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23 chances & one Ability


"A young lady named Anastasia travels to desert, but she met this man who gave her something that gave her life another turn "

Drama / Mystery
Nora b'n
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Chapter 1

“Anastasia, if you had to choose between luck , love and money, what would you choose ?“, She answered : ” i will choose love as long as i don’t believe in luck and as long as we have to work hard to make money either way, right ? So love is the only thing we can’t work hard for, Love is just love it happens only. for ... For “, he said : “for the lucky ones !” ,” No , for the right ones whome are the chosen ones “. ” I see ...” He said and left to his tent.

HOGAR , TAMNGHASSET , ALGERIA , this where this conversation happened.

Anstasia travelled to the wonderful algerian mysterious desert , the hardest climate in Africa just the way she felt she is , running away from what reality life she was living.

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