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Ladynoir (FanFic)


Marinette and Adrien, so clueless in the real show, but not in this fan fic!!! Teehee enjoy!

Adventure / Drama
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Dear readers,

If you know what ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ is, then proceed to the next chapter!

Those of you who don’t know what that is, I’ll explain!!

A girl named Marinette Du-Pein-Chang, is a superhero named Ladybug.

Adrien Agreste is another superhero named Chat/Cat noir. ( The story mainly took place is Paris (a French place) so that’s why I put Chat)

This story takes place in Paris.

Marinette is basically friends with everyone, and has a crush on Adrien.

Chat Noir is very charming, and has a crush on Ladybug. TeChNiCaLlY tHeY lIkE eAcHoThEr but they don’t know each others identity.

So in this fan fic, I’ll make them less clueless on who they are. Chat Noir expresses his feeling to Ladybug many times but Marinette has never said a word about her feelings to Adrien.

Don’t understand anything I said?

Go on YouTube and search ‘Miraculous Ladybug season 1 episode 1’

Or go on Netflix and search ‘Ladybug and Chat Noir’

Then you’ll understand!

Enjoy the fan fic!

Release date for the first chapter will be on November 27th, 2018!

To impatient ones, here is a sneak peek


I bumped into someone, as it was raining. I didn’t have an umbrella... He handed he his umbrella! But me being clumsy as ever, I closed it on myself! How embarrassing!!


I lent an umbrella to a girl with blue shiny pigtails, and she closed the umbrella on herself! I can’t stop laughing!

“Pffft, bahaha!”

Then she also starts to giggle.


That was the day I knew I loved him!


Hello!! That is all of the sneak peek for now!

Hope you can wait until the 27th!

Buh Bai!
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