Bloom In The Summer

Dirt Chapter 2

She ran to her job as fast as she can the wind went passed her like a knife people quickly jumped out of her way if they don't want to get ran over. She made it just on time to see her new flowers that was being shipped here "Did it come?" she asked walking to the back so she can sit her stuff down. "Nope but we have another person here that want to ship a job here" Jikan said pointing at a man that was sitting on the flower couch. "Senshi" she gasp and when she did the other two stepped in front of her like they was protecting something that was worth their life "whoa calm down I am not here to hurt her or making any trouble I just want a job that's all" he smiled showing pure white teeth but one was a bit sharp. "Senshi I really didn't think you really want to work here I mean yesterday you sound a bit unsure" she said chewing on her bottom lip "Oh so you saying that I can't do this you just told me to come here and so I did" he crossed his strong arms over his chest.

It was true she did say come here but she really didn't think he will come here "Yeah is right I did said that haha silly me" She shyly looked down "Welp mister Senshi get to work" order Jikan, Senshi nods and went to work while he was working through the whole day Seika was watching him like she was watching over a child but she was a bit worried "Seika is you that worried about me?" he asked walking up to her with a smirk on his face "Well yeah I was worried that you will kill my plants that why" She joked with a small laugh "Ouch that's mean" he chuckled "You have dirt on you cheek" she said putting her index finger on her cheek to show which spot it was on "Oh I do" he says wiping the opposite side of his face. She rolls her eyes and pulled him down to her level "Hold still" she order and he nodded.

She stands on her tip-toes and wipe the small spot of dirt off his face "There" she says wiping her hand on her shirt and when she looked back up she runs in to a sexy looking face. Senshi was staring deeply in her eyes that it was making her heart race she never known that her childhood friend would turn into something beautiful "" that was all she could say "What's wrong hun?" he asked sounding a bit concern "Nothing" she put her hand on his strong chest and gently pushed him away "Close up when you leave" she walk away. Jikan watched them from a far he felt a bit of anger taking place in his heart 'Who dose he think he is making feel uncomfortable' he thought but he knows he should be positive not negative it been two years that he worked here with her she was scary at first but she do have a sweet side as well "Yo Jikan" Tsuyoi called "Yeah what is it" he says taking his eyes off Senshi "Do you think he have a relationship with Seika?" he asked with worried "I hope not" Jikan respond walking away with his head down leaving Ysuyoi standing by the desk alone 'So it seems that he do like her' he turned around and left out the door.

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