Bloom In The Summer

Cosplay And Work Chapter 7

Today wast the day the shop was full of people and the smell of teacakes and many other sweets as today theme was a romance anime called "Brothers Conflict" Sekai was dress up as Chi as the others was the brothers they had some volunteers to keep up the numbers of 13 so there was no problem. This is Seika favorite activity because everyone can have fun even the new kid is having fun "Jikan come help me pass out the drinks!" she says while giving a person a cheesecake that she made, she made a lot of sweets even Shurui helped with them. She went into the kitchen and grabs a tray full with different kind of drinks she hums a tone as she starts to give out drinks this made her this what she was made for she did promise her mother that she will make people smile one day and that day is here, when her mother hears about this she will be so happy very happy.

"Okay listen up!" she shouts and everyone looks at her "Today we will do the Melo challenge that I Seika created will show you today" everyone started to clap "Aw thank you everyone for showing love and support for my shop. And I want to say today is special because I'm Renaming it the Seika Bloom Flower Shop" she smiled as she saw some cameras in the back and a reporter. "Alright let's start!" Senshi says as they get in formation. Seika Slide to the right and did a twirl then in the back Jikan and Tsuyoi did a back flip they was moving that everyone started to dance then out of no where she started to sing "As the sun rise and as the flowers bloom I sing this song to show who is the strongest and that who will go the highest".

At Red Empire
Akuma was in his office he was looking through the documents and taking some notes as he was lost in the work there was a knock on the door "Come in" he says and his mother comes in she had a blue dress that goes up to her knees as her black hair was in a nice bun "Hello mother" he says sitting back as he put his hands behind his head. "Turn on the T.V" she demanded "Wow I don't get a hello back" he dully joke "Turn it on" she repeats. He looks at her but just did what she asked, he turn on the T.v as on the screen pops up the girl that he saw at the gathering who ship those flowers. "Oh my she is so beautiful and cute" his mother says "She look so cute in that outfit and to be honest she can dance" Akuma watches as the cute girl on T.V did these moves.
He looks at the red rose that he took from the gathering as it reminds him of her "Akuma?" his mother called "Yes" he says "I been should take a vacation I mean like you should find a small company like Seika shop even you know that she is the daughter of the Silver family" She looks at him with a smile "What" "Yeah you should try a small company and don't say you don't know how to plant because you do....I'm just saying this because this girl needs a lot of help I want to find away to show how thankful we is when she brought those flowers to us" she gets up and walks to him "Mother you know I am super busy and I can't just drop everything to help someone else" he said looking at her. But deep inside he want to see her again "Yes you is and there is no but's why's or anything you is going to help her and who know you may have two jobs if you like working there" she says going to the door "So be ready you going to leave today" and she went out the door. A small smile came on his face "Well Seika at least I get to see you again" he whispered.
At The Flower Shop
"Come on"
"Why do I have to wear this?" Jikan whine as he put on the cat ears and the paws "You will look cute trust me" Seika says while putting on the tail and adding some makeup. "Why did you pick me? You should asked Tsuyoi to do this" "If you keep making a fit I will beat your-" She paused as Senshi came in "Come on kitty boy the girls can't wait to see you in your new outfit" he mocked, Jikan walked up to him "Don't you start" he hiss and Senshi just chuckled "Well you should stop whining like a baby and act like a man" he went around him to get to Seika.
"Don't be mean to him" Seika snapped "Jikan you go out there I will be right behind you" she smiled and Jikan nod and went out the door when he did she can hear people say 'You look so cute' or 'Omg you are like a snack'. "Sorry Seika" he hang his head low but Seika raised it back up with her finger "Its okay you don't need to worry you just caught Jikan at a bad time" she giggles "I think nether of them like me but I only came here for you" he gets closer to her, she took a step back until she hits a wall "S...Senshi" he kisses her neck but she softly pushes him back "Sorry Seika" he clears his throat and went out the door. She took a deep breath and started to but her cat outfit on 'Idiot what came over him' she though while she rubs her neck.
Music was playing people was dancing while she and Jikan was in their kitty costume she saw a familiar face inn the crowed, nicely done hair style none expensive clothes and good looking. "Is that Akuma Red that dropped you at the gathering?" Jikan asked "Yeah I think so" she says not taking her eyes off him. "Why is he here?" when she took her eyes off him all of them was standing next to her "You think I will know?" "Well he might be here to say sorry" Shurui added "A rich dude like him..don't make me laugh" Senshi says. Seika didn't care what they was saying she wanted to go and see what he was doing here "Um...Sir Akuma?" she shyly asked with a red face. He turned his head seeing a cute girl in a cat costume 'So freaking cute but don't let it show' he took a steady breath and look at her in her fall color eyes "Yes?" "What brings you her? Oh please tell me none of my co-workers offended you" she was a bit worried "No no it's not them I was sent here to asked that I can I spend my vacation here working along side you" he felt his heart racing he feared that she will rejected his offer "Sure why not" she gleam with hope and joy he was full of happiness but he didn't show it "Okay" he dully said.
"What!!" they all said except Kirai he was just confused on what was happening.
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