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Ruined Me | Taekook


Jungkook and Taehyung are deeply in love. Jungkook takes care of every minor things that makes Taehyung happy but still why Taehyung is afraid to take his relationship to another level? Taehyung never let Jungkook touch him because of his past when a pedophilic ruined his life in childhood. How will he forget his past? What will Jungkook do when he'll find out? (No intentions to hurt anyone, this story deals with child abuse. Please don't read if you're not comfortable with it) DISCLAIMER It's all just imagination based content for entertainment purposes. Don't take this seriously. It's written with no intention of hurting any person, community or place. Plagiarism is a crime, don't copy or re-post my original work in any way. © Dippy08

Romance / Drama
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Taehyung's perspective

The story of a little 9 year old child, the innocent child who was unaware of the cruel world he was living in...

A summer morning, I packed up my bags full of books, notebooks, my pencils and crayons for the school. My lips were formed into a smile and I went to my mother who pecked my cheeks one by one before sending me to the school. When the school bus arrived and I waved my mother bye.

I met with my friends there and the day was very exciting as always for me but I never realised that it would also be a last exciting day.

I came home, holding a big trophy in my hands. I jumped all aroun the house happily, I couldn't wait to show my achievement to my mother.

I ran all around the house but couldn't find her anywhere. I went out of the house and looked around.

Then I saw him, my neighbour, he smiled widely as he saw me.

"Oh Taehyung! Your mom went out shopping, she asked me to take care of you until she arrives" he said and gave me his devilish grin.

He started to take steps closer to me and I took my steps backward. I shook my head, signing him to not to come closer to me.

I had never liked him, the stares he used to give, the way he used to touch me, everything was horrible and I hated it.

He glared at me with his lips formed into a smirk, a dangerous smirk. I took steps backward until my back hit the wall.

"P-please, n-no" I whimpered and my eyes were flooded with tears.

He grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me with him. I was just a 9 year old child. I was almost half of his height. I was like a small submissive object for him.

He dragged me to his house forcefully and I couldn't get out of his grip, he was too strong and I was too weak.

I cried helplessly and the tears rushed down my childish doe eyes. I was being dragged by him until my back met with the mattress when he threw me on his bed.

He locked the door inside and started to take steps closer to me.

I cried as hard as I could. I whimpered as he took steps closer, I joined my hands and begged him for some mercy but the ruthless and heartless devil didn't hear the screams of an innocent child.

He suppressed my voice with his hands covering my mouth. I threw my legs to help me to get away from his grip but his one hand was enough to press me down.

He was a hunter who had found his prey.

He snatched my clothes away, leaving me lifeless. He scratched my skin like a wolf. He hurt me and took my innocence away. And I cried, just cried to see how he was ruining every part of me.

He ruined me, he ruined my childhood, he ruined my innocence, he ruined my life, he ruined my everything.

I asked myself, why my mother wasn't there at the time, why he had to be my neighbour, why that day had to come, why everything had to be happened, why he chose me to be his prey, why didn't he showed some mercy on me, why I had to face all the sins? Why me and only me?

Why did he ruin my life?

Why did he ruin me?

And I knew after that, maybe I could never love someone but then I met him who became the reason behind my smile who helped me to get out of the darkness that had been surrounding me.

But how would I tell him that someone had ruined me?


Kim Taehyung -

People would always question his strange behaviour but the poor him could never answer.

Later, he meets some friends including Jungkook who takes him out of his darkness but still he is scared to take his relationship to the next level.

He is scared when anyone tries to touch him that's why he never let his boyfriend be near him.

Jeon Jungkook -

The caring and loving person who fell in love with Taehyung at their first meeting. He can do anything just to make Taehyung smile.

He takes care of every sober and minor thing that makes Taehyung happy but he is curious to know why Taehyung behaves in such a manner? Why is he so scared of him and never let him touch him even when they love each other?

How will Taehyung tell Jungkook about it?

How will Jungkook react when he'll find out about it?

How will Jungkook take him out of his ruined past?

Will they be a normal couple like the others?


Sorry if anyone of you is uncomfortable with it, better not read it further.

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