The Blader Life

By Falco276

Humor / Drama

Always Belt up for a Kick!

Chi Yun and Da Xiang were at Zurafa Martial Arts Academy located right inside of Wang Hu Zhong's luxury hotel known as HUA LUXE (Hua- Loo) in China, training beginners.

"Okay guys, this is how it is done." Da Xiang got his punching bag ready to demonstrate the moves. "Starting with the right hand, you will throw a punch. Then you will throw a punch with the left hand. You then complete this attack with three full round house kicks. Chi Yun, how about you demonstrate?"

Chi Yun nodded.

Everybody turned to the back of the room to watch Chi Yun demonstrate on a punching bag.

Chi Yun punched as hard as he could, causing the punching bag to sail high up towards the ceiling.

Gravity made the bag sail back towards the Lacerta blader as another hard round house kick slammed the bag sky high. Chi Yun got ready for the other. During his kicks, Chi Yun saw a mysterious black object fly, but disregarded it and focused back towards his demonstration. His feet pounded the punching bag with grace. He got ready for his third kick, but then PLUNK!

Before Chi Yun could finish, he fell down tripping over a garment.

Every student started chuckling before they aroused in a great chorus of laughter, some even falling down and clutching their stomach due to uncontrollable laughter.

Chi Yun's pants were clean off!

His face flushed a bright red. "My-my belt must have fallen off!"

Everyone continued laughing, even Da Xiang could not hold his laughs in.

Chi Yun pulled up his pants fast, grabbed his belt, and ran out of the door as fast as possible.

Da Xiang sighed and facepalmed.

Other than the Lacerta Blader attending Word Serology due to his speech problems of talking in third person instead of First, the Zurafa blader never expected this to happen.

Oh no! Poor Lacerta blader got his loose pants fallen down! xD

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