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Naruto's Gift


my first fanfiction hope you like it I think it will be a good story. naruto has alot of crap to deal with now he has a new power/curse to deal with as well. there had to be some being trying to mess with his life otherwise he would have friends family and a good home

Adventure / Action
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the tutorial

To anyone else it was a normal day but for a young man who has a height of 4' 6''. While most people wouldn't consider him a man he went through enough to have the right. He never knew who his parents were all he knew was that they supposedly died when he was born. Now the real kicker was that he was hated by almost everyone and anyone in the village. His name is Naruto Uzumaki.

One day Naruto woke up like usual the stabbing pain of having springs poking him in the side finally got too annoying. That is were normal died, because floating over his head was a strange box it seemed to defy gravity and follow his head. 'So it's finally happened.' he thought to himself 'I've finally lost it.' it read you have slept in your trashy bed hp and cp 50% restored
He tried to go about the normal day but the box just kept following him. when he had enough he hit the close button. As the first box closed another opened. this one said mission alert tutorial would you like to begin yes/no.
Now Naruto was starting to worry so he put his hands in to the ram seal and focused chakra "kia" no change. so he pressed yes. the writing change and it now said say stats. so Naruto did
name: Naruto Uzumaki
age 8
level: 4
strength 18
speed 35
health 7000/7000
chakra 6000/6000
vitality 15
luck ?
int 5
wisdom 6
eyesore: -25% reputation, -100% to stealth can be fixed
malnurished: -25 strength -25 vitality
???: +20% to mental deffence
???: +200 health +200 chakra per level
love of lady luck: you have almost infinite luck when it comes to getting money
???: +90% success to ? access to ? +10 vitality per level
???: +10 speed access to ? bloodline
Naruto Uzumaki is an orphan who's past is shrouded in mystery. hated by most people he has learned to survive on his own. He has many mental issues such as split personality disorder paranoia and depression.
this disterbed Naruto he needed to talk to his surrogate grandfather.
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