they stood back up. Syenite rushed toward them again, swinging their sword. “This is for friendship, this is for love. Because I’m taking off the glove!” Glacier blocked Syenite’s rush attack. They both stared each other down as they struggled their blades. “So you can try to knock me down, but I’ll just get right back up. See, you’re never gonna keep me down, ’Cause I’m the best around!” Glacier redirected Syenite’s sword as they uppercutted Syenite in the chin and sent them flying up in the air.

“And if you’re trying to destroy the world, your plans will be foiled!” Glacier sang as they jumped up in the air with sword in hand. “’Cause I’ll just get right back up! I’m putting you down mut!” As Syenite was suspended in the air, Glacier used their sword and hit Syenite as hard as they could that Syenite fell right out of the sky as if a comet. “So you can try to knock me down, but I’ll just get right back up.” Glacier floated down and landed softly on the ground as Syenite stared at them menacingly. “See, you’re never gonna keep me down, ’Cause I’m the best around.”

As Steven was trying to talk some sense back into Jebediah Black, Garnet had enter the room leaving the robots shattered in pieces.

“STEVEN!” She yelled out as she rushed to his and Pearl’s aid. “Get away from him!” She shouted as she kicked Jebediah out of the way.

“No, stop!” Steven shouted out as he stepped in front of Garnet and stopped her.

“Steven, what are you doing? He’s a monster, a machine!”

“No!” Steven argued. “He’s more then just a machine! He was once human just like me!” He turned and faced Jebediah. Jebediah looked at Steven with a broken face as part of his robotic head was showing. Steven held out his hand to Jebediah.

“Come on. We can fix you. The Crystal Gems are not as evil as Diamond White intended you to think. Let us help you.” Jebediah looked away for a moment. He turned back to Steven as his swords transformed back into hands. He smiled at Steven as Jebediah grabbed Steven’s hand. Steven smiled back as he helped Jebediah up.

“Thank you Steven.” He said.

“We still need to find Diamond White.” Pearl said.

“Diamond White installed a tracker in my programming when he built me.” Continued Jebediah. “I know exactly where he is. He is engaged in direct combat with your other two friends.”

“What!?! Alone? We must go to them!”

“Worry not Pearl. According to my scanners, it looks like they’re winning.”

“ARGH! I WILL SHATTER YOU!” Syenite shouted. Glacier just stood there and grinned as they started to sway with the hand.

“Well then let’s just see you try.” Glacier smirked. Syenite stood up and jumped toward Glacier, swinging with everything they’ve got. Steven had wrapped the others to the island where they witnessed the two titans battling it out in the storm. As soon as an opening was made, Glacier ducked and rose back up, upper-cutting Syenite into the air. As Syenite came back down, Glacier pushed Syenite as hard as they could into the rock wall.

“Time to finish this!” Said Glacier with confidence. As Syenite stood back up, Glacier used Amethyst’s whip and attached Michael Greene’s sword to the end of it. Glacier swung their combined weapon and hit Syenite’s arm as they’ve blocked it. Glacier swung again as Syenite blocked again. Syenite came in charging as Glacier jumped over them. Glacier turned around in the air, swinging their weapon downward as it went right through Syenite. The blade split Syenite in half as Diamond White and Jasper fell and hit the ground hard.

Glacier transformed back into Michael Greene and Amethyst. Syenite was no more. All that was left was Jaasper who was knocked out and Diamond White as he stood right back up.

“This is it ‘my Diamond’.” Michael said as he walked toward him. “No more running. No more hiding.” He said as he tightened his grip on his sword. Diamond White backed up in the corner, wounded and hurt. “Your plan has failed. Syenite has failed.”

“How? How is this possible!? I was made into the perfect warrior!” Michael Greene took up his sword as lighting has struck his blade. He had channeled the lighting through his body and shot Diamond White with it.

“NOOO!!!!” He shouted as the lighting charged through Diamond White’s body and destroyed his physical form. All that was left was Diamond White’s gemstone. Michael Greene put his sword away as the storm cleared up. He knelt down and picked up Diamond White’s gemstone.

“I’ve done it. Now we can rid of him forever.”

“Stop!” Shouted out Steven. Michael turned to Steven as he ran to stop him. “Don’t shatter his gem!”


“Look, I know Diamond White maybe evil, but no one deserves to be shattered. It’s just not right. If you shatter his gem, you’re no better then he was!” Michael Greene observed Diamond White’s gemstone and realized that Steven was right.

“You’re right Steven. Bubble his gem, make sure he doesn’t reform. We cannot afford to let him roam free.” Steven took Diamond White’s gem and bubbled it, sending it to the temple along with all the other corrupted gems. “Hey, you know.” Michael chuckled. “You remind me of myself Steven. I was much like you once.” He smiled at him.

“You still are.” Steven smiled back. Amethyst walked up to Michael as he stood back up.

“Well, now that Diamond White’s defeated, what will you do now? Will you go back to Paradise City?” She asked with a sad look in her face. Michael thought about it.

“Nah. I feel like Paradise City wasn’t really my home, it didn’t suit me. I’d rather stay in Beach City with my favorite girl.” Michael said winking at her. Amethyst looked up at him with sparkles in her eyes as she was excited to hear him say such words. She jumped up and hugged him tight, crying tears of joy as Michael hugged her back. Pearl, Garnet and even Steven were filled with joy to hear that Michael was staying in Beach City, maybe even at the temple. They walked to the warp pad as Steven beamed them home. Jasper was left on the island as Diamond White’s gemstone was secured inside the basement of the temple.


(Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar)

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