The Blader Life

By Falco276

Humor / Drama

Colored into a nasty suprise!

I am adding my OC, Kara, in this story. OC's WILL NOT ALWAYS BE IN THESE STORIES. It will be rare.

Jigsaw walked about the streets of New York City. He was visiting for an experiment on his bey, Storm Giraffe D125 HF.

Jigsaw wandered around the park, looking at a map. He was confused about where to find his way to his hotel.

"Lost?" a girl murmured to him as she tapped on his shoulder.

"Uh-no! What do you want?" he stuttered, obviously startled.

"You walk as if you are lost and you are holding a map." the girl pointed out sarcastically.

"Well, fine, I have to admit that I am a bit lost." Jigsaw crossed his arms as if he really meant he was "not" lost but true to that matter, he was.

The girl nodded, interest blinking in her sapphire eyes. "Where are you trying to go?"

"I'm trying to go to the Indigo Hotel."

"What a fancy hotel! I have seen it around. Let me show you."

The girl began to walk, Jigsaw close behind.

"Where are you from?" asked the girl.

"I'm from Europe."

"What's your name?"

"They call me Jigsaw."

"I thought you were that guy from destroyer dome!"

"And what's your name, stranger?"

"I'm Kara. I'm also from Japan, but I tagged along on vacation here."

"I see, I've heard of you before. You're one of Gingka's friends, I see."

"Indeed I am!"

Jigsaw tuned Kara out.

What a weirdo, how insignificant. he thought.

The two walked on the side walk.

Jigsaw scoped his surroundings, seeing painters working on a building.

The painters reminded him of the weirdo named Jack at the Destoyer Dome.

"Jigsaw! Watch out!" Kara warned, trying to make a desicion to either save him from the nasty fall or let him suffer the conciquiences.

Jigsaw suddenly came out of his trance-like state, but it was too late.

Jigsaw clashed into a ladder. Various shades of many different colors of paint flew everywhere!

Most of it fell onto Jigsaw though.

"How insignificant!" Jigsaw angrily yelled.

Kara yelped and covered her mouth, trying not to laugh hysterically.

People shuffling around stopped and began to point and laugh.

"Hey, isn't that the guy from Destroyer Dome? Wow!" everyone circled around the painted blader and laughed harder.

Jack walked past with sunglasses on and a bunch of shopping bags in his hand.

He stopped, seeing Jigsaw on the ground lying helpless as people laughed.

"What a beautiful situation!" Jack crowed and took out his camera.

"Weirdo, if you do that, I swear!" Jigsaw blindly swiped the camera out of Jack's hands but it was too late.

SNAP! the camera went.

Jack laughed. "Thank you my dear! For I gotta post this on Beybook!" and for some reason, he grabbed Jigsaw's hand and helped him up.

"Thank you weird half masked creep, but I do not need your help." Jigsaw angrily replied.

By then, Kara was laughing, delighted to see her new friend covered in endless amount of paint.

Jack walked off and went somewhere else.

Workers were laughing at Jigsaw as well too. "Don't worry about the paint, kid. We have more. Just think about cleaning yourself up!"

Jigsaw scowled, clearly not over it quite yet.

"How insignificant!" he cried, getting up and walking off.

That's what he deserved for NOT looking ahead or he might get bumped into a "colourful" surprise! xD

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