Naruto the Fox Sennin


Kiran A. Gopaul
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Chapter 1: The Mask is Dropped

Naruto the Fox Sanin

Chapter 1: The Mask is Dropped

"Hello"- human speech

'Hello'- human thoughts

Hello- Kyuubi speech

hello- Kyuubi thoughts

(A/N: For those that have already read this chapter, I have done nothing new to it, I have just made it for organized and spaced out so as for future readers to understand it better and not get confused, Arigato. Now for those that haven't read this chapter please review when you are done reading all the chapters I have published. Thanks for reading- Kitsunedragon)

Team 7, after the battle on the bridge, decide to return back to Konoha, and Naruto also decides its time for a change in his attitude. During this mission he learned that the life of a shinobi is a dangerous one so he decided to let down his mask of stupidity. Also after their battle on the bridge, Naruto, after his large use of the Kyuubi's chakra during his battle against haku, developed a mental connection with Kyuubi allowing them to communicate with each other.

'Kyuubi remember the first time we met after our battle with haku?' Naruto asked Kyuubi.

Of course kit. Although it wasn't the best introduction HAHA! I can still see the priceless look on your face. HAHA y-y-you looked like you w-w-were about to piss your pants!AHAHAHA!

'Hey it's not that funny' Naruto fired back with a mental shout.


Naruto was resting in Tazuna's residence after their battle on the bridge with Haku and Zabuza. He was sleeping like a log and looked like nothing could wake him up.

"We might as well let him rest" Kakashi said in a lazy tone.

"Yeah the dobe really put up a fight yesterday against that fake hunter-nin" the Uchiha survivor commented.

"Yeah, but I'm sure you would have beat up that masked freak if you weren't knocked unconscious, isn't that right Sasuke-kun." added Sakura, the useless pink haired teammate. Sasuke didn't answer, but scowled when Sakura mentioned the part where he got knocked out. And with that they left the room.

Back with Naruto

Physically the sleeping blonde jinchuriki looked fine in his sleeping state, but what was going on his mind was another story.

In Naruto's mindscape

Naruto was walking through what looked like a sewer complex. 'Where am I?' Naruto thought to himself as he wandered aimlessly around the sewer. Water splashing with each step he took until Naruto heard something that sounded like snoring, REALLY loud snoring.

"Now that's weird" Naruto said to himself. He then started following the sound until he came to a large room and in that room was a REALLY REALLY BIG CAGE. "HOLY SHIT!" Naruto yelled like a little girl, his eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. His girlish shriek grew louder when the 'cage' spoke.

Shut up gaki I'm trying to sleep the cage said. Then Naruto saw something shift inside the cage and it was big. Naruto then crept closer to the cage and peeked in between the bars and saw a hint of red fur. He immediately backed away a few paces fro the cage.

"Hey is someone err or something in there" Naruto asked the cage. The thing in the cage stirred sharp claws went through the bars and rather close to Naruto's face. Naruto then fell on the ground holding his head and resumed his girly shriek of terror. The large thing, which turned out to be a fox (A/N: If you don't know who the fox is then you are the biggest idiot on the face of the universe), started rolling around the cage, clutching its sides while laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Kami, kit you should see you're face. HAHAHAHAHA!Naruto continued his scream while the fox began to calm down from its fit of laughter.

Ok kit you stop screaming like a little girl now. Naruto continued screaming like a little girl. Kit please you're embarrassing yourself. Naruto continued. The fox knowing this would go on for a while stopped trying to soothe the boy and began tapping its claw in annoyance against the floor while Naruto continued screaming. God this kid has a large lung capacity. He's been going on screaming for 10 minutes now. The fox thought while still watching the young boy scream. Finally, Naruto began to run low on oxygen and started to stop screaming, which ended with Naruto gasping for breath. Yes, arigato Kami-sama. Finally you've stopped, *ahem* now then Naruto-gaki besides the fact you now hold the world record for the longest scream in history, you are probably wondering where you are and who I am correct?The large fox asked Naruto. Naruto nodded dumbly.

Ok then kit, I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune and we are in your mindscape.

"Oh so we're in my mind and you're Kyuubi. So since its my mind I can change the scenery of this place right? Because this sewer thing just isn't cuttin' it" Naruto told Kyuubi.

Well it is your mind so I guess you can, answered the fox. Naruto nodded and then sewer disappeared in a flash of light and in its place was a beautiful forest clearing complete with trees that towered over the area, a large waterfall that led to a pond and in the clearing was Naruto and Kyuubi. Kyuubi was out of his cage, but wore a collar with a dog/fox tag with kanji for seal on it.

"Much better if I do say so myself" Naruto said looking at his handiwork.I must say kit you've really outdone yourself changing the scenery. I can now stretch my legs because of this I will offer to train you when you're by yourself. Just meditate and you'll instantly come into this clearing you made,but right now I'm hungry sooo Ja Ne, the fox added to his compliment with a hungry look on his face as it spied a rabbit in the far of corner of the forest and then sped off.

"You're welcome!" Naruto called to the fox as it chased the rabbit into the forest depths. "Well guess its time to go" Naruto said to himself.

Exit Naruto's mindscape

Naruto then woke up with a start. Naruto then shook his head side to side rapidly due to the massive headrush he git from getting up so quickly. "Whoa big headrush" he whispered to himself. *sigh* 'At least now I know Mizuki was telling a bit of the truth. The fox was sealed in me in order to protect the village,but why me' Naruto then ended his mental reverie when Sakura walked into his room and gasped when she saw him awake. "Sasuke-kun, Kakashi-sensei, Naruto's awake" she called to her teammate and sensei. Naruto scratched the inside of his ear when Sakura yelled. 'Dear kami-sama I never you the pink haired banshee had such a loud voice I nearly went deaf just from that sentence she said or rather yelled' Naruto had mentally told himself. The Uchiha survivor and the copy-cat ninja were upstairs already and peeked into the room to see the blonde just staring outside the window of his room with a thoughtful expression on his face making him look older than he already was as his eyes looked like they held enormous wisdom and saw and experienced things no one else should see/experience. "Hey Naruto" kakashi called out to Naruto. " Good to see you're all better." Naruto turned his head at the sound of his name and grinned at his sensei's words. "Thanks for the kind words sensei, it really means a lot to me to hear that you actually care" Naruto told Kakashi. "Anytime naruto, and by the way when we reach Konoha we're going to start some serious training." Kakashi replied to Naruto's compliment.

Flashback end (A/N:Sorry if the flash back was too long)

'Ah those were good times, good times.' Naruto told Kyuubi.

Yup good times good times, so what do you think that perverted sensei of yours will teach when you'll reach Konoha? asked Kyuubi.

'You know I never really thought about it I'll ask him' Naruto then cut off his mental connection with Kyuubi and then ran to the front of the group to talk with Kakashi who was reading his Icha Icha Paradise novel giving a perverted giggle every 5 seconds. "Hey sensei!" Naruto called to the cyclops.

"Wha- oh hey Naruto what do you want?" asked the cyclops. "Well sensei I was just wondering umm what are you gonna teach us when we reach Konoha and when will it commence?" answering Kakashi's question with his. Sasuke and Sakura both listened intently to what Kakashi was about to say because Sasuke wanted to get stronger to beat Itachi and Sakura wanted to get stronger to impress Sasuke and both widened their eyes when Naruto had actually used a smart word in his question.

"Well guys the training will start tomorrow because we have arrived" Kakashi pointed out, his finger pointing directly ahead of them. All three genin turned their heads and saw the gates of Konoha in the distance. "And what your training is, well that's a surprise" Kakashi said with a smile which was shown as his eye turned into an upside-down U. All the genin groaned when their cyclopean teacher told them that.

"Oh come on guys just rest up and you'll find out tomorrow which is actually not that far away" Kakashi said trying to cheer up his students.

"Oh and sensei I'm going to start changing my attitude because during this mission I have realized that the life of a shinobi is not one to joke about so I'm going to be more mellowed out" then Naruto lowered his voice so Sasuke and Sakura couldn't hear. "I want you to come with me so I can get some new clothes because I'm afraid I'll get kicked out like when I was younger." Kakashi nodded in understanding because when Naruto was around the age of 5 Kakashi was his anbu guardian at the time and had to beat up a villager who was about to beat up Naruto after kicking him out of the store.

"Of course Naruto and besides I also think its time you should let down that mask and that orange jumpsuit is just shouting out "Come and kill me". Kakashi said.

"Arigato sensei and how did you know I was masking my true feelings?" Naruto asked his sensei.

"Well when you're an ex-anbu you tend to pick up a few things" Kakashi replied. "Oh ok" Naruto acknowledged the answer.

Meanwhile Sasuke and Sakura were wide-eyed when they heard that Naruto was actually masking his emotions which meant that his happiness and goofy attitude was all fake and that their teacher was an ex-anbu. 'Then his crush on me could be fake, wait why am I sad about this can just give me more time to focus on Sasuke-kun' the pink haired banshee thought.

'So the dobe was an unpredictable puzzle, but now I can crack him knowing his feelings are all a mask and this might be a good thing because he might have been masking his strength as well, I'm going to have to spar with him tomorrow to gauge his abilities' thought the Uchiha survivor with a smirk on his face.

"Ok then sensei let's go home!" yelled the blonde maelstrom and then sped off to Konoha's gates. Kakashi and his teammates were trailing behind trying to keep up with Naruto yelling for him to wait. When they reached into Konoha Naruto sped off to his apartment saying bye to his teammates and sensei while thinking about tomorrow's training session. Kakashi had shunshined home while Sasuke and Sakura then walked calmly back to their homes awaiting the special training with an eager attitude.

(End chapter *gulp* I hope it was alright and sorry of you all think the chapter is too long I just got caught up with my imagination sorry Next chapter: The Special Training begins will come out as I can make it)


Jinchuriki- demon host

Shunshin- body flicker

Anbu- elite assassination ninja

Gaki- brat

Kyuubi no kitsune- Nine-tailed Fox

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