The Blader Life

By Falco276

Humor / Drama

Fortunes of poop underneath shoes

Ryutaro was taking the fortunes of random people in the park, pleased to do his favourite thing he actually desired to do.

A bunch of kids were crowding his small fortune trailer, eager to see what all the predictions were about and hoping they were true and not easily fooled by some crazy fortune maniac dressed up in a Japanese kimono dress and weird blue lipstick coating his precious but devious smile as he bowed down in respect towards a young boy, curious about this foolish money-making practice.

"Mr. Ryutaro, could you tell my fortune?" the boy gave Ryutaro the money, the Pieces blader stuffing the cash in a cylinder tin can.

"Yes." Ryutaro replied in his angelical voice, closing his eyes. "Let me just test my abilities. Earlier today you got into a conflict with another blader, is that right?"

The boy blushed and nodded.

"Good, I am ready. Today, your best friend is going to return to you."

"Really? Great! Thank you!" the boy said, running away to the fountain to lob some coins in hope of his wish to come true.

A young girl about the age of 11 then walked up to Ryutaro, extending an arm towards him to expose the money. "May I have my fortune done, Mr. Ryutaro?"

Ryutaro's eyes sparkled in excitement.

He thought the girl was beautiful. "Why yes, my dear. I will certainly."

The girl smiled and dropped the green feed into the tin can then patiently waited for the Pisces blader to reveal the message .

"Now, let us see my young maiden." he said, closing his eyes. He stood up. "I see! Good luck comes your way my dear! I see it is your birthday! Expect a wonderful present!" at this, Ryutaro turned around.

He planned to throw blossoms, but the girl struck her foot on his, obviously un satisfied with the results. "Thank you so much Mr. Ryutaro, but I must say something."

Ryutaro turned around, still standing up. "What is it my dear?"

"There is poop on your pants. It seems to have come off of your shoe when you sat down." the girl sarcastically replied, trying to make the Pieces blader feel guilty with pure embarrassment.

Ryutaro paused and turned around.

He blushed at the sight of dog poop on his shoe and pants and went pale. "Oh dear, it seems that I have stepped in some doody. Please forgive me!" he blushed, really embarrassed that a girl he suddenly had a crush when he noticed that.

Ryutaro fakingly smiled, sweat dropping with embarrassment. "Well, enjoy your birthday miss and the fortunes are now closed!!"

Ryutaro closed the curtains and door to his fortune room and remained in there, trying not to scream from embarrassment!

I almost did not post this because I thought Ryutaro would be too embarrassed!! I figured that it would make my audience laugh!!!!! xD

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