Bloom In The Summer


Seikatsu is a 24 sweet kind and strong as hell but will she be strong when six boyz started to work with her one by one... this might be a adventure for her but it will soon be discovered.. there will be happiness and some sadness but some times there will be a great laugh so lets dive inside to find the lock to her love life will she pick one? will she not and just stay single? who knows but let her story take place

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

promised we made Chapter 1

Seikatsu Silver but for short Seika that what her mom and dad used to call her when she was small Seika was a strong and kind girl she was like a goddess just Like her mother Yukon Silver The queen of Tokyo her hair was a long silky brown, her eyes was pale red and brown of fall , she have a perfect everything even though she got it from her pretty mother. She have a good job as well she is a Ceo of a flower shop she is mostly popular because in Tokyo she was the princess even though she is on the north side of the city. She have two co-workers name Jikan and Tsuyoi they was the first people who worked here when she even opened up her shop.
They both was good looking Jikan have black hair that was a bit spiky and his eyes are light grey but they shine like a dime, and Tsuyoi he was a dirty red head his eyes was a faded blue and was a calm and cool person "Seika!" yelled Jikan who was helping Tsuyoi with the bag of dirt "Yes I'm on my way" she softly said.
Went down stairs seeing the two who was putting up the dirt "Keep that one out I will need it" she smiled taking the bag out of their hand "Its heavy" they both say at the same time but before they could protest she picked the heavy bag up and thrown it over her shoulder "What is heavy?" she asked in amusement. The boys jaw drop when they saw her caring a 100 pound bag full with dirt but that is Seika for ya she is more stronger than 100 men in all "Okay stop staring and do your jobs" she order, the boys smiled and went back to work. The day was long people was coming and going all the work they was doing was tiring when it was time to close she gets a text
Unknown: you might not know me but I do know you...
Seika: who is you and what do you want?
Unknown: Come to the cherry tree and I will tell you
She stared at her phone for awhile to understand what just happen 'He knows me?' she thought to herself 'Of course this person will know because I am mostly well known on this area....he or she just might looked me up' she nodded to herself and stuffed her phone in her phone in her back pocket and walked home. On her way home she couldn't shake the feeling but mostly it like a gut feeling it like telling her to go, she stopped at a red light and sigh "I go" she put her hair up and took off running she ran so fast that the people can feel the wind from her body, when she made it she saw a male standing by the tree but that dose not bother her it was the place that was surround her it bring her back to the past.
"So you came" he said walking towards her it was dark so she couldn't see him clearly but his voice was smooth like silk "Who are you?"she asked with a shaky voice "I knew that you will come beside you always follow your gut" he steps closer "Seika" he smiled and it shocked her. It was Senshi Jackson her childhood friend that she grew up but the last time she saw him he was in the hospital because....she shook her head and looked up at him he was much taller than her now and he was more handsome than ever his eyes was light blue and his hair was a bit longer than before "Is you done drooling over me" he laughed. She turned a bit red because it been awhile that she heard him laugh "Where have you been?" she asked "Um...well..." he scratched his head, she stood there watching him trying to find an excused.
She rolled her eyes and looked up at the cherry blossom it was big like it aways been the color that surround's the tree gives out a wonderful pink halo that looks like it was glowing through the night. "Seika I'm sorry that I disappeared on you" he said sadly looking down "Then tell me why did you leave?" she crossed her arms and glared at him "Because my mother thinks you the one who did this to me" he explain show a cut on his neck "She just don't understand that I was trying to save you not kill" she cried out remembering about the incident that happen when they was just 13 and 15 years old.
He was sad to see tears falling down her cheek "Seika I didn't mean to do anything to hurt you I promised" he lifted up her chin "We made a promise to stay together and when one of us is lost we will find each other again" his eyes glisten in the moon light they was just like mirrors "So Do you still need some help at your job? because I heard that you was a bit busy lately" he smiled, she wipe the tears away and laughed "So that is why you text me to come here so you can asked for a job?" she pat his back and said "Sure you started to next Monday 8:00 o'clock on the dot don't be late" she was happy that she can work with her old friend but that is three boys in the flower shop 'I should change the name to Flower Boyz' she thought but she will think about the details later.
She was at home laying in her nice queen size bed and thinking 'So he had he said we made a promise but it was a long a time' she turned on her side and sigh 'He is a idiot but lets see what will a wait for us......' she slowly feel to sleep and drifted to another land.

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