The Blader Life

By Falco276

Humor / Drama

Lightning Throw Sword Flash!

Masamune thrusted his glove at the runner.

The glove clashed with the runner's shoulder.

"He's out!" Masamune called. "He's out!"

The runner walked back towards the dugout.

The next hitter was Gingka.

The Pegasus blader walked out and was ready to hit.

All though Gingka was not a complete fan of Ryuga's sport known as Baseball, Soccer was the better choice in the one-on-one debate that he and Masamune recently bickered about.

Sure enough, Gingka got the sense of how baseball was played like, so it was all thanks to his rival, Ryuga for showing him a few tricks up the sleeve.

He got in his stance and ready to hit as hard as possible.

The pitcher threw the ball and he missed. The pitcher threw the ball again. This time, Gingka hit the ball directly toward Masamune.

Masamune did nothing, but stood in surprise.

Rather a quick shock of thinking how to avoid the collision, Masamune blinked rapidly everytime the ball grew larger and larger until it flew so quickly, in the back of his mind, Masamune's brain was urging him to evade the small accident.

The next thing Masamune knew, the ball crashed with full force right into the top of his forehead. The impact made him fall backwards as tears filled his eyes.

Everybody knelt down with their hands over their mouth. Some were surprised, others were trying not to laugh.

"Ouch." Masamune whined, nursing his sore red patch that appeared in the middle of his forehead.

The rest of the week he had a large bump on the top of his forehead, in which everyone called a "unicorn horn!"

Oh, poor Masamune! I hope someone took care of his "Unicorn Horn" xD

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