Bloom In The Summer

Flower Shop Chapter 6

After a month past its seems that Shurui started to act like he works here even though she do need more people in shop because after that showing of the flowers people started to come here. "Put that over there" she pointed at the corner "Yes ma'ma" they said, she started writing down the numbers of what kind of plants she got "Senshi where is the blue roses?" she asked looking around "Um... I don't know asked Jikan he brought in the others yesterday" he said helping a customer. She looked at Jikan but he shrug "Oh my god" she mumbled and went to the back. She looked around but only sees the lily's and sunflowers that was stacked on the walls, she sighs but before she could turn there was a rat looking at her

"Ah!" she yelled but slowly calm down the rat still stands there blinking then here comes Jikan "What is wrong?" he asked with worry she slowly points down and this shocked her "Ahhh" he said running to her side. The rat eyes was crossed and his two small teeth poke out of its mouth. Then Tsuyoi came in and saw it "Ahhhhhhhh" and he came next to them holding on to Seika sleeves. It was was weird that this thing still didn't move or blink but the weirdest was these two are scared of rats than her "Wha-" Senshi paused and looking down "Oh hell no!" and he passed out landing in dirt.

Now Seika knew that will happen because he never like rats or other small furry things as one was passed out and two right behind her and here comes Shurui "What is going on? why is everyone screaming?" he asked looking confused and saw Senshi passed out "What wrong with him?" he asked "Look down" the three said and he did "Eeeeeek!!!" he screech he sound like a girl not a man meaning by that his balls had dropped. So now as these three hide behind Seika and as one was on the floor the damn thing still didn't move "What is wrong with its eyes?" Tsuyoi looked at Jikan "I don't know" he huffed. Shurui Looked at it "Blink motherfucker!" He shouted "Senshi wake up!" Jikan demanded. Then it went quiet "The thing moving this way!" Seika yelled and everyone started to run that damn rat might look high but that thing can run. He was running after Seika she was screaming so loud that it woke Senshi "Get this thing away from me!" she cried while she stands on the table "Okay stay calm someone passed me that bucket" he said and Shurui passed it to him "Okay high rat lets go" he grumble. Then next thing that happened the rat went passed him and out the door "Damn scary ass" he hiss and put the bucket down and help Seika "You okay?" he asked "Yeah better than y'all though" she laughed and they all turned red.

The day was young the wind was still as the air smell fresh Seika and the others was walking to the new Silky Hot Pot place that was almost closer to the shop "Oh I can't wait to eat" Jikan said with a smile "You can't wait to eat anything" Seika smirked. And everyone started to laugh "I need food to live" he whines "Well eat something healthy for once in your life" she said looking at her phone "Hey Sekai" Tsuyoi walked next to her "Yes?" she looked up to him and that what made him go red "Um.. well I just been wondering why don't you wear a purse like I mean I never saw you wear one I sometimes see you where your book bag or just have your wallet" he scratched his head and looked away knowing that he asked the stupidest question in the whole world. "I don't like them" she said looking back at her phone "Oh" was all he could say "Dude stop trying to flirt.. you was not made for that" said Senshi with a grin saying 'You can never win her' that angered him but he should remain calm.

They made it to the Silky Hot Pot the smell was so over powering that they started to drool "Hello Welcome to Silky Hot Pot the new one on the block how may I take all of your orders" a man said with a glowing smile. "Can we have the all meat Dumpling special" Tsuyoi he sounded more happy than before well sometimes he be serious but now he a new person. "Yes sir" the young man said "Do any of you want a drink?" he asked "I want rose tea" Seika said and when she spoke the young man looked at her, his face was turning a bit red "Seikatsu" he gasp and his larger green eyes went wide. She didn't understand what he was talking about but the only thing she could do was tilt her head "Do I know you?" she says "No you don't I just heard of you and my mother she loves your flowers" he smiled. The others looked at them wondering what was going on "Yo can you stop talking and do your job I am freaking hungry" snapped Senshi "Don't be so rude" Seika said hitting him on the head.

"I am so sorry I get going then" he bow and went to the kitchen "Boy what is wrong with him" mumble Jikan "He just wanted to talk to me" she crossed her arms "I know" Jikan said. They talked and laughed the food there was amazing because Tsuyoi asked for seconds "So What next week theme?" asked Jikan. Senshi and Shurui didn't know what they was talking about but Seika knew by how they look "Well Senshi you been working with us for three weeks and Shurui you was like a helper but comes here like you work here" she look at both of them "We do fun themes in our flower shop like cosplay or acting like a character" she smiled "Jikan and Tsuyoi are really good at it because they make the girls go crazy" she winked "Aw you mad that you can't flirt with us" Jikan smirk and Tsuyoi roll his eyes "I don't like none of them I already like someone" he says eating a stake "Who?" Seika asked tilting her head, when she looks at him the feeling of his face was going red " I can't tell" he stuttered "Aw come on Tsuyoi tell us" she beg but Tsuyoi shook his head and kept eating.

When they was about to leave the same boy came walking towards them "Um Seikatsu" he called and she turned her back to look at him "You don't have to call me by my full name you can call me Seika" she smiled. His face was red as he can feel his heart pumping "W..well Sika I just want to I was looking for a new job and I was wondering if you was hiring" he looked down but Sekai lifted his head with her finger "Yes you can work with me and the rest I would not mind. I do need some more helpers" she look at him as her brown eyes lit up with so much joy that he felt his body so hot. "Wait what?!" Jikan says walking up next to her "You can't ju-" "If you don't want to get knock out you better shut up" she warns and he quickly stepped back. "What is your name?" she asked.

"My name is Kirai Jong-Su " he bows and she gives a small laugh "You should come next week okay and don't be late" she says turning away and started to walk, the others give Kirai a side glare and follow behind.

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