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The sides that we must choose: a Harry Potter story


There was a war coming. There was no doubt of that, even the most foolish could see it on the horizon. The only debate was which side would win, which side would write the history books to say who was right. There was a war coming, and sides being chosen, and allies being made, but there was more than one group that did not have a choice who they might be allied with. The house-elves, for instance, served whichever side their masters chose. Likewise, the children. The children of the Death-eaters were naturally dark, and the children of the Order of the Phoenix naturally light. This did not, however, prevent them from holding their own opinions, despite what they had been carefully taught. Each human is entitled to their own viewpoint – wizard or muggle, male or female, dark or light, every race, creed, nationality, and mindset. But the children, the children were born to fight a war they didn’t understand or agree with. The children were innocent.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Hello, readers. As you surely must realize, this is a fanfic. Therefore, the characters, wizarding world, and even many of the words themselves belong to J. K. Rowling (Apparate, for instance. And Azkaban, and mudbloods - You get my drift.) I am simply borrowing them to satisfy my story. And yes, I am taking all kinds of liberties with the timeline, but I am trying to keep the basic plot. Please, read on.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know about any mistakes you find, so I can fix them. -- LazyKae

On a separate note, this story is set between fifth and sixth years. And before you say anything, I know that Lucius was in Azkaban between fifth and sixth years, not at Malfoy Manor discussing mudbloods with his son, and Harry did not see Dumbledore until Dumbledore came to take him to the Burrow and Slughorn’s. They certainly weren’t having late-night chats in Dumbledore’s office, nor had Harry started his lessons with Dumbledore at that point. So we’re just pretending that Lucius has used his connections to get out of Azkaban, and Harry made only a brief visit to Privet Drive before returning to Hogwarts, where Dumbledore immediately commenced to give him lessons.

Please feel free to comment with observations, questions, critique, criticism, or suggestions. -- LazyKae

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