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I still want you


Yoongi was on his own world.He don’t like this kind of party much.He came here just because his father wanted to.He didn’t want to talk to anyone. So he was just standing in a corner sipping his wine.Suddenly there was an announcement.All the peoples attention was at the man who’s going to give the speech but Yoongi wasn’t interested in that so he kept drinking his wine living in his own world.Suddenly he heard a really familiar voice.He turned to the voice and he saw the most beautiful man is giving speech,the man he can fall in love over and over again.He(Yoongi) was just standing there,mind all blank.He snapped out of his thoughts when all people startedto clap and he saw the boy just finished his speech.

Yoongi felt like he needed fresh air the most now.He stepped in the balcony.He close his eyes enjoying the wind.Suddenly he heard someone calling him.He look at the person who called him.“Hi Yoon” the person said.“uhh...Hi J-Jimin”

Yoongi’s heartbeat got fast as if it’s going to explode any minute.

Jimin: How have you been,Meow??

Yoongi felt a blush appear in his milky checks for the nickname Jimin used for him.He used to call him that when they were together


Jimin: Awwww you become shy an all now huh?

Yoongi: I-

he was cut by Jimin

Jimin: I missed you Yoon,I missed you so much

Yoongi was going to say something but he was stopped by Jimin saying

Jimin: I know you don’t love me like before but trust me there wasn’t a day I didn’t think about you.I-

Yoongi: Jimin!!

Jimin: I’m sorry.I just...*sigh* wanna have coffee like right now

Yoongi chuckled

Yoongi: Jimin we’re at a business party

Jimin: And your point is??

Yoongi: Nothing,let’s go *chuckle*

Jimin: Thank you

They came to coffee shop and both ordered cappuccino

Jimin: So.....have any boyfriend??

Yoongi: No,you??

Jimin: Never had any after we broke up

Yoongi: Oh!!Okay. You became more cute, You know??

Jimin: I know.hahaha...but for me you’ll always stay the most cutest person

They started to talk more while drinking their coffee.The coffee was long gone when they decided to leave.They both were walking slowly enjoying their talks but suddenly Jimin stopped and held Yoongi’s hands while looking at his eyes

Jimin: I love you Yoon,I love you so much,I can never forget you.I can’t even live without you.You’re my angel, my world.You don’t have to except me I just wanted you to know I still love you and always will love you.I can’t stop thinking about you,I do-

Jimin was cut by a soft kiss on his lip by the person he was dying for. Yoongi kissed Jimin really softly but with his passion.He wanted jimin to know how much he missed him and how much he still loves him.He was showing all his feeling,all his love,all his pain through the kiss

They pulled way for the need of oxygen.They were looking into each other’s souls.

Yoongi: I love you my Chimmy. I love you more then anything *peck* and I’ll never leave you ever again

~The end~

If you read this thank you so much for reading it and I’m really sorry for my bad English.I’m really grateful to you for reading it.Love you ARMY💜🤗💜😘💜

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