Bloom In The Summer

Roses And A heart Chapter 8

*Story Change!!*

I was sitting in bed looking at my phone I was so lost of why will thee Akuma will work at my shop but..I do need more help because I need some more strong people to help out. I look up at the ceiling "What time is it?" I whispered to myself, the clock on the side of me says it was '8:19' so I still time for sitting for sitting around, I quickly got up and throw on my blue and black sweater and some black leggings that I bought. That is when I met Shurui to be honest I didn't know why he wants to work here I mean I only did had two co-workers and they is fine but weak as hell. I started to walk to work until I heard someone call for me "Yo! is you the child of Yukon Silver?!" I turned and sees a man with red hair "Cole" I smiled as I walked to him "Whats good" he laughed hugging me." you still trying to get mom to like you?" I joke but his face went serious "You know it..." he sighs and went to a near by bench "I tried to forget her seems that won't work not at all I went on blind dates but that didn't work. Even the others are trying to forget her" I looked at him and then look up to the sky "So her story was true you all do love her....y'all love her more than the stars-" "And moon" he added.

Some how this kind of related with me but I don't know if they truly feel that way with me "Your mother is really addicting I mean Ekon really..not trying to be rude but he is mad" he put his left hand to his face and sigh "I know what you mean...he scared my whole school when I was getting bullied" I laughed a bit. It was true my dad came be a little scary at times but still he is my father even if it was shocker that Yukai turn out not to be his...even though he looks like Ryu. "I should go I need be at work" I say getting up "Alright......give me some love" he pulls me in a hug I smiled and hug him back after a minute we let go.

I turned and starts to walk to work when I made it there I was greeted by six colorful eyes "Where was you?" they all say "Please tell me y'all didn't practice to say that" I joke and walk to them "No" Akuma says "You is late and we have some calls to drop off some flowers at a wedding so we have 20 minutes to be there " I was impressed he was quick and he seems he already know the ropes "Jikan you go get the roses in the back and Senshi you do the counting and make sure we have the right number. Tsuyoi call the wedding hall and tell them we will be there, Kira you go get the truck so we can start putting the them in and Akuma you get the the ribbions" I took a deep breath as everyone starts doing what I order. I pulls out my phone and check the time "hurry!" I yelled.

I was in the back tiding up the flowers together I have 123 down and two more to go "Sika we here are you done?" Jikan asked "Yea One more" I tied up the last one and huffed "Done" I sat them in the the vase. The truck stopped I open the door the place was huge there was a big water fountain in the middle of the lawn and there was blue and purple flowers by the marble steps and the windows was tint black. "Lets go hurry hurry!" I grab a vase and start to head in a lady with a red dress walk to me "You just brought one?" she says her voice was a bit sassy but I won't let that bother me "No the others are on our way" I walked around her and asked the front desk where will the flowers go and she told me to put them in room 12. I walked to the room as I open it it was like magic I mean it look like I was in a fairy tale a red carper, a pure white silk that was covering the windows I mean wow .
"Well I be damn this place look like it could be magic" I gasped "wait I been here before" I turned around and walked to the other side of the room. I remember when I was like three of four years old when mom was getting married I still remember when mom throw cake into his face. "This place look like a kingdom" Jikan says, I turned around seeing him put three pots on the side of the steps "You can say that" I walk to him as my face was a bit red "My mom got married here when I was small" I sat the plant on the right side of the steps. "So you been here before? I bet you look cute in your little dress" He joke and I roll my eyes "I still have the picture" I pull out my phone and show him he laughed "You looked so fucking cute like a puppy" he says and my face went red "Oh shush" I softly hit him on the side and he laughed.
I shook My head and started fixing up the flowers as I was doing that I felt some one hugging me from behind, my heart was racing as I felt my blood go warm "You know Seika I love working here with did so much for me your mostly just like your mother a hero" he said. I turned to face him and our faces was close so close that we can feel each other breathing, so this is what uncle was talking about this is what ma went through so my ma was a hero..but what makes me a hero? I quickly pull away and stood up straight "You should help the others I stay here and fix up the place" I shyly said. I can tell he was upset but he tried not to show it so he put a small smiled on his face, I sigh and started back putting the roses on the the walls then I grab the gold glitter and sprinkle a little.
After we finish the lady asked us to come to the wedding I did want to protest but it would be rude so I agreed. They said it will be tomorrow at 8:00-1:30 so that mean I have to go shopping again for a dress, so after the day went passed it was 3:00pm I was putting up some bags until Akuma came up next to me and took the bags. I jumped a bit because he was so quiet "Thank you" I mumble "Mhm" he says. I looked up at him and breath out "So why did you want to work here?" I asked walking to the couch "That is not for you to worry about" he turned and faced me. "Well you is working in her shop so she do get the right to know why you is here" Tsuyoi says walking in, I smirked a bit but soon it fell Akuma dark eyes looked down at me it felt like he was looking in my soul. I cleared my throat and try to put on a soft smile "Sorry I just want to know-" "Why should you say sorry Seika? He was the one being rude" Tsuyoi snapped, I give him a quick glare "Seika I just want to work here for the summer because my mother told me to" He dully says "So now you know" and then he walks out the shop and into his nice Mustang. "Idiot" I mumble "Who?" Tsuyoi asked "You" I got up and went to the back to grab my stuff "What did I do!?" I shrug and went out the door "Oh don't forget we is going to this lady wedding" I smiled and started to head home.

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