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Fallen Star


Kim Taehyung was the manifestation of the word ‘perfect’.

For starters, he was famous worldwide. So famous that if you overheard a person say that they didn’t know who he was, you could safely assume that they were either straight-up lying, or that they had been brought up in the furthest place from civilisation that existed on the planet. It was simply impossible not to know who he was.

His fame was partly due to his career choices. Taehyung was a high-end model who modelled for brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton and many more, but he was also an actor with a striking ability to completely immerse himself in a role and play it exactly the way the director had imagined it should be played. It was also well known that Taehyung had inherited a part of Kim Corporation, the family business that was passed down to him and his brother when their parents passed away. Although it was his brother that was the President of the company, Taehyung still gained a profit from simply turning up at the office for a cup of tea and to perhaps make some slight changes to the company here and there.

It wasn’t only his multiple successful careers that made him famous, though. It was also the fact that his entire being was flawless. He was perfect in every way – a perfectly symmetrical face, dark and well-groomed eyebrows, deep pools of melted milk chocolate for eyes and skin the shade of a creamy latte. He had a sharp jawline and was always clean-shaven, not even a ghost of a moustache or beard ever making a presence on his face. His lips were the kind of full and plump lips which looked so, so kissable, and many would sell their souls to the devil or overcome their greatest fear just to get a taste of them.

His figure was just as gorgeous as his face – broad shoulders, a slim waist, and long legs which gave him his tall height. He seemed to be able to pull off any item of clothing no matter how crazy it looked and any outfit no matter how mismatched it appeared to be at first glance. Although he didn’t have the desirable six pack which many would fantasise about, this didn’t stop the world from believing in his perfection as most people turned their attention to his thick thighs and strong, muscular arms instead. There were some people who claimed that they preferred him this way as he seemed more soft and huggable, and this fuelled their fantasies more so they were perfectly fine with the absence of a toned torso.

If you didn’t call Taehyung ‘perfect’, then you certainly called him ‘ethereal’. There wasn’t anyone like him out there. Some came close, but even then, it wasn’t close enough.

Everyone believed that he had everything that he could ever wish for. He had his own circle of friends who he was often seen around with in public and at his various workplaces. They seemed to be very close with one another, and whenever asked in an interview, Taehyung always stated that they were his favourite people on the planet.

He always said the same thing about his girlfriend, too.

Park Jiwon was a stunning young lady who had been born with beautiful feminine looks but quite a deep and husky voice which didn’t match her character in her younger years. Now, however, Jiwon was a professional rapper whose voice was a gift to many people worldwide. Due to her performances and tours across the globe, she didn’t always have the opportunity to accompany Taehyung, but the young man would always tell the media that no matter how far apart they were, he would always think of her.

And so there you have it – an overview of the man labelled as the definition of perfect in the 21st century. Rich, famous, gorgeous, and living a life that many people, if not everyone, would die for.

If only they knew that Kim Taehyung himself would rather die than to continue living his ‘perfect’ life. If only they knew that Taehyung regretted every little thing that he did which brought him to where he was now. If only they knew that all the things that they thought brought him happiness actually brought him a great deal of pain, and that every day Taehyung teetered on the edge of life and death, wondering when he would fall to either side of the balance.

Even now, as he leant against the railing of his balcony, his mind flickered between good and bad thoughts while his brown eyes flickered from the starry sky above him to the ground below.

He swayed a little, forwards and backwards, his gaze continuously being drawn to the pavement below towards which he leaned more and more. The balcony on which he stood belonged to his bedroom which was located on the third floor of his villa, and so the ground was a great distance away from him. If he were to fall, his chances of surviving would be very, very slim.

Taehyung exhaled heavily through his nose, closing his eyes and dropping his head a little. He stayed still for a moment, and when he opened his eyes again, they instantly shifted to the glass in his hand. He brought the glass up to his lips and finished what was left of the dark golden-brown liquid, making a face at the burning sensation he felt as the liquid travelled to his stomach and clouded his mind even more. He had never liked the taste of alcohol and would avoid it at every chance he got, but the events that had happened earlier that day had pushed Taehyung further than ever before, and now his only comfort was in the knowledge that in the morning he would forget all about it thanks to the drinks he had consumed within the past hour or so.

A flicker from above attracted his attention, and slowly Taehyung raised his gaze from the ground to the starry sky. Now that he looked closely, he could see more stars scattered across the never-ending blue above than he had done before. Or perhaps it was the alcohol messing with his eyesight, he wasn’t too sure. Either way, his gaze focused on one particular star that seemed to be shining brighter than all of the others. It twinkled a little, glowing brighter and then fading a little before glowing once again.

“So beautiful ... ” Taehyung breathed, unaware that he was speaking at all, his eyes entirely focused on the star twinkling in the distance.

Though his mind was foggy due to the alcohol he had consumed, somewhere from the back of his mind a memory popped up. A memory of a voice, faceless and nameless. A voice which told him to never give up, and if desperate, to wish upon a star. A voice that assured him that so long as he wished for something from the very bottom of his heart, the stars would hear him and his wish would surely come true.

In any other circumstance, Taehyung would have laughed bitterly, pushed the memory away, regained his calm and collected façade and carried on suffering in silence. But he didn’t.

Instead, he let the memory replay in his head a few times, his eyes welling up with tears. He imagined himself hanging off of the edge of a dark and bottomless pit, just barely hanging on and slipping further and further into the abyss with every second that he stood on his balcony.

What harm can one wish possible do? He wondered. It’s not like my life’ll get any worse than it is already.

Letting out a small sigh, Taehyung placed his glass on the ground beside him before straightening up and raising his head up to the sky, his gaze instantly landing on the star that he was watching before. He closed his eyes, feeling a few tears roll down his cheeks slowly. He clasped his hands, holding them close to his chest as he concentrated.

“Please ... ” He whispered, his voice breaking as he spoke. “I just ... I don’t want to feel alone anymore. I wish I had someone ... someone that could take this lonely feeling away, and give me a reason to keep on living. Please ... p-please?”

Opening his eyes, Taehyung looked back up at the star, cheeks stained with tears and bottom lip trembling, his heart aching. The star twinkled brightly, seeming to grow for a split second, and then all of a sudden it was gone, leaving behind a bright white trail etched into the sky.

Taehyung didn’t know what it meant, and he didn’t know whether to be happy or upset that the star had disappeared from the sky. He didn’t think too much of it, though. He simply traced the trail with his eyes for a second before sighing again and dropping his hands to his sides.

It was only then that he realised just how tired he was, and so after picking up his empty glass, he retreated into the comforts of his bedroom and flopped down onto his bed without bothering to change or to put away his glass.

If only he had stayed on the balcony a little bit longer. If he had, he would have been able to catch sight of the large ball of fire which was quickly approaching the Earth’s atmosphere. He would have been able to feel the intensity of its heat for a few seconds before watching it crash into the planet somewhere in the horizon, far away from where his villa was located.

But he hadn’t. He had left the balcony, sprawled himself across his bed and fallen into a deep sleep, his heart still desperately hoping for his one wish to come true and his mind focusing on the image of the falling star instead of thinking carefully about the consequences for his actions that he would have to face later on.

After all, how was he to know that the term ‘falling star’ had more than one meaning, and that there could be consequences to wishing upon such a star?

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