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Fruit Of Love


Taehyung and Jungkook met. They've became friends who cares to each others back. But what if one day, one of them fall in love? Is it only full of happiness? Is it only full of truthfulness? Or is it only full of lies from the start?

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Author's Note

Started Writing: July 11, 2019


Hello! Welcome to my story! I want to leave this note here to let you know that this story is still on-going and still doubtful if this story has ending. Probably, I’m no writer and only likes to type down my thoughts and imaginative creation. But if you added this story in your library, thank you and expect some cliff-hangs in the future! 😂

(Expected Problems)
¤ Undecided Title
¤ Doubtful Ending
¤ Wrong Grammars
¤ Unplanned Plot
¤ Knotted Narration

If I were you, I will not read this story. The purpose of publishing this story is to motivate myself little by little so that I can write another chapter. Its weird, right? 😂 Anyways, that’s all for now and thanks for wasting your time by reading this nonsense prose! 😂

Ps. Once this story finished, the note will be deleted.

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