Bloom In The Summer

We meet again Chapter 4

She was walking to a cafe it was still a bit wet from last week but the air that surround her was a bit misty, when she made it to the a light brown cafe that had a big white flower on the brick wall you can smell that home made coco and some donuts. She went inside and asked for a seat the waiter walked her to a booth that was close to the window that she have a view of a the city streets "Here you go ma'ma" the man says handing her the menu with a wink "Thank You" she says and the waiter went off to another table. Seika went through the menu to see what she want until someone came to her "Miss Seikatsu?" a familiar voice asked.

She slowly looked up seeing the same man from the store last week "It's you" she says with wide brown eyes and he laughed "So you do remember me that wonderful" his black eyes sort of lighten up "Well Yeah I will never forget a face" she lifted up her hand to call over the waiter "Is you waiting for any one?" he asked "No I just come here to relax" the waiter came over "Yes miss" the man says "I want a cheese cake and a cup of mint tea" Seika smiled. The man took the menu and left to get her order ready "May I sit here?" he asked "Sure" She said. "What is your name?" she asked looking out the window "My name is Shurui" he respond "Shurui meaning kind right?" a small smile came on her face.

After when it was time to go Shurui asked her can he walk her to her job "Sure why not at least I get to know you a bit better" she smile a bit, he nods when there was silence he always look at her like she was just a dream in his mind but it was real the goddess of flowers is standing in front of him "What do you do for a living?" she asked shaking him from his daydream "Well I have a part time job at a bakery well a famous one at fact" he said without knowing she was looking at him "You work at that new France cake bakery?" she was more interested in him "Yeah every time I go to work the place be pack and so you know that place is not cheap" He chuckled "When it opens a pool of people rush in like water filling up the whole building even the place look like the wedding hall" he joke. They made it to her shop "Well thank you for today" she bow with a smile and did the same "No problem" his face was a bit red. Before she went in a strong force pulled her back "Ah!" she yelled and was hold closed to a strong chest "I'm sorry if I scared you but I just wanted a hug that's all" his voice was soft and sweet like honey.

Before she could say a word someone pulled her away and once again she was holding into someone else chest "Stay away from her!" three voices yelled making her jumped "Whoa!" Shurui says with his hands up "I was not doing nothing we just hugged" he said "That was not what we saw she yelled when you did that" Jikan says holding her tighter "She dose not even know you" added Tsuyoi who was standing in front of them with Senshi. Seika Pushes Jikan back softly and says "Stop" she straight out her long brown hair out and sigh "Thank you Shurui" she glared at the boys when she turned to go in and left them all outside.

"Look here mister do not touch her again" says Ysuyoi with his arm crossed "Well it seems she didn't mind" Shurui says with a smirk "She did mind if she yelled" Senshi said with rage "Well she didn't pushed away so that dose mean she don't mind besides I am her biggest fan" Shurui rake his hand through his hair and smile "I just wanted a hug I was not going to do anything" he put his hands into his pockets "Welp I should go" Seika looks out the the door "See ya Shurui and thanks again for um....keeping me company" she waves "See ya hun" he winks and walked away.

"Who in the hell is that?!" Jikan asked sitting on the couch "Who gives him the right to freaking put his hands on Sikan" Ysuyoi laid his back on the wall as he still was full with rage "You two really like Seika" he chuckled "I know that feeling" he looked through the glass that was showing the backyard where she was planting a new pot "Dude.... I been here longer than you and yeah you can say I like her" when he said that Ysuyoi slaps him on the back of the head "You jackass she was mine at the beginning" Ysuyoi growled "Um.. to be honest she was mine for along time" Senshi smirked "Listen up pretty boy we been here longer than you we work by her side when she needed our help We didn't vanish we stayed" Jikan said with his head laid back "I grew up with her we been together when we was one to two years old I know her well" Senshi snapped and walked out the shop.

After the day went passed she was tired sleep is the word to describe her well it is not her fault that she was watching Pucca all night long. But who will blame her Pucca and Gary is so freaking cute even if you add Tobe in it as well. "Senshi?" she whispered "Yes Seika?" he

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