Bloom In The Summer

Hana ni Saku Chapter 9

I was wearing my light blue dress with my hair in a nice bun I was invited to a wedding yesterday I felt a bit nerves and I don't know why. I look into the mirror and smiled I looked okay I guess mostly I realized I look more like my mother but I have some coldness like dad. While I was lost in thought my phone ring and speaking of my mom she was calling so I quickly answer "Hey Ma" I say with joy "Hey Sweetie. What you been up to?" her voice was so calm and warm. How much I miss hearing her voice "Nothing Ma I am just getting ready" "Where you going?" I slide on my shoes "To a wedding" I laughed.

"Aww Look at my baby going to a wedding" I roll my eyes and went out the door. We talked until mom phone went dead, I laughed mom just forgot to charge her phone I think she was to busy yesterday. So when I got in the shop My eyes went wide the boys was looking Fine as ever:
Akuma: Dressed in a black tux with a rose in his shirt pocket his hair was slick back as one piece was hanging down

Senshi: dress in a blue tux as his messy brown hair was swished on the left side as his dirty brown eyes was lit with joy.

Tsuyoi: dressed in a nice gray tux that go's with his dirty red hair and his pale blue eyes.

Kirai: He had a sea blue tux it fit with his nice green eyes and his light brown hair he gives me a small smile.

Jikan: he was wearing a nice white tux with a red rose in his shirt pocket he smile and winked at me I roll my eyes.

Shurui: his hair was in a man bun as he was suited in a nice red tux I smiled at them all and took off my white fur jacket.

And I can tell they was lost for words but should that be me "You all look so good to day" I smiled and hang up my jacket "Y..You look so beautiful" Jikan says "We agree" Kirai and Senshi say together and they both give each other a hard glare that I can feel. Shurui comes next to me and whisper in my ear "You look more Beautiful than anyone in this world" he kissed my ear and my face went a blaze. I clear my throat. I looked at my watch "Its almost time to go so get the stuff you taking" I went to the back to see what I should bring. As I was in the back looking for which flower to bring A hand tapped me making me jump, I quickly turn seeing Kirai "Sorry" says with a smile "Its okay. What you need?" I looked at him "What if you take this" he points at a blue iris and that brings a big smile on my face "That a good idea" I picked up the vase of iris before I could go to the front Kira soft took my hand and kissed it "Your sent of mint and vanilla brings me joy knowing that you is a happy" he looks at me with his green eyes.

I felt my heart skip a beat. what was he talking about? Then he slowly stood up his eyes never left mine I felt my heart beating fast he gets closer that I could feel his warmth. Before I could speak he steals a kiss his lips felt so soft like I was kissing a pillow, I pull away and look at him "What..what was you thinking?" I asked as I covered my mouth "S..Sorry" he bows and left the room in a dash. I let out a sigh. I look at my watch it was time for us to go so I quickly went out the room and tell everyone to come on, as we went outside there was a black limo I smirk 'Thanks Ma' the driver came around and open the door he looks at me "Hello Sekia" he smiled "Hello Rumon" I wave and got in. The other's follow. I looked out the window lost in thought but the main thought that hits me was Kira when he kissed me, I took a small glance and he seems like he was asleep he look cute when he have his eyes close even though his name is..hate but the sound of it can a bit alarming.

As we arrived I panic there is a lot of people here I mean a lot there's news people and seem to be fans "What the hell did we get our self into?" Senshi says as he looks over my head "Don't tell me this wedding is with someone famous" Tsuyoi sound so disgusted. I stared at the crowd and gulp "This is crazy" I whispered, I turned to look at the driver but he was not in his seat and when I turned back to the window he was right there he opens the door and the loudness from the crowd fills my ears. I got out and there was a lot of flashes, Senshi hook my arm around his and he whispered in my ear "Is you okay?" he asked, I nod and started walking "Sika!!" a girl yelled and I smiled weakly "Can you sign my book!" She smiled and put it forward for me to reach. Right now I am protesting to grab it first I was worried if someone will grab me and second I want to go home "Sorry not this time" I gives a quick smile and kept walking.

Going through the noise while my heart was pounding but at least I got through the struggle, I turned around "You all ready" I smiled at them and they nod their head. We enter the big hall and I felt like I as in a fairy tale the place was shinning like stars and the color of white made it look like winter "As we have a special someone here for the bride and groom!" the old man says and he points our way everyone looked back at us "Hello everyone" I wave and they just smiled and stood "We are glad that you have made it" the bride said "We are happy to be here" I went and took a seat as the other follows behind. The wedding was a blast I had fun the cake was good and the groom was super funny the boys was wondering around lady's start talking to them and they seem so..."Seika" Akuma says, I jump he was so freaking`1 quiet that I didn't realized he was next to me the whole time "Yes?" I clear my throat "You having fun?" I nod and look back "The cake was good and there is so many people..silly people" I giggle softly and I swear I saw him with a small smile.

"That's good"


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