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Love Hurts | Chipmunks Fanfiction


Alvin encounters a bully at school. Alvin does not want anyone to know. The chipmunks abd chipettes eventually find out. But Brittany spills out the beans. Find out the shocking truth after.

Drama / Children
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The Bully

As Alvin closed his locker, Brian was standing there in front of him. "You owe me money chipmunk!" "I just owe you money!" exclaimed Alvin. "Your 45 dollars short." "W-WHAT!? YOU SAID 5 DOLLARS!" "Well things change" Brian punches Alvin in the eye and kicks him in the gut.

"Ow!" Alvin had muttered. "LET that be a warning to you! You better have my money by the end of 5th period, or else."

Alvin holds his eye in one hand and the other on his stomach. Every part of him was hurting. As he had walked home from school, he had thought that it would be embarrassing for anyone to know.

He wondered what he was going to tell his brothers, what he was going to tell Dave!

Alvin thought to himself. I'll just tell them that I got hit by a tree. Yeah, I'll tell them that.'

As Alvin walked through the door of his house, Dave had seen his black eye. "ARE YOU OKAY!?" Dave had said with a concerned tone.

"Y-yeah I'm fine..." Alvin had said in pain.

Dave had studied his eye. "You looked pretty swollen up. Do you need a ice pack?" Alvin was about to say no when he realized how much pain he was in.

"Yeah, I would need an ice pack" Alvin had followed Dave into the kitchen. Dave had opened the freezer and got a plastic bag. He put ice into the bag and handed it to Alvin.

"Thank you Dave" Alvin said even more painfully but the swelling had started to loosen up.

As Alvin was walking up the stairs he had heard Dave call his name. "Alvin, how did you get that black eye?" "Oh, I just bumped into a tree" "Oh, ok be. Careful next time" Dave had said concernly.

"What happened to you?" Simon had asked as he was walking down the hall.

Alvin grabbed Simon and pulled him to the wall. "A-Alvin what are you doing? Let go of me!"

"Shhh! Can I ask you a question?" Alvin said sweetly. "Ugh, what do you want?" Simon said as if he knew.

Alvin had did the little cute anime eyes that Theodore does. "Can I have 45 dollars 9pleeaasssee?" Alvin had said helplessly.

Simon eyes widened. "L-let me get this straight. You want me to you half of my savings so you can...?" Simon had stopped with question.

"Ok, I'll tell you but you have to promise to keep it a secret." Simon sighed then nodded. Alvin went up to his ear.

"I need 45 dollors to pay this guy or else he'll beat me up again." Simon started to yell. "DID YOU TELL DAVE ABPUT THIS!?" Alvin quickly covered Simon's mouth. "Yes but please!"

"Why didn't you tell Dave!?" Simon had said annoyed. "It's embarrassing." Alvin had said as he murmered under his breath.

Simon had sighed as he took off his glasses. "Fine, but next time if it leads to you getting killed, I'm telling Dave.

"THANK YOU SIMON!" Alvin had shouted. "I'll give it to you tommorow morning. Alvin had hugged Simon. "Alvin, Simon, Theodore! Time for dinner!" They went down to eat then went to bed. As they lay down, Simon reminds Alvin, "You know your bad a doing cute eyes right." "I know" said Alvin.

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