Warm guardians


You know Warm bodies, and You know Rise of the guardians. But, what happens when You tell the story of Warm bodies with ROTG characters? Things get a little more interesting. {Jack/Tooth).

Adventure / Romance
Kyra Mackenzie
Age Rating:

Meet J

Just a little warning there will be other charaters added as well, because I like camos and like to add other charaters too. but they will not be a major distraction. The kid who plays Perry in this is named Zinc Collions he is a rise of the guardians Oc of mine his He and his brother Michel are Collector and The grim Reaper.

I have been keeping this from you guys long enough I have six chapters of this story written already I have the seventh finished but I want to wait until I can work on the eighth to post it on DA or on here.

I have read Warm bodies about six times as research but, sometimes if I feel like the movie did a better job of doing a scene I will use the movie version instead.

I do not own Rise of the guardians or Warm bodies

What Am I doing with my life? I Am so pale .I should eat better I should get out more my poster is terrible . I should stand up straighter put would respect me more if I stand up straighter. What's wrong with me I just want to connect with people why can't I connect.

Oh yeah its because I'm dead. But I shouldn't feel bad everyone here is dead. That girl is dead the guy in the corner is definitely dead.

I wish I could introduce myself but I don't remember my name. I think it started with a J but that was all I have left.

I can't remember my name parents or my job. But ,my hoodie would suggest I was unemployed.

Sometimes I look at the others and imagine what they were but most of the time.

I shuffle around occasionally bump into people unable to apologize or say much of anything. It must have better before when people could express their feelings and just enjoy each others company.

I Started my day Like I usually did I walk out of my plaine that I had made my home walk into the airport and talk to my best friend B and by best friend we occasionally groan and stare awkwardly at each other.

I sat down at the airport bar and stared at him and groaned he looked back at me and groaned back . Days pass by this way we almost have conversations sometimes but sometimes we find actually words like.

"H-Hungry". I muttered out


"City." B answered back I nodded and then walked off ,I know it was not very polite to leave my friend like that but I can not remember the last time I had the taste of human flesh and my craving for blood had started acting up again.

I walked over and grabbed the rest of the hunting pack and waited outside because it will take some time for B to realize where I was .

I stared at the old abandoned building in front of me gazing at my reflection .

I had white silvery hair and very grey blue eyes that were almost white my lips were dark like most corpses I had scars and old blood all over my blue hoodie which had frost designs on it I must have liked winter when I was alive.

I looked over back at the pack I assembled they just paced back and forth groaning waiting for B because he was practically the leader of us all .

He did not choose to be but for some reason we all choose him to be maybe it was because he was not afraid of being straightforward and confident with his choices.

Suddenly, I was snapped out my losses by skeleton like creatures defouring on rotting human flesh I turned away in disgust these guys are boneys they do not bother us much .

But they eat anything with a heartbeat I will too but at least I feel conflicted about it.

Before I could witness more B showed up and gestured us to follow him into the city He was a six foot tall man and was well built he carried around boomerangs on his back I had a staff which could create snow and frost things I had for as long as I can remember.

As we walked into the city I pulled my hood up and looked down at the ground twirling my staff around carelessly B grabbed my staff in mid twirl and glared at me and shook his head .I frowned and then rolled my eyes B always stopped me from having fun.

I wish I could find someone around my age to hang out with who understood me more. I put my hands in my pockets and walked slower than the rest of the pack if that was possible and looked down blankly I cannot really describe how I'm feeling right now.

I'm not sad just empty I wish I could feel. I have all these thoughts and feelings and can't seem to express them because I Am dead.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I did not notice that the hunting pack had stopped B looked over at me with confusion his pale lifeless green eyes looking back at me he groaned at me with concern I shrugged he rolled his eyes and gestured for me to come over once I did he smacked me on the head and said,

"Q-uit moping f-focus on finding food"

I rolled my eyes and said"Sh-ut up kang-aroo." He looked at me . I could tell he was upset with me who wouldn't to him I was a irresponsible kid who got himself into trouble a lot.

But I knew that he cared even if he had a weird way of showing it B is crumpy and really full of himself most of the time and takes himself way too seriously other than that I think our rivalry is the thing that makes us such great friends.

Suddenly Before B could make react I sniffed around the area and the others did the same every now and then the living go over the wall they built to get resources for their city.

I licked my lips I was very hungry Corpses can go weeks without food and then they become blood hungry monsters unable to control their desire for human flesh I ran through the door with the pack as soon as we got in we were attacked by guns.

I managed to get out of the way before they could shoot me in the head and punch the shooter down on the ground.

But before I could bite into him I was distracted by a girl shooting the other members of my pack . She was so beautiful the way her long black hair flied as she shot her weapon with a fearless expression her purple amethyst eyes were bright and full of life I could feel her confidence

Before I could admire her further I was punched in the face It is a good thing I am dead or that probably would have hurt a lot.

I looked up at him He was a tall boy with medium length brown hair and blue eyes I looked at him with anger and lugged at him and pulled him down from the counter he screamed and flailed his legs around in panic as I bite into him I looked down at his watch.

Nice Watch I thought as I bite into him. And then I got up and punched him repeatedly to make extra sure he would not get up and shoot me in the head.

If I don't eat all of him if I spare his brain,he will rise up and become a corpse like me but if I do I get his memories his feelings.

I'm sorry the brain is the best part its the thing that makes me human again. I took a bite out some of the boys brains and thought I don't want to hurt you, I just want to feel what you felt .To feel a little less dead.

Suddenly the scene changed The boy was standing in front of the classroom he was not looking at his classmates he was so nervous what if the kids did not like him it was his first day of school he had never went to school and heard that kids will pick on you if you are different or unique. He looked down at his sneakers as the teacher introduced him to the class .

"Okay Zinc go and have a seat".

Little Zinc nodded and walked over to take a seat when someone tripped him he fell down on the ground and cried the Teacher was outraged and looked around the class and said "Who did that".

"I did" said a boy proud of himself he had spiky brown hair and brown eyes he had his foot propped up on the desk in front of him and smiling mischievous as he had his hands behind his back.

The teacher looked at the boy sternly and then looked down at her roster and then said "Mr. Overland that is was not very nice don't you remember your first day of school"?

The boy frowned and said "Yeah I got sent to the principal's office for feathers Tooth's braids".

"And were you proud of yourself when you did that ?"

"Yes". He said blankly everyone stared at him weirdly The boy frowned he did not like the fact he was put on the spot Zinc looked over at the boy in question with curiosity Why did he do that to me He thought I should ask Mamma about it when I get home.

"Really".The teacher asked she was tall with medium length black hair and deep purple eyes her name was Rashmi and she was Tooth's mother but that didn't mean Tooth didn't get in trouble.

" What I thought she looks pretty with feathers her in hair" Everyone laughed at him as he blushed furiously.

Zinc looked over at a girl she was the only one not laughing she had long black hair that was tied into twin braids with deep purple eyes and a blush on her face She was pretty Zinc thought. Zinc walked over to talk to her .

"H-Hi ". he said shyly as he sat down next to her Tooth smiled up at him and asked " Hi how are you?".

"Good ".He muttered under his breath

"What"? She asked playfully

"Nevermind". Zinc said

"Wait ".! Tooth says as she walks over to him, "Do you want to hang out sometime"?

"I guess". Zinc said nervously

"I take that as a yes". Tooth said

I kept eating more of his I did another memory came up and I got sucked in by a blinding light.

Zinc was in the fifth grade now,He frequently hung out with Aster, North, Sandy, Meridia,Rapunzel,Hiccup,Astrid Mavis , Johnny and Eugene. Tooth's friends.

They were just eating lunch When Jack walked by Zinc watched anxiously as Jack passed by his tray hoping He would not slam the tray in his face like his did many times raised his hands in front of his head did nothing he just raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders with confusion and continued to walk off and sit down in a empty table.

Suddenly Danny walked up and said " I feel bad for him". He had snow white hair and had glowing green eyes he just happened to be Jack's cousin from his Dad side

But nobody knows where the snow white hair comes from it is just in the overland DNA they say that once the hair turns white that they had found their soulmate and Jack's was starting to get whiter and whiter as the days passed by.

Who Does Jack like so much?

"Feel bad for who"? Hiccup chined in

Zinc rolled his eyes and said "You can't be serious"!?

"Come on he just sits there day in and day out sketching in his little notebook with his hood up and his head down."

"I think Danny has a point I was an outsider once". Hiccup said

"Most of us were ".Eugene said

"Who asked you"? Danny said Playfully

"No one".

Suddenly A big beefy armed kid approached Jack and smiled as he got up in Jack's face and said "Oh fresh meat". He taunted

Zinc Smirked Be careful Jack is stronger than he looks Zinc thought.

Jack looked up at him and said "What"?

He stretched his arms out and said "Lunch now".

"No way if you want lunch and wait in line like everyone else".! Jack shouted out

Suddenly the boy picked Jack up and slammed him down on the lunch table.

Zinc winched sympathy That had to hurt. He thought

"Zinc do something"! Tooth shouted out

Zinc froze . What I do I'm just a skinny nobody He thought

"Zinc your slingshot". Hiccup called out

Zinc snapped out of his self doubt and shot a soda cap at the boy's head he released Jack and rubbed the back of his head where he got hit.

Jack coughed and gasped in relief And looked around for his rescuer and saw Zinc.

Zinc Jack thought with surprise .The boy was strangling Jack pretty hard until Zinc shot that Soda cap at him.

Zinc rushed over to Jack and helped him up. He noticed that his sketchbook was open and flipped through it there were a lot of sketches of Zinc and his friends but there were tons of drawings of Tooth They were pretty good too.

Zinc lowered the book with surprise Jack likes Tooth? He quickly shut the book before Jack noticed that he looked through his book and handed Jack his book back. Jack looked at him at first .But then he grabbed Zinc into a bone crushing hug Zinc jumped with surprise suddenly he felt something wet, He looked down at Jack. He was crying?

"Thank you" ! Jack said

"For what"?! Zinc asked breathlessly because Jack was still hugging really tight he could not breathe.

Jack released Zinc and looked down and said "No one has cared about me like that before".

"What about your parents".? Zinc asked surely there was someone. Anyone. Now that Zinc thought about it He had never seen Jack with anyone.

"Died when I was four and I watched my sister Emma get eaten by Corpses I have no one now". Jack explained sadly

"That's not true". said Zinc as he offered his hand Jack smiled and they shook hands as a new friendship was formed.

Years have passed they were in highschool now Zinc swore not to tell Tooth about Jack's crush on her and they hang out secretly no one knows what happened that day five years ago

he is 16 and Jack is 17. Zinc is going out with Tooth now and Jack is dating Merida but it is nothing serious. He just asks her to the dances every now and then that's all.

"I hope you're excited". Zinc said tauntingly

"Excited for what"? Jack asked

"Student cabinet". said Zinc

"No why?".Jack said

"I elected you for head cabinet". said Zinc

"You got be kidding me i have not lead anything in my life". said Jack

"I'm not kidding with you, you can do it "!said Zinc

"Let's go to my house ".said zinc as he looked at jacks tattered vest with disgust

"Why". said jack

"We need get you some new threads that Vest is falling apart Jack". Zinc explained

"No way this vest has been in the Overland family for generations"! Said Jack

"Too bad come with me or I will tell everyone you like Tooth". Said Zinc

"You won't".Said Jack

"I would ". Said Zinc

"Okay fine but I better not look like a dork".

A hour later

"I look like dork the deal is off ".Jack said removing the clothes and heading over to the bathroom to change back into his old clothes.

"Oh come on Jack there's a lot more stuff my parents used to own a thrift store and now they work at home there's plenty of good outfits in this closet! ".

" Really Zinc because to me all I see is a pile of Junk"! Jack shouted back behind the bathroom door as he put his brown pants back on he could not stand to put another outfit in this house not that they were all bad some of the things in their were pretty cool .

lLke a old school suede jacket and one of those music box lockets however none of those were Jack's style he wanted to find something that said something about him not about someone else. Jack liked winter and he liked to create mischief none of those clothes that he saw in the pile were a good fit for him.

"I guess you could have my brother's old sweatshirt he said he was going to give it to you anyway he said that it is his old football jacket he used to play in it".

Jack rolled his eyes and said "A Dirty sweaty sweatshirt your brother is a life saver."

Zinc smiled and said He thinks you might like it besides he washed it ten times before he put it back on the hanger so it should fit you".

"Okay I guess ".Jack said as he followed Zinc down the hallway and came across a small closet nothing was in it except a small navy blue sweatshirt at first it did not look like anything special until Zinc sighed.

"It's turned inside out sorry about this Jack hold a second while I fix it". He took it off the hanger and turned it right side out and Jack gasped It was exactly what he was looking for it had frost designs on it he looked inside of the tags and saw his name written in it. and said,

"Zinc I don't think Michael has ever worn this it looks brand new and there is no store tags or what fabric they used I think Michael made this for me".

Zinc looked at him with shock "Why would he do that"?

"Jack what is going on"? Zinc asked seriously

"Zinc your brother and I have been friends since the second grade because I helped him with his school work and drove his bullies away and he said he would become my friend if I did not tell anyone he got teased ". Jack explained

"My Brother was bullied". Zinc said with surprise apparently we are more alike then I realized He thought.

" I'm sorry I did not tell you about me and your brother it was stupid of me you probably hate me even more now". Jack said

Zinc rolled his eyes and said "Stop being so dramatic we are cool man". Suddenly Zinc realized something Jack was not wearing shoes How did not notice.

"You sure"? Jack asked

"Jack where are your shoes"?

"Didn't bring them I like to walk barefoot" Jack explained Zinc shook his head at his friend things have changed strategically if you told Zinc that his arch enemy would become best friends he probably had gone off on you, But their was so much about Jack he could have never guessed at like he helps out in homeless shelters and likes Tooth.

Zinc did not want to tell him that he was only going out with Tooth to try and make him jealous Danny said it probably would not work he tried that with Sam once and she did not even bat an eye.

"You know they probably won't let you in the school dance next week if you go barefoot".

Jack rolled his eyes and said " Like I really care about dances people always pretending to have a good time but the music they pick is no fun."

Zinc rolled his eyes and said "Jack I know you like heavy metal but you can't dance to that you need a slower beat besides it is a good excuse to dance with Tooth."

Jack smiled and said "Its not the music promise you won't tell".

"Cross my heart and hope to die". said Zinc playfully

"I can't dance ". Jack muttered under his breath it was so low that Zinc did not hear it.

"What"? Zinc asked with a smile on his face.

"I can't dance alright, my parents died before they could teach me!".Jack shouted with embarrassment as he turned away from Zinc with a blush on his face at the thought of dancing with Tooth a rebellious pranker like him does not deserve to dance with someone as beautiful and kind as Tooth.

Zinc smiled then grabbed his phone and dialed a number He wanted to help his friend but he was very graceful he knew Jack did He saw him ice skate all the time during the winter it was no different Than Dancing on the dance floor the only difference was the floor was not frozen solid.

Back when they were arch enemies Jack always seemed so sure of himself getting into trouble not caring about the consequences of his actions but the more Jack opened up the more.

Zinc realized that he was very insecure and did not know where he belonged. He belonged in Tooth's arms, but they were both too nervous to talk to each other and Zinc was tired of their awkward silences it was time to take action.

"What are you doing"? ! Jack asked nervously as he walked over towards Zinc and tried to look down at the number he was dialing but Zinc shifted in his seat and put his hands up in front of Jack and made clicking noises with his tongue and said "Nah ah you will find out soon"!

"You called her didn't you". Jack said blankly He was so frustrated at Zinc for always playing Matchmaker but Zinc knew that Jack would be a better boyfriend than Zinc for Tooth.

Jack had more in common with Tooth then Zinc did besides he did not like the fact that Tooth always says that there might be a way to cure corpses they are nothing but mindless killing machines they are uncaring unfeeling and are incapable of remorse.

Tooth and Zinc had been having fights about it and it frustrated him she was stubborn when she wanted to be.

"Why did you do that ". Jack said The last thing he wanted was for Jack to hate him but sometimes to help people face their fears you got to make them face it themselves.

Jack and Zinc played video games for twenty minutes when the doorbell rang to reveal Tooth her long bouncy black hair swayed back and forth as she walked around and inspected the state of the living room with a odd look on her face.

Zinc blushed and realized the floor still had whole bunch of clothes lying on the floor from Jack trying the clothes on and candy wrappers and dirty dishes from their video game snacking.

She blushed at the sight of Jack he looked good in blue apparently. Zinc could not help but feel a little jealous of Jack .Jack was skinny but he had the face and smile to make up for it and a lot of girls were pining over him But Zinc had no redeemable qualities about him.

Tooth looked around the room and whistled "Wow did a tornado hit this house or what it is so messy!". as she went over to grab the broom and started sweeping up the dirty carpet

Jack blushed when she came closer to the couch and asked Jack to left up his feet she was so close .Zinc laughed he desperately wanted to push her on top of him and take a picture of it .But then Jack might not want to talk to him again if he did that besides He really should be the one cleaning the mess not Jack or Tooth.

Feeling guilty Jack and Zinc leapt up from their seats and helped Tooth clean the house so that Jack and Tooth could do their dancing lessons.

Zinc tried to remain a distance so that Jack and Tooth could have a moment to talk to each other but the only thing the two love struck teens did was stare at eachother and then go back to cleaning Zinc got tired of watching them and casually walked by them and pushed his elbow towards Jack.

Jack tried to regain his balance but all his attempts ended in vain he knocked Tooth over and like deimos they fell down on the ground.

Jack looked at Tooth and froze he had never seen her up close like this she looked more beautiful than she did before if that was even possible suddenly he noticed that a few strands of her hair was in her face and gently brushed them aside.

Tooth just looked up at Jack with her mouth wide in shock a huge blush on her cheeks as Jack stroked her cheek and the suddenly she realized this was all wrong she was dating Zinc she pushed Jack off her and looked at Jack with anger and said "Jack why did you do that."

Jack frowned and said "I did not mean to I lost my balance and then fell I did not mean to I'm sorry".

Tooth frowned and said," I really do like you Jack but I Am dating Zinc I wish that we could be possible but mother doesn't approve of you and asked Zinc to date me".

Jack looked at Tooth sadly" I can change I can show her that I Am willing to do anything for you Tooth".

Tooth shook her head Zinc watched helplessly from the sidelines and lowered his head with shame this was his fault if he would have just left them alone they would not be arguing He wanted them to be together Zinc was forced to date Tooth by his parents and Tooth's mother he liked Tooth but she deserved better than him.

Zinc's parents were really close to Rashmi I could tell them, convince them that Tooth should date Jack and that I Am not a suitable choice. He thought with hope but then shook his head it was a terrible idea .

Was this his destiny was he really gonna have a arranged marriage with a girl that loved someone else it was not right.I Am not right for her can't Rashmi see how much Jack has in common with her husband Harrom .Suddenly Zinc was hit with a ton of bricks thats it that is why Rashmi does not like Jack because he was too much like Tooth's father.

But before he could tell Jack his theory He saw Tooth put on her coat and walk out Jack rushed after her Zinc rushed towards the window and gasped and quickly ran towards the door "Guys get back inside a pack of corpses are headed this way!".

But they did not hear him they were too far away Scared for his friends fates he grabbed his jacket and headed outside when he bumped into his older brother Michael he was was everything Zinc wasn't alethic, Tall, good looking and smart.

He had brown hair with green eyes and wore a green sweatshirt with light blue jeans and a chain wallet that was clipped on his pants like a belt. He looked down at Zinc with surprise he was so startled he almost dropped his sports bag on Zinc's foot.

"Zinc where are you going" ! Michael asked Zinc did not answer he just sat in the passenger seat of the car and said, ".No time to explain we need to hurry".

"Why"? asked Michael as he set his sports bag in the house and shut the door and went over to the car.

"Jack and Tooth are in danger".! Zinc shouted desperately he would go after them himself but he did not know how to drive besides if what Jack said was true then Michael will do anything he can to help even risk his humanity and so will Zinc.

Michael put the keys in the egginition and tired to start the car but the yellow light beeped signifying that car was low on gas he slammed his fists on the steering wheel and said "Damn it "! Zinc looked down at the car with horror it was hopeless with no knowledge of where they went or how far they were.

Zinc knew his chances of saving them both were slim the city was big and there were many places the corpses could be lurking around every corner He knew he probably would not make it out alive but He was willing to risk his life to save his friends but he would need help he dialed up his friends and hoped that they would make it in time.

15 minutes Zinc and his friends were all lined up with their weapons ready for battle and were standing in attention Merida had her bows, Astrid had her battle axe, Hiccup had his brains,Danny well he wasn't quite sure what he had but he seemed confident it must be something good, Aster had his boomerangs and egg bombs,North had his swords ready with a uneasy expression on his face.

Zinc could tell that North knew that someone might not make back. While michael was the leader of the group it made sense he had been alive longer then they were so he knew how to fight a corpse better then the rest of them.

He circled around them and said "Okay troops two of our men are in danger what is the safest strategy we have in taking down corpse!".

"Shoot at the head ".! Zinc shouted out while everyone remained silent and stared at Zinc sympathy most of his friends were soldiers in the military so they had to fight corpse everyday.

But for Sandy ,Hiccup and Zinc it was their first time in the military so they had no idea when was the appropriate time to speak Merida and the others knew that Michael was speaking rhetorically meaning he was not expecting an answer.

"What was that maccot did I ask you to speak drop and give me twenty ! Michael shouted two inches away from Zinc's face

Zinc wiped the spit off his face and winched at the frequently of Michael's voice and rolled his eyes

"Come on we do not have time for this Jack and Tooth could be brain eating corpses by now if you want to punish me for speaking out of term you can do it later.!".

Michael glared at him and pulled Zinc by the collar of his Jacket and slammed him down on the ground and then bent down and whispered

"I asked you to drop and give me twenty do not disobey a direct order now drop and give me twenty." Michael looked up at the others and said"

"Lets go ladies go and find Jack and Tooth Zinc and I will catch up with you."

Zinc looked over his shoulder and watched the others go and sat up and winched in pain Micheal offered his hand out to Zinc but Zinc shoved it away and stood up and glared at him.

Michael looked at him and said "Don't look at me like that I said that you should be the leader but you wanted me to do it you also said that you wanted to be treated like a soldier".

Zinc looked at him and said "I meant in skill set not in military way you think that I just sit around at home all day no I have been weight lifting and practicing with this". Zinc said as he pulled out a gun from his belt .

Michael looked at it with amazement it was unlike anything Michael had ever seen now that he thought about it he had never seen a gun like this. Did you make this ? Michael asked with amazing examining the gun.

Zinc blushed with embarrassment he was not used to getting so much attention especially when it came to inventions he had shown Hiccup because he and HIccup liked to invent stuff together and collaborate new ideas.

He had never shown anyone but Hiccup his inventions except his science teacher because he was interested in inventing himself Zinc had been amazed at his work and wondered how he got picked on when he was smaller.

"Yeah I like to invent things". Zinc explained Michael walked over to Zinc and bro hugged him and said "I'm sorry I was just trying to make you strong so you don't die out there"

Zinc smiled and said "I know". As he pulls something from inside his belt and hands it to Michael it was a round speaker phone with designs edged on it.

"I made this for you ". Zinc explained

"What is it"? Michael asked sheepishly Zinc rolled his eyes and then pushed the button and it beeped . Show me Jack and Tooth The phone beeped and said "Cauliuating correnince"

"It is a smart phone, a commutator a homing device and makes a good weapon". Zinc explains as he uses the laser app to zap some of Michael's hair off.

Hey don't burn all my hair it is what makes me good looking Michael whined

Zinc rolled his eyes and said "Whatever you say pretty boy now lets go!". as he grabbed Michael's hand and ran down the street the phone beamed and said "Correnince found Jack and Tooth's heat signers found by the baseball field 4778 Frost Rd".

"Frost Rd"? Zinc asked as he ran down the street

Michael looked at him and said "It is a tribute to a boy missing boy that feel in the ice and was never found his parents tried to look for him but got attacked by corpses their daughter was eaten but the parents whereabouts are still unknown."

Zinc gasped and remembered what Jack told him five years ago

"My parents died when I was four and my sister was eaten by corpses I have none"

"Michael it is Jack ".! Said Zinc as he turned the counter towards the airport and kept running down Frost Rd Michael looked at him with confusion and said, What is Jack

"Jack is the missing boy that fell in the ice he told me his parents were dead how old was the boy"?

"Around 8 or ten years old why"? Michael asked

Zinc frowned and said "I guess I can't blame him for not telling the complete truth I probably would have done the same".

"Don't be reckless Zinc that boy can't be Jack the boy has been missing for years why would he get out of the ice and come here of all places"?

"Because He did not remember who he was and he got part of his memory back but their are still holes that he has not filled yet he told me his parents died when he was four.

But, I think he said that because he does not remember his life before. He fell in the ice past the part of his sister's death because it will be too painful for him to remember" . Zinc explained he put the phone to his mouth and said,

"Show me a picture of the lost boy and make a side by side comparison with Jackson Overland". The phone beamed and showed a picture of the boy and Jack and then the phone beamed and said 100% percent match

Zinc looked over his shoulder to show Michael with a look that said I told you so. Michael did not say anything he just looked at the picture with shock all this time he had been hanging out with the missing boy who saved his sister and didn't know did Jack even know who he was? What he did how much of a hero he was to Burgess apparently not.

Suddenly a bunch of Corpses jumped down from a old apartment complex and attacked Michael and Zinc but Michael pulled out his weapon and shoot a few of them in the head Zinc looked back and forth between the Corpse and His bother and thought

What do I do What do I do ...

Suddenly a voice echoed in his head and said "Close your eyes and you will get what you most desire".

Zinc looked around the the city for the voice but all he saw was him and Michael's shadows no one else was there Did he imagine it? suddenly the voice spoke to him again and said "If you want to find me all you would have to look up at the sky".

Zinc looked up and saw the moon it was no longer bright and silver it was a deep blood red surrounded by black sand and gray clouds.

"Good day Zinc Iam MiM and I Am here to change your destiny".

Zinc looked up at the moon and thought What do you mean what is going to happen to me?

" Fear not young man for what am I to next will change you yes but it will not make you evil you must free Jack and find a cure but to do this you must bring Jack and Tooth together and defeat Pitch the Nightmare King".

Suddenly I gaped pause and looked around who are you? Oh yeah you are no one welcome back . I quickly stuffed the rest of the brain into my pocket trying to absorb what I had just seen. I really wanted to eat more to find out if this Jack person.

Jack. The name sounded familiar yet foreign at the same time .Did he make it out with Tooth?

Or did he become a Corpse ? Before I could try to solve the mystery I was shot in the chest by one of Tooth's friends .

She had wild red hair and deep blue eyes and was glaring at me as if she had found a bug underneath her bed and was ready to squash it But before she could fire another round B dove over her and pushed her aside and then looked back at me. "Y-you okay"?

I looked up at him with surprise and then nodded.

I looked around the room to make sure it was safe to go over and look for Tooth all the corpses and living were focused on attacking each other that they did not notice me limp towards her.

She gasped her bright purple eyes widen with fear she quickly pulled at a knife and threw it towards my head I looked up at the dagger and pulled it out my head and then stooped over to Tooth .

She gasped and tried to crawl away but then I sat down towards her and placed my hand towards her and muttered "T-ooth".

She gasped and then winched as I placed my dead dry blood on her clothes and face trying to mask her scent. and Shivered in fear.

I could not blame her I probably act the same if a dead rotting corpse came towards me. I looked over my shoulder and then glanced back at Tooth and then said "Come safe". quietly.

She barely heard me but she looked at me with surprise assuming she heard wrong and said "What?"

I did not know why I'm doing this but I knew that I had to protect Tooth and I could tell she was pretty shaken up.

But I had to show her that she could trust me. I walked up to her and lifted her up from the ground and said Safe She looked at me hesitantly but complied hoping she would not get eaten.

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