Bloom In The Summer

Big Day Chapter 5

"Listen up" Sika said "Today is a going be a big day for the Red family" She pulls out a poster "They is hosting a gathering at the town square and they called me and said they need 100 red and pink plus white roses and blossoms" She giggled because she saw how Jikan was looking he was so in shock ."100 flowers and not just that we helping a rich family" He coughed on the last part "And there is four of us" added Senshi "Four do you mean Five" a voice said and they all turned around seeing Shurui standing by the door, wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie "Shurui" they all said "Nice to meet you too" he said and winked at Seika.

"What in the hell is you doing here the shop is not open-" Seika put her hand on Jikan mouth "Why is you here?" she asked tilting her head "Well I just want to help you out with your big project but mostly I was here because I wanted to know what never mind I just want to help"he looked around the shop and then looked back at Seika. "Good" she clap her hands together "We do need some help to deliver" she smiled "Wait deliver?" asked Senshi "yes deliver did you really thought that I will plant that many pots" she giggled and went to the back "We is going the greenhouse to pick them up" she said.
Senshi drove them to the greenhouse that was on the other side of town "Okay you guys know what to do" she jumps out the car and went inside to start watering the plants aka clean them so no bugs will ruin them. While she was doing that the boys help putting the flowers in the trucks "So much" Senshi complained "I agree" Shurui said wiping the sweat from his forehead "Stop complaining" Jikan and Tsuyoi said together. After they put the last flower in the truck Seika came to them with water and some food "Here and good job to day" she smiled and they all smiled back.
They made it on time the town square was crowed so many rich people talking with so much gold that hanged around their necks and the fingers "Wow" Seika gasped. But the boys was to busy looking at Sekai because she was so pretty, she was wearing a blue dress that shows the top of her chest and she was wearing a red stone necklace as her hair was in a nice bun. "What wrong? is there something on me?" she looked at herself in the mirror and then look back at them "There is nothing on you it just that you is pretty" Senshi said. And the boys nodded their heads "Aw thank you guys that so sweet of you to say that and you guys look handsome as well" she giggled.
While they went to take their seats the lights went out everyone gasp and started to mumble to their selves as Seika felt someone holding her hand. While some people panic color lights went on "Hi Every One Welcome to Red gathering of 2020!" The man in a white tux with blond hair said with a white shinny teeth " So this is big Mrs and Mr Red are having a baby!" he said with a laugh and everyone started to clap. Sika looked at Senshi who was still holding her hand so she quickly slapped it away "ow" he whisper "Ow is right you dummy" she was red but he can't tell because of the dim of the lights.
"And as you know the second son of the Red family is-" he was cut off when girls started to scream "Akuma Red!!!" They all look at the back seeing a tall man walking down the stairs from the great hall. He was wear a nice navy blue tux and his black hair was slick back his eyes was gray as his pupil was deep sea blue. Seika was looking back to the front as the others was given him a death glare "Akuma We Love You!" one lady yelled "Okay lady's can you please stay calm..." the man said fixing his tie. Jikan chuckled "Idiot" and then Akuma walk down the walk way as he did his eyes was fixed on Seika, he turned his body to face her "Who are you?" he asked dully "Hey dude can you um please step away from her" Senshi said "Hm?" his cold gray eyes fell on Senshi but before he will say anything else he rolled his eyes and went up on the stage. "Now the second prince is here We can start!" and every one started to cheer as Seika and the other clap but it seems Seika clap more than the boys.
After the gathering they told everyone to got behind the great hall Seika was a bit curiost but it seems everyone behind them was happy and jumpy meaning in a good way. As everyone was walking around there was a big white sheet hanging up hiding something behind it. "What is that?" asked Seika "I don't know..maybe its a statue" Tsuyoi said with his hands in his pockets "But I don't care main thing that I care is...where are the damn flowers that we shipped here?" he said looking around. As everyone sipping on their wine or whatever a pretty lady walked in front "Hello may I have your attention please!" she yelled. Then everything went quiet "So I think you is wondering why we have this sheet over here hiding something so special" she said with a smile. Seika tilts her head as she start to guess what it could be...and then her eyes shocked wide when the sheet fell, there stands the flowers that she picked out it was covering the walls and in the middle a big red heart "These flowers are from the most famous Flower shop in this city and I am glade that the owner is here and with her co-workers" she said looking at her and the boys, Seika felt so happy that she just feel like flying everyone started to clap even the Red family but not Akuma he keep looking at her like he was trying to find out what she is. But Jikan gave him a hard glare as Senshi do the same and in return he give them a smirk.
When the gathering was over Seika was kind of sleepy so sleepy that she almost tripped over her own feet. But someone catch her the feeling of strong hands holding her closer as her droopy eyes looked up at him it was Akuma he was looking down on her. "Sleepy?" he asked, and she nod even though she is trying fight her sleepy eyes from closing "Hey you!" that voice sound like Senshi, Akuma looked at him and pushed Seika away making her land on her side she whispered a ouch and he walked away but deep inside he want to pick her up but can't. The others came to her and helped her up Senshi and Shurui looked at Akuma walking away Senshi cursed Akuma name and looked at Seika seeing that she had a cut on her arm, Jikan hold her arm up "Damn him" he mumbled "Don't worry its just a cut" She said with a smile "It is not okay" Shurui said with a huff.
"Lets just go I want to go home and sleep" She said rolling her eyes and walked to the car, as the boys behind her looked like they want to murder someone.

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