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Little Mr. Perfect - Yoonjin


" He acts so goody two shoes all the damn time! " " Whoa, you need to calm down. " " Shut up Taylor Swift ass. " Yoongi knows it's none of his business. But it was just so sickening to be in the same class with someone so, perfect. Yoongi just found Seokjin annoying in any possible way, even if the poor boy was just breathing. It was just so, irritating to him. Although, who knew Mr. Perfect himself was the one who understood Yoongi the most. His polar opposite. • High school AU - - - || Warning : Cute shit, bullying, nothing triggering as much. But hey, a yoonjin book because yoonjin is so underrated :((( || Enjoy loves❤

Drama / Humor
Age Rating:

Prologue : Perfect Student

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

"Look Jungkook-ah I really need to check your school bag, you know how it is every morning."

Just a tap on his peach plump lips with the tip of a pen, and almost everyone goes googoo gaga over him. His arms resting in front of him like how someone carries excessive books to their waist. Good and innocent looking. Uniform all neatly worn, not too tight nor too loose. Just right.

Kim Seokjin was really a work of exquisite magic.

The person he was pulling the strings on panicked like the walls were closing in on him, he was frantic in an odd way. Which brought the attention of every student in the classroom to watch him.

"Gah! Come on! You know I'm not hiding anything in there! I'm not someone like Min Yoongi who could be hiding-"

A rough slam to the surface of a desk was heard, echoing and bouncing on the dark wooden walls of the classroom. Everyone's shoulders flinched from where they stood, each by their own desks.

The intimidating sound made everyone in the warmly lit classroom to instantly turn heads in it's direction. Even though everyone was certain and positive on who would make such a loud vulgar noise.

"What the fuck did you just say? I heard my fucking name."

Ah, Min Yoongi.

A few students tried to disconnect eye contact with him, it was one of the more sane choices and well said rumor. Make eye contact with Min Yoongi and the next thing you'll see in the mirror is a black eye, two of them even. Dangerous to be around too.

He couldn't even be considered a student, he was far from them, not below but not above either. He was just, his own person.

Min Yoongi's personality and response didn't appeal to Kim Seokjin at all, the student council member found it repulsive. "Yoongi-yah, please watch what you say or you might be meeting with the principal again. We don't want to get another hit to our good reputation of the school-"

"Pfft! Like hell I care! Besides who gave you the right to speak to me with that sickeningly sweet voice??!" Yoongi snarled back, fists tightening and stance menacing. Although, Seokjin just got the completely wrong idea, because of his adorable personality.

"Aww.... Thank you, I didn't think you thought my voice was sweet!" He giggled, the rebel almost jaw dropped. "I called it fucking sickeningly!! SICKENINGLY!"

"Please don't curse."

"F U C K Y O U."

The whole class tried to keep quiet out of fear, but some out of laughter. It was amusing to see Min Yoongi suffer upon trying to upset the most positive and bubbly person ever, Kim Seokjin. They always had this bicker, Yoongi always trying to insult him and Seokjin always taking the positive words only as a compliment.

You can feel how irritated and annoyed the rebel felt everyday.

"Oh you're so fucking perfect aren't you? Little Mr. Perfect. Little Mr. Fucking Perfect." Yoongi snapped every word with pure hatred, and jealousy if you haven't figured it out yet.

Seokjin just sighed and adjusted his glasses, "Yoongi I appreciate you calling me perfect, I'm flattered but no one's perfect! Everyone has their own flaws and insecurities." How could you not fall for Seokjin's adorable innocence and positivity, everyone in the class except Min Yoongi sure did.

"You-....... WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK???"

"Everyone, please be seated. Thank you Kim Seokjin for your services. You can collect your gold star after school." A teacher finally came in, looking at everyone with a hazy stare but glaring at Yoongi.

"You're welcome Mr. Park! I'm always happy to help!" Seokjin chirped, his voice was to die for. Everyone wanted to be the cause of his smile. The perfect, beautiful, baby plum smile. Ugh, how much Yoongi despised it.

Everyone started to get seated and ready for the lesson of the day. But Yoongi just became more agitated when Seokjin decided to sit in the empty table in front of him, he felt threatened and insulted by the student council member's mere presence.

"One day, I am going to fucking show you how fucking stupid you look!"

The guy beside Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, overheard him and pouted.

"Why are you so upset over him??? Are you interested in him???" Taehyung pushed his nose into Yoongi's business, almost annoying the rebel even more. Yoongi himself was already popping a vein out of anger.

"He acts so goody two shoes all the damn time!"

"Woah, you need to calm down."

"Shut up Taylor Swift ass."

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
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