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Fifty-foot Husband


He married to his normal-size newlyweds wife Dionne Seville and had a giant daughter baby Juliet in sequel comedy romance movie based series.

Fantasy / Humor
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Babysitting Adventure

Sequel scene tonight in the master bedroom at a gigantic house... "Giant Dave, I think our daughter Juliet is crying again." His normal-size newlyweds wife Dionne Seville woke up and tapped her giant husband Dave's night blue stripes and white shirt is so humongous than she is. "All right. I will go to the kitchen and warm up the milk bottle in the pot on the stove then feed our daughter baby Juliet," Dionne. He got up from his gigantic brown bed recently. Meanwhile in the nursery room... "It's okay. I have to feed you some milk bottle," Juliet. My giant husband Dave Seville holds his baby daughter Juliet still crying now. "Yawning! Snoring!" "I put her back in the crib. I will be quiet without wake my baby daughter Juliet up now." He was quietly banged out of her nursery room and went back to his master bedroom where Dave's normal-size newlyweds wife Dionne Seville is sleeping in his gigantic brown bed recently. The next day morning in the kitchen at a gigantic house... "Giant Dave, I have to go with our neighborhood Marina asked me to go the mall today. You are responsible to watch our newborn daughter Juliet?" His normal-size newlyweds wife Dionne Seville walked out of the kitchen. "But, I asked Twist to come here to watch sport game today," Dionne. Her giant husband Dave sits on the gigantic chair next to his daughter Juliet is in the high baby chair with a tray. "Not today. Bye!" "Oh. Maybe I should finish feed some baby food to her now." After breakfast... "She is sleeping now. I put her in the baby pen. Sighs. I turn volume down now. Oh wells? I get this." He heard someone knocks the door. Outside of the front red door..."Giant Mr. Seville, Can Shout and I come in?" His normal-size neighbor Twist is standing on the gigantic doorstep with Shout. "SHH! My daughter Juliet is napping in her baby pen crib. I don't have a time to watch on a sport game because my responsibility to babysit her today," Twist. My giant husband Dave Seville tells bad news to them. "Don't worry. My friend Shout and I help you to babysit your gigantic daughter Juliet." He said. "Really?" "Definitely," Giant Mr. Seville. Duration in the living room at his gigantic house... "I think she is crying now," Shout. His normal-size neighbor Twist covered his ears because of Dave's gigantic newborn baby daughter Juliet is crying so loudest. "I smell her diaper is stinking now," Twist. "Giant Dave, she needs to change her diaper really odors." He turned to look up at my giant husband Dave Seville is sitting on the gigantic leather sofa couch and watch on sport football game TV HD. "All right. I will take my newborn baby daughter Juliet to her nursery room," Twist. Whatever funny happens in the nursery room... "Whoa! Here's a baby powder," Giant Mr. Seville. His normal-size neighbor Twist brings it really so humongous than he was. "Let me take this, Twist. I have to sprinkle it on my newborn daughter Juliet. Aha! Next is put a fresh diaper on her. Drop her stinky diaper in the trash can bin," Shout? My giant husband Dave ordered to him recently. "Ew! I might we toss this in that," Twist. He holds his nose and told. "Of course! I guess so." "Crying loudest!" "Sighs. I lullabies my newborn baby daughter Juliet now." My giant husband Dave is holding her on his arms now. "I think she is sleeping now," Giant Mr. Seville. His normal-size neighbor Twist still standing on the flooring pink rug carpet with picture of Stars and bunnies on it. "All right. I put my newborn baby daughter Juliet in the crib. Let's go now," Twist. He whispered to him and his best friend Shout recently. "Sure," Giant Mr. Seville. They agreed with my giant husband. Return from the Mall... "I am home," Giant Dave. "SHH! Our newborn daughter is sleeping in her nursery room," Dionne. Her giant husband Dave Seville sits on the green leather couch with his normal-size neighbors Twist and Shout watches on the sport football game by LG TV HD in the living room. "Hold on... What they are doing here," Giant Dave? His normal-size newlyweds wife seems suspicious now. "Our neighborhood Twist and his best friend Shout helps me to babysit our newborn baby daughter Juliet," Dionne. "Oh man! Marina, my giant husband Dave is inviting your husband Twist and Kira's husband Shout here." She seems humiliation now. "I know," Mrs. Seville. Her neighbor Marina of Twist's wife is standing on the flooring tile wooden carpet. The End!

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