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Fruit Of Love

Sight (Jungkook)


“Come on, Kookie! I don’t wanna be late!” I heard Taehyung said. I rolled my eyes playfully and tied my shoes quickly.

After tying my shoes, I rushed downstairs just to be caught by Taehyung in his arms. He hugs me tightly while snuzzling his face at my neck. I blushed because of his sudden action.

“I like your scent, Kookie. You really readied yourself for our date, huh?” He praised and teases me. I smacked his head playfully and removes his arms around me. He surprised me with his cute pouted lips.

“Stop hugging me and lets go!” I announced happily and tugged his wrist to leave my apartment.

“Come, Kookie! Lets ride the roller coaster!” Taehyung shouted and pulled me towards the line.

“Taetae! You know I don’t like riding extreme rides!” I complained while stomping my shoes childishly. I saw him smirked and leaned towards my ear. I felt his breath, sending shivers down my spine.

“Not until you ride mine.” He whispered in my ear seductively. I felt my ears and cheeks warms. I hit his arms harshly, receiving giggles from him.

“Yah, Taehyung! Stop being a pervert!” I fumed cutely at him as I crossed my arms and tilted my head in side way. He cooed at me and starts to tickles me. I avoided his contact instantly and ran away from him.

“Hey! Don’t leave me! We still need to ride the roller coaster!” I heard him shouted behind my back as he tries to chase me. I laughed mockingly while watching him struggling just to catch me. Oh well, I’m a runner so I can’t blame him.

“Caught yah!” He whoops and scoops me in his arms. He tickles me again, causing me to cackle. Some people stopped walking and spares us a look of amusement in their eyes. Some of them didn’t mind us and continues what they were doing.

“S-stop, T-taetae! I c-can’t hold my p-pee anymore!” I joked. He lets go of me and gives me a look of disgust.

“Eww, Kookie! Release it now before its too late!” He acted jokingly. I fixed my clothes and clings on him.

“Lets go in arcade center instead, please?!” I begged while doing cute gestures at him since he can’t resist my charms and cuteness once I give him one. He heaved a sigh and pinched my cheeks before pecking my nose.

“You really know how to hypnotize me, huh?” He muttered tenderly and intertwined our hands before heading our way towards to arcade center. I gave him my bunny smile and he returned it with his boxy smile.

“Come to think of it, Taetae. This is the reason why we met, right?” I conversed while smiling widely at him. We were in front of clawing machines, scanning the stuffies inside of it. The reason why I suggested to came here is because I want both of us to remember how we first met.

“Yeah, Kookie. You’re staring at the bunny that time without doing anything, haha! I’m still wondering why you want it in the first place where in fact, you are bunny yourself already!” He teased while wheezing at himself. I smacked his arms.

“Damn you, Taetae! Stop teasing me!” I complained and headed my way towards to one of clawing machines. He followed me and back hugged me.

“You should be thanking me because I was complimenting you.” He reasoned innocently as he rests his chin on my shoulder.

“And why is that, huh?” I asked intriguingly. I felt his breath in my ear.

“Because bunnies are cute. And you, my Kookie, is cute and irresistible!” I pinched his arm because of his cheesiness. Even though he was like that, he never fails to flutter me.

“Speaking of bunny, does the bunny I got when we first met is still in your care?” He asked me.

“Yes, of course! I treasured it and even washed it every week! The scent is still there though. I’m thinking if we can get him another one because he’s alone.” I uttered while staring at the stuff toys. He removed his arms around me and came beside me.

“Tiger! Lets take a tiger stuff toy!” He said enthusiastically while looking for a tiger stuff toy.

“Right! You’re a tiger who’s prey is a bunny!” I cackled. I saw him smirked again.

“A tiger who’s aggressive yet pleasure giving when it comes to bed. Right, Kookie?” He allures me but sadly, didn’t work at all because I hit him hard on his head this time.

“Awwie! Why you hit me again?!” He cries comically, gaining weird and funny gazes from other people.

“My goodness, Taetae! Just take the tiger stuff toy already!” I complained halfheartedly. He winks at me and folded his long sleeves before gripping the joystick.

“As you wish, my love of my life.” He said before clawing the tiger stuff toy.

Taehyung sent me home. We spent our date by riding some rides, playing some gaming booths and eating varieties of foods that can be found in food stalls. This day was the best, if you’ll ask me. I never had a chance to think my problems that time because Taehyung is here, to make me happy and forget my problems.

“Thank you for today, Kookie. I really enjoyed our date. How about you?” Taehyung asked me while holding my hand. He’s staring in my eyes, full of love and happiness can be seen. I smiled at him widely.

“To be honest, you don’t need to bring me somewhere just to make me happy, Taetae. Being with you makes me happy already. It may sound corny but that’s the fact, Taetae. I love you for who you are.” I felt his thumb, wiping something on my cheek.

“Oh, Kookie... Don’t cry. I wanna see your smile all the time.” He muttered and peppers me countless kisses that sends ticklish feelings on my face. I giggled because of his sweet actions.

“Just don’t leave me, Taetae? You know you are the reason why I am still living my best in this world. Without you, my life is meaningless. Promise me, please?” I mumbled quietly yet sounding sad. I felt my pinky finger being linked by his pinky finger.

“I promise, Kookie.” He said and embraces me.

I smiled weakly, while staring at my stuff toys, both got by the person who saved me from miseries and showers me love. I thought he’s the first and last person who will love me until the day I die. But I thought wrong, when he left me at the end.

“Promises are meant to be broken. If I’m not stupid enough to believe it, maybe I’m not hurting at all.” I murmured to myself, tears starts to fall from my eyes.

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