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Fallen Star


How was he to know that the term 'falling star' had more than one meaning, and that there could be consequences to wishing upon such a star? Kim Taehyung has got everything anyone could ever wish for. At least, that's what the public eye believes. Taehyung himself believes that in this world, he has absolutely nothing. Behind the mask of a smiling gentleman is a broken young man who sits on the fence between life and day, wondering when to jump off and which side he should land on. When he makes a wish upon a star, he isn't thinking straight and doesn't actually expect it to come true, although he wishes with all his heart that it does. Unexpectedly, his wish does come true, but in the most peculiar of ways.

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's Note

Hello, and welcome to Fallen Star, my new alternate universe/supernatural BTS fanfiction!

Before you begin reading, I would just like to say a few things, and please don’t skip because I’ll only say a few quick things.

Fallen Star is not suitable for all audiences. It will contain themes such as depression, self-harm, self-depreciation, some violence, and there may be some mature scenes later on. Mature language may be included, but I will block out one (or more) vowel(s) with an asterisk (*). A warning about which of these themes will appear in a chapter will be displayed at the top of the page, so please do not skip over it. Mature chapters will be marked with an asterisk (*). Also, this story will feature a character with a split personality.

The story is set in the modern day, but in an alternate universe in which BTS was never formed. In this universe, Taehyung is a famous actor, model and also plays a big role in the running of Kim Corporation alongside his ‘brother’. In the beginning of the story, Taehyung and the other BTS members are either unacquainted or are not close, and he may never meet some of them in the novel, I have not decided yet. I am unsure since this book is still a work in progress.

This story was inspired by a a mixture of books that I have read and TV series that I have watched over time, but the idea is entirely my own. Of course, there may be books and fanfictions out there which have been written about a similar plot, but I can assure you that I will try to make this story as original and interesting as I can.

PLEASE NOTE, all rights are reserved. This means that you cannot photocopy, record, republish, or use any other mechanical or electronic method to reproduce, redistribute or transmit this story elsewhere, unless you have permission from me.

If you have any questions about the story, or any suggestions, or requests, or if you wish to correct a mistake - please comment on the chapters and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

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