Bloom In The Summer

Rain In Your Name

"Seika can you help with the bags!" Senshi called up to her "I'm coming!" she yelled back, she came running down stairs with a lot of dirt on her clothes "Wow what was you doing up there?" he asked Wiping her face off with a towel "I was planting my new roses that came in this morning" she smiled "And I can't wait to set them out" she was full with joy. She picked up a bag and set it on the other side of the shelf The others was not lying you is strong as hell" he says with amazement "Yeah thanks to my mom" she grin "I will be scared if I have to fight you" he joke "Yeah" She grins.

Jikan came in "Yo" he says and wave "Whats up Seika" he gave a smile and she just laugh "Your hair" he looked at her with 'what you mean' face and she shook her head "Your hair is standing up" She walked passed him "Eh?!" he went to the mirror that as hanging up on the wall. Senshi laughed and walked away to pick up some of the bags "Trying to impress someone?" he asked "No is you" he snapped back "Whoa you don't have to get all crabby I was just asking" Senshi says "Whatever" Jikan walked away and started helping a consumer 'What a crabby guy' Senshi thought, Seika was outside looking up at the cloudy sky 'It going to rain' Her big brown eyes lit up as she sees Tusyoi standing over her "What ya doing" he dully asked "Nothing" she steps back a bit "Why is you late" She asked with her arm crossed "I was stuck in traffic" he says but she didn't care so she grab his arm a drag him inside "Well stop flirting and do you job" she order.

He went inside 'Ahhhh Tusyoi!' her inner self scream she sigh until a drop of rain landing on her cheek "Eh" she say and it started to pour down like a waterfall she didn't move she just stayed standing staring at the rain the cold rain "Seika" a voice said from behind "Yes" she didn't look behind her she just stand there feeling the water hitting her body "Come in before you get sick" He touch her shoulder feeling the warmth "Jikan do you remember the first day I met you? It was just like this" her voice was soft but sad. He nods and looked up "When I was to busy looking for a job but had no luck I that I was feeling to give up popped up on me" he chuckled and smiled "You just asked me do I need a job and I said yes but it was weird that a person will walk up to another and asked them for a job but It really didn't matter to me at least I have a job with a wonderful woman" he took her hand looked deeply in her eyes and say "Thank you" he kissed her hand. Her face was bright red and she looked away "Go to work" she took her hand away "Yes ma'ma" and he did what she said.

After work when the rain stopped She was walking around the store looking for some new leggings even though the others just want to rip on her 'So I think I need to lay off the meat for a while' she thought 'Where did they put their leggings?' she started to get a bit irritated then "CRASH" she hits some cart "I am so sorry" she says bowing down "I was not paying no attention" her voice started to shake "It's okay miss" a soft smooth voice says and she looked up seeing a sexy yet cute man his hair was in a man bun and his eyes was black as the night "But should you be okay" he smiled and her heart just stopped "Yes Yes no need to worry I am tough like a nail" she stood up straight and shyly returns his smile. His eyes lit up "You is Sekatsu the flower girl that everyone was talking about" he started to get happy. She raised her finger to her lips "Shhh you will blow my cover" she laughed "So you is a fan?" she asked and he nods "Yea I love your Blue roses even my mom to" his face was a bit red "I hope I will see you again" he waves and she waves back.

When she got home she just jumped in the bed hair messed up and eyes closed then next thing she knew she was knocked the hell out.

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