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Yang Y/N comes to Seoul, South Korea as an exchange student from Los Angeles, California. She doesn't know anyone but Wang Fai, a boy she met over Instagram because of BTS. When Y/N arrives at the school, she is welcomed by the rudest boy she has ever met... Hwang Hyunjin. Her and Fai eventually start going out for quite some time, but then Hyunjin makes his way in and succeeds in breaking up Fai and Y/N.

Fantasy / Romance
~♡~ Kay ~♡~
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I walk into the school, by the side of my best friend, Wang Fai. We walk down the halls together and he walks me to the main office.

“Thank you Fai,” I hug him tightly. “I’ll see you at lunch!”

“Alright. Text me when you get to your class.” Fai starts to walk away.

I take a deep breath and I walk into the office. I get into the office and it smells... gross. It is probably one of the most disgusting smells I have ever smelt in my entire life. I walk over to the desk where an old lady is seated.

“H-hello. I am Yang Y/N and I am here for my schedule.” I smile as she looks up at me from her computer.

“Yang Y/N? You’re the exchange student from the USA, right?” she looks back at her computer and starts typing.

“Yes I am.” I look around the office, and I spot a boy sitting outside what looks like the principal’s office playing on his phone. He looks up from his phone and makes direct eye contact with me. I smile at him and he just smirks at me. I look down at my shoes and I start to feel uncomfortable because he seems way richer than I will ever be.

“Alright, just have a seat and the principal will be right with you. He likes to speak with all new students.” she points to the seat beside the boy.

“Thank you.” I make my way over to where the boy is and I sit down.

I pull out my phone and I start to text Fai.

You: I have to wait for the principal now. Is it true that the principal likes to speak with all new students?

I send the text and I put my phone away.

“You’re hot.” The boy chuckled.

I look up at him, “Uhm, thanks?” The boy started smirking.

“Just kidding, you’re ugly as hell. Also, what kind of name is Yang Y/N? Like the fuck? What kind of parents name their kid Y/N?” The boy’s voice turns cold.

“Excuse me? And who do you think you are to be making that judgment?”

“Oh yeah. How rude of me to not introduce myself! I am Hyunjin, also known as, the person who will make high school a living hell for you. You poor ass bitch.” Hyunjin pulls out his phone and starts texting a friend.

“How nice of you to make the judgment of me being poor! I am from Los Angeles honey! I am nowhere near poor! My dad, he is a filmographer AND a famous director! My mom, she is an famous actress and YouTuber that has over 3.5M subs! My brother, is also a YouTuber, but has 10.7M subs! So why don’t you learn more about someone before you make that judgment!” I close my eyes and try to cool down. I pull out my phone again and I check my messages.

Fai sent me a text back.

Fai😇: Yes, it’s very annoying. I had to do it when I came here from China for my freshman year. So around two years ago.

I sit there for a bit with my phone still on the message screen. Fai sent another message.

Fai😇: Are you there Y/N? You ok?

I look down at my phone and replies.

You: Yeah, I am 100% fine. I ran into Hyunjin in the office. He decided to be an ass and call me a poor ass bitch, so I snapped back. He looks kind of sad now. I feel really bad for yelling at him. Why is he so rude though?

I turn off my phone and I stare at the wall.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as rude. I had a really bad morning so far.” Hyunjin looks down at his feet.

“It’s alright. I shouldn’t have snapped at you,” I look at Hyunjin. “Don’t look so sad.” I put my hand on his shoulder and starts to rub the area with my thumb.

He shrugs my hand off, “Please, number one, don’t touch me. I hate being touched. Number two, I am not sad. I just feel bad.” He looks up at me and has tear-filled eyes.

“Well whatever you feel, you are about to cry.” I point to his eyes. He wipes his eyes quickly and sniffs.

“No I am not. And if you are here to see the principal on your first day, don’t bother waiting here. You can view your schedule online. Give me your phone.” He holds out his hand for me to hand him my phone. I give him my phone and he opens it. He starts to read the conversation that my phone opened up to and looks up at me. “You’re friends with Fai?” I nod as he looks back at my phone.

“Yeah, I am. Why?” I look over his shoulder at my phone and sees Fai replied.

“I suggest stopping that friendship as soon as you possibly can.” He presses the home button and goes into the AppStore.

“Why? Me and him have been friends for 6 years. Why would I throw that all down the drain because some boy I just met is telling me to?” I lean back in my chair as I look up at the ceiling.

“Because you will get seriously hurt if you do not stop being friends with him. He just lied to you about why I am being an asshole.” Hyunjin shows me the text.

Fai😇: His girlfriend just recently dumped him for one of his bandmates and he isn’t taking it too well. He almost murdered his bandmate because of this. I suggest never talking to him again. It will only do you good if you never speak to that boy ever again.

“I have no more words to speak. Is he really lying?”

Hyunjin nods, “Me and my girlfriend, Ryujin, who you should definitely avoid, broke up two months ago. Also, I ended it with her. She is the one going crazy, trying to use my bandmates as a rebound.” Hyunjin pulls up the app I need to view my schedule and hands me my phone back. “You should’ve received an email this morning giving you your details and a link to download that app, did you not?”

I look down at my phone, “I don’t think I did. I’ll check now.” I open my email and I click on the unread email I got this morning. From the school. “Oh, maybe I did. I just didn’t get the notification that I got a new email.” I start to read the email.

Dear Yang Y/N,

I am happy that you have chosen to be apart of School of Performing Arts Seoul. We are glad that you are here with us as one of our own. I would like to give you the username and password you will use when checking your grades, schedule, and school calendar.

Username: yang_y/[email protected]
Password: yyn4578

If you have any questions, feel free to email Principal Yeo, Mrs. Jung, or Mr. Yu.

School of Performing Arts Seoul

“Well, that gives you the username and password you need to view anything that has to do with this school. Just a heads up, I won’t be this nice to you ever again. I faked being sad and feeling guilty for calling you a poor ass bitch. In my eyes, you will always be a poor ass bitch.” Hyunjin stands up and walks out of the office.

I open up my conversation with Fai and I text him.

You: Oh. Wow. He just told me that he was the one who dumped her. But why believe him, right? He said he was only going to be nice to me this once. Anyways, what do you have first period? I have Film class with Mrs. Jang.

I stand up and start to walk out of the office as I hear my phone chime.

Fai😇: I have Film class too! I can ask Mrs. Jang if I can come get you!

You: Are you sure? I don’t want to seem like a distraction. I can just find my way there.

Fai😇: What kind of friend would I be to let my cru- best friend walk around the school by herself?

You: One, I have no idea. Two, were you just about to call me your crush?

Fai😇: No I was not. Shut up. No. I wasn’t. You are my best friend. Why would you think I like you? Because I don’t!

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