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Eliminating Osana part 2


At 8:30 am after classes Kyuji and Ayano meets and study together in library. After that Ayano unties her hair and helps Kyuji to make his ponytail and give me glasses and headset. Ayano-"Now wait at fountain for Osana till I call her" Kyuji-"Ok, you look beautiful with your hair down,Budo is very lucky to have you" Ayano-" Me and Budo?" Kyuji-" Ya whole school knows he has crush on you, maybe I can help you with him? But I gotta go now" Ayano- *take this rose and gift it to Osana* Kyuji- Sure *Kyuji went towards foutain and Ayano went towards Osana. Ayano-"Hey Osana someone wants to talk to you, they are waiting for you at fountain" Osana-"Sure I will meet them"*Osana reaches fountain* Osana-*So you are one who wants to talk to me?* Kyuji-*Yes*

Romance / Mystery
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Part 3

Ayano- Make negative remark about Drama. Kyuji- Osana I think drama club is bit boring. Osana- Yes,I think drama is really not my type of thing. Ayano-Make positive remark about cooking. Kyuji- I think cooking is amazing, I always wanted to learn how to cokk. Osana- I am not good at cooking, but if you want I can teach you. Ayano- Compliment her. Kyuji- I love your hair, it is so beautiful and long. Osana- You love it? I have promised to myself not to cut it until I find omeone special. Ayano- Show off your intelligence..Kyuji and Osana talks about history of kings and queens. Osana- You are not as dumb as I thought. Ayano give her gift. Kyuji- Here I bought rose for you Osana chan. Osana-A flower? For me? Really?...idiot! What a stupid gift! What do you except me to do with this? I'll put it in my hair for rest of day- but ONLY because I don't have anywhere else to put it! It's not like I WANTED a flower from you or anything! Baka! I hope we can talk again someday. Kyuji-By I have to go to class now. Osana-I hope we can talk again someday..it's not like I like you,I love talking with new kind of people... *WHILE OSANA AND RAIBARU WERE TALKING AT EVENING* Raibaru- What are plans about Taro kun are you going on date tommorow? That pretty flower on your head, did Taro gave you that? Osana- No! A guy named Kyuji gave me that, I want to know him better. Raibaru- That means you are falling for him? Osana- I don't know, but he's my type, but I have to stay honest with my feelings for Taro

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