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The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (with old friend Annie).


Annie is one of the oldest friends of the world-famous journalist, and detective, Tintin and his witty and loyal pooch Snowy. When she moves into his apartment building she is the new girl across the hall. They bump into each other in the market place and Tintin is immediately surprised at how his blonde, glasses-wearing friend has grown into an elegant young woman. But when the model of the ship the unicorn grasp both of their attention Tintin and Annie team up to solve the mystery of the unicorn, and their feelings.

Adventure / Romance
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In a busy British outdoor market sits a young man in a long trench coat over a bright blue woollen jumper with striking ginger hair. In front of him was an older man that had a thick French accent and a painting easel he was working on. The young man’s small white as snow dog wasn’t happy about his owner staying so boringly still and was fidgeting impatiently. The French painter had many questions for him, that included his work, as he skillfully painted.

“Be patient Snowy,” The young man comforted his whining dog and patted him on the head. The fluffy dog, however, couldn’t be patient and started to follow a suspicious-looking man that was rubbing his hands together in a greedy way that a thief would do. Snowy then watched as the man skillfully and sleekly took wallets of men who were looking over the market stalls and men who walked passed him.

“There, I believe I have captured something of your likeness.” the painter said and handed the cartoon drawing to him.

“Ah, not bad.” the ginger man spoke holding it up next to him. He was about to ask his dog’s opinion but a soft voice interrupted him.

“You even got the flick just right.” the young man turned to see a woman his age that had long blonde hair that was tied back, black cat glasses that made her shimmering green eyes huge. She wore a black pencil skirt with a deep crimson red blouse a pair of black flats that had small red bows on the front of them. Her red lips smiled brightly at the man who was now stood staring in disbelief at the young woman in front of him.

“A-Annie?” He sputtered with a smile growing on his face.

“Hello, Tintin!” Annie replied and he chuckled embracing her in a warm hug.

“It’s so good to see you!” Tintin exclaimed and Annie pulled away from her with a smile.

“It’s good to see you too, how are you?” Annie asked as Tintin paid the painter and gave him a thank you.

“I’m wonderful, how are you and Snowy?” Annie replied as the took a couple of steps away from the painter.

“I’m excellent as well, and Snowy is great too, I was about to as him about my painting,” He began and held up the painting next to his face again with a smile. “What do you think, Snowy...” He began looking down to where his dog was and trailed off when he wasn’t there. He then started to look around for his dog with a frown.

“Where is he?” Annie asked and Tintin shook his head. He then sighed and whispered his dog’s name under his breath and scrolled up the picture.

“He’s probably wandered off, come on Annie, we’ll find him,” Tintin said placing his hands behind his back. Annie walked at his side now clutching a black leather purse. “You’ve changed a bit Annie,” Tintin began as they walked. His blue eyes smiled at her face. Tintin then realized that she had become beautiful over her the years. They hadn’t seen each other since they were twelve and back then she was a short and shy girl that wore long skirts and strange shirts. Now she was a woman that was shaped by the fashion and society of their time.

“Thank you Tintin,” Annie replied almost shyly and she scratched her cheek. She then looked over Tintin. His ginger hair was still there to show off his charismatic personality. He was a tall and intelligent young man that had grown handsome, which was something Annie didn’t notice before. “You’ve become a fine man as well,” she complimented a little shyly and he laughed once and thanked her. They walked passed a stall that sold lots of different shaped mirrors. Tintin pushed back the ginger flick in the front of his hair in an attempt to look smarter in the presence of his stunning friend but his hair had a mind of its own and soon flicked up back into its normal position. It made Annie giggled though.

“I see your flick hasn’t changed,” she stated and loosely dragged her index finger up the shape of it making Tintin sigh heavily but nod in agreement.

“It’s the same as the good old days,” he stated and they both smiled at each other. He then called for his dog a couple of times and barks were heard from the distance. Soon Snowy came running towards them.

“Where’ve you been?” Tintin asked crouching down to pet his dog. “Chasing cats again?” He asked scratching the top his head. Annie smiled and crouched as well. “Look who it is, it’s our old friend Annie,” he told Snowy who moved to the blonde girl to be pet.

“Hello there Snowy.” Annie greeted as Tintin’s attention went to something that was being reflected in one of the mirrors. It was a well-crafted model ship that sat proudly on display in a glass case.

“Annie, Snowy, look at this,” he said and slowly stood up then turned to it. He then walked over to the case to get a close look at it. “Triple mast, double-decked, fifty guns!” Tintin began speaking the features of the model out loud excitedly as Annie walked to him with a smile. The way he would look at something he was interested in made Annie think he was even more handsome now. Annie was stood at the side of him looking in on the model ship. “Isn’t she a beauty Annie?” He asked and turned his head to look at her. Annie turned her head as well and only then they both noticed how close their faces were. Annie’s cheeks flushed red a little and Tintin nervously cleared his throat before Annie stood up.

“That’s a very unique specimen that is,” the cockney voice of the stall hold stated. He was seated next to it and pointed his finger continuing with Snowy stood on his back legs at the edge of the glass container to look at the ship. Tintin read the name ‘the unicorn’ as Annie stood up. “A man o’ warship, it’s very old that is,” he continued. Annie then watched in admiration as the stallholder spoke some more facts about it, and her friend Tintin corrected him. He was one of the most intelligent men she knew. “It’s only two quid,” he told Tintin. Annie was surprised at the price and Tintin stood up next to her. He looked directly at the stall hand.

“I’ll give you a pound,” Tintin offered and the old stall hand wagged his finger once and said ‘done’ and got to his feet. He held out his hand and as Tintin took out his wallet to pay for the model ship.

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