Arnav was shocked to the core. He was already shaken by his wife Lavanya’s death. And adding to, this…..? The reason for his shock was Lavanya’s post-mortem report. He was looking at the post-mortem report unbelievably. How it is possible? Are Guptas aware of it? Arnav got married to Lavanya just twenty days ago. But, what’s there to be shocked….? That… she was pregnant by forty-five days….

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Chapter 1

Part 1 I like her


It seemed, there was an argument between family members.

Arnav: Dad please stop all this nonsense. I’m tired of seeing girls for marriage. They look different when we go to their home and look totally different in casuals… disgusting.

Ratna: That’s what usually happens Chotte. Girls use little makeup when Groom’s family comes.

Arnav (chuckled): Little? They use more than “half-inch” of make-up Mom. I wonder, they use SALT paper to remove the make-up or what?

Arvind (laughingly): Ok. What do you want to do then? No one will show their face without make-up Chotte.

Ratna: But this time, I’m sure that you will like this girl.

Arvind: Yah, she is Shashi Gupta’s daughter, Lavanya. You will like her.

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav: Every time, you guys are saying the same dialogue. Please give me a break mom.

Ratna: One last time… just for us… If you don’t like her then you can take a little break.

Arnav: ok. I will see her but in my own way.

Arvind: Whatever…

Arnav went to his room thinking about the new proposal of “SHASHI GUPTA’S DAUGHTER”.

Next Morning

Arnav got ready to go for jogging as usual. But in different “route”. That route leads him to Gupta house. He stopped his car a little away from Gupta House. The area looked RICH. He huffed in relief, seeing few people doing jogging and walking. So, no one will doubt him. He started to jog towards GH. He slowed down his speed when he reached Gupta House. There was no one seen outside the house. He crossed GH disappointedly. He turned at the end of the lane and again started towards GH. This time, he saw some movement in the lawn. Someone was watering plants. It was a girl. He slowed down and started walking by taking small steps very slowly, rotating his hands like, relaxing.

He stood, near Gupta House, pretending like tying his shoelace. He saw a girl watering plants keeping a toothbrush in her mouth. Until then, he never imagined a girl could be so beautiful even while brushing. The first time, he felt something in his heart.

He heard someone calling her from inside.

“Beta….. Come fast. Your coffee is ready”

“Yes, Mom. Coming”

Saying, the girl rushed inside the house, turning off the water pipe.

So, she is Shashi Gupta’s daughter…. No doubt he liked the girl and her voice too. He just captured her image in his mind and went from there smilingly.


Breakfast table

Ratna was serving breakfast for Arvind. Arnav joined them.

Arnav: Good morning Mom… Dad…

Arvind & Ratna: Good morning Chotte…

Arnav: Mom, you can proceed Shashi Gupta’s daughter’s proposal.

Ratna (shocked): Whaaaat? Really?

Arnav: Yah, go ahead.

Ratna: What happened to you all of a sudden?

Arvind: Don’t you want to see her?

Arnav: I had already seen her Dad.

Ratna (shocked): What? When? How?

Arnav: Today morning, when I went jogging.

Arvind (excitedly): Without makeup?

Arnav: In sleepy avatar… while watering plants… toothbrush was in her mouth…. (he chuckled)

Arvind (unbelievably): Still, you liked her?

Arnav nodded yes.

Arvind: What a taste you are having Chotte?

Arnav smiled at them.

Ratna: I think, seeing her watering plants, he liked her, right…?

Arnav: And she is beautiful Mom.

Arvind and Ratna looked at him with excitement. This is the first time, Arnav openly admitted that a girl is beautiful.

Arvind (eagerly): So, can we proceed?

Arnav nodded yes.

Ratna: Are you serious Chotte?

Arnav: Do you want me to confirm it in writing?

Ratna (happily): Call and ask Shashiji that when we visit GH.

Arvind (teasingly): I think we should do it before she takes the brush from her mouth.

Arnav laughed at his comment, so did Ratna.

Arvind (unbelievably): Did she look good with a brush?

Arnav nodded yes.

Arvind (laughing): You are so lucky Chotte.

Saying, Arvind dialed Shashi’s number. Shashi was so happy and excited. He invited them the next evening to meet his daughter. Arvind agreed to it.

Arnav was so eager to visit GH. He wanted to see the girl without toothbrush this time. He got ready and left to office, in the thought of Lavanya.


Arnav was surprised when he got to know that Aman has not come to office yet. Actually Aman has to go to Colombo today to deal with a DEAL. He dialed Aman’s number and got panicked when he heard Aman’s voice. His voice seemed tensed.

Aman: ASR…

Arnav: Aman, are you fine? Where are you?

Aman: I’m in the Hospital.

Arnav: Hospital? What happened? Are you alright?

Aman: My wife slipped from the stairs. She is in the Operation Theater.

Arnav’s shock was not estimated because he knew Aman’s wife was pregnant.

Arnav: Which Hospital?

Aman: City Hospital.

Arnav disconnected the call and went to the hospital. Aman was sitting on the bench, outside the OT with welled up eyes. Arnav understood that the situation was worst.

Arnav: Aman… What happened?

Aman: Miscarriage.

Arnav(shocked): What???

Aman: I have called my mother. She will be here soon. Anyway, I will go to Colombo.

Arnav: Relax. You don’t have to worry about it. you be with your wife. I will take care of everything. You can ask me anything if you want.

Aman: Thank you ASR.

Arnav agreed to take care of everything that means, he should go to Colombo instead of Aman. Ratna and Arvind felt sad for Aman. They were happy, at last, Arnav liked a girl and also agreed for Marriage. But now, circumstances is leading him to go to Colombo. Arnav consoled them.

Arnav: Mom, I liked the girl. You can go ahead with formalities, until then I will come back. Update me everything and send me the pics.

They agreed half-heartedly. Arnav went to Colombo for the deal.

Next day

Arvind and Ratna visited GH and they liked the girl. Guptas liked Arnav very much, seeing his pic. They got to know that how much Arnav liked the girl. Shashi Gupta didn’t want to miss the good alliance. So he asked Arvind.

Shashi: I think we won’t delay matching their horoscope.

Arvind: Yeah… we will do that tomorrow.

Shashi: My neighbor is an astrologer. Shall I call him now?

Arvind and Ratna looked at each other seeing his enthusiasm.

Ratna: Why not? Call him…

Shashi called the Pantiji to match their horoscope. Arvind and Ratna were happy seeing Gupta’s interest. They also didn’t want to take much time.

Arvind and Ratna got stuck hearing Panditji’s stance as there was a task,e challenged them. According to Groom and Bride’s horoscope, there was only one date suited for their marriage, which is exactly tenth day. Or else, they have to wait for six months, for the next date. Because, there was a complication in Lavanya’s horoscope.

Arvind excused himself and came out. He dialed Arnav and he received the call. Arvind conveyed the message.

Arvind (on-call): Chotte, what should we do now? Ball is in your court. We are ready to go with you.

Arnav was not so happy about the situation. He was drowning into the girl’s thought. He liked her so much from the bottom of his heart. He was already upset that he couldn’t meet her. Now, he has to wait, six more months? No way.

Arnav: Dad fix the date which is the tenth day. I will be there before time.

Arvind (unbelievably): Are you sure Chotte?

He asked getting surprised.

Arnav: yes Dad. I will be there completing the deal, in four or five days.

Arvind: Ok Chotte. We will take the matter ahead.

Arnav: Yup.

Arvind disconnected the call in joy. He didn’t expect Arnav will agree for marriage, ignoring all the complications.

Arvind said everyone what Arnav told. Guptas were so happy about it.

Ratna: We can start preparation. Our son will be here in five days.

Shashi: As you said Ratnaji. We will do kuldevi Pooja tomorrow and start the rituals.

Raizadas took Gupta’s leave. Ratna Called Arnav.

Arnav: Yes mom…

Ratna: We have finalized.

Arnav: That’s good. Send me her pic.

Ratna bit her tongue. In the extreme level of joy, she forgot to capture Lavanya’s pic.

Ratna: She was not with toothbrush Chotte…

Arnav (rolled his eyes): Very funny…

Ratna: She was with half-inch of make-up Chotte. So I didn’t like to take pic. (Arnav smiled) don’t worry. I will send her pic next time.

Arnav: Tell that directly you forgot to take her pic.

Ratna (sadly): Yes Chotte.

Arnav: It’s ok.

Ratna: Don’t worry, after kuldevi Pooja, I will send her personal number. Then you will ask her to send the pic directly. Ok?

Arnav: Mom…. Stop overreacting. Ok….?

Ratna: ok….

Arnav: Update me the happenings.

Ratna: Sure… with pics…

Arnav: Done.

Ratna: Bye…

She could understand from Arnav’s tone that how much he was interested in this marriage. Yes, Ratna was not wrong. Arnav liked HER so much.

To be continued……………

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