The Blader Life

By Falco276

Humor / Drama

Confusion between the signs

"I'll be back!" Gingka yelled to Yuki as he ran towards the corner of the mall.

The Pegasus blader and his friends decided to shop at Oaks Mall in my city on a warm Fall September afternoon.

Gingka not only had a great passion for Beyblading but he also had a great desire for gaming, thus making him drool all over the promo posters of Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS that were lined up on both sides against Flat screen tv which included the demo to the game in one corner of both Game Stop and Gamer's World while Amiibos lined up to the left.

Excitement built up in his heart as he hugged the Wii U gamepad, his chest purposely pressing the Start Button.

But before he could select a fighter, Gingka felt a great urgency in his lower part of his body and firmly twisted his legs together.

Whimpering in emergency, he purposely dropped the controller coil-wired to the Demo station with a snap! (a 5 year old kid stared at the unattended device, waddled to it, and secretly followed his mom out the exit with the stolen evidence in his hands.)

By the time janitors were close to mopping 99% of the food court, Gingka breathlessly arrived in front of the restrooms, speeding towards the doors.

Confusion and panic flamed his red hair as Gingka glanced at the sign, which appeared (for him) to be a boy's restroom sign.

Even worse, someone purposely might've drawn one of the signs to be identical as the boy's restroom sign. Who knows?

Gingka dashed into the stall as fast as he could, sighing in relief as he leaked out his business.

Once he was done, Gingka walked out to wash his hands. "Scrubby scrub scrub those hands yeah!" he hummed, then halted dead as he peered around his surroundings in creepy way.

Nobody was present except for him, but there was indeed something missing that every boy's restrooms included.

A urinal.

"Gingka!" two voices screamed.

Gingka opened his eyes to see Hikaru and Madoka washing their hands right next to the redhead.

"What are you doing in here?" they yelled, surprised and disappointment all written on their faces.

Gingka's cheeks flushed a bright red as if he was caught red handed by looting a bag of burgers from Red Robin. "I uh- I guess I didn't read the sign!"

Without drying his hands, Gingka rushed out of the door in a flurry of embarrassment and panic.

That left Hikaru and Madoka shrugging their shoulders as if nothing has truly happened.

Gingka ran full speed across the food court, being careful not to slip and slide right into the janitor's mop as he hopped over the yellow cleaning sign- unaware of passing by a confused Yuki with swirling question marks looming on top of the little astronomer's head.

Gingka then turned around and mistakenly bumped into his Metal Fury companion.

"Mr. Gingka?" Yuki faced a dazed Gingka.

"Ah!" GIngka screamed, startled at Yuki's sudden appearance.

"Mr. Gingka, I think you went into the wrong restroom." Yuki kindly pointed out.

"I know Yuki!" Gingka ran away, heading towards Gamer's World again.

"Mr. Gingka!" Yuki yelled, but the Pegasus blader was long gone off towards- who knows where?

That earned Yuki to sigh as Gingka yelled through out Gamer's World with a piercing complaint that echoed throughout the whole mall.

"Sorry, but it looks like we have to get another one." a GW worker replied as he re-shelved a bunch of Wii U games and amiibos.

The Wii U gamepad was stolen by a small child.

And there was no way of getting it back if he hadn't gone to the wrong emergency room.

You know? Something like this has happened to Masamune once too when Gan Gan Galaxy was shopping at the mall. xD

If you know which story to find that embarrasment out, lucky you.

Please review. :D

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