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Lee Nari is the youngest daughter of Lee Kwong-Ku, one of the wealthiest men in both America and Asia. She fears to become isolated forever in her "home", unable to make her own decisions. She decided she was tired of having everything handed to her, which led her to where she is now, at an airport, on her way to Seoul, South Korea. She swore she was ready, she swore she was prepared, but when she meets Hoseok, along with a few other guys and a mysterious book, let's just say she ends up with a few minor setbacks.....One of then being a large hole. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Are you sure that you want to go through with this?" "Positive." - "Hobi- did you just LICK me????" "No, and you have no proof." "I just saw you-nevermind." - "Lee Nari huh? Well that's one way to hide your true identity." "Nari-ah, what is she talking about?" "......" "Nari ah?" This is the story of Lee Nari, the "eighth" member of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Genre: Bts Eight member!AU, slight angst(if u squint hard enough), ambw(?), Fluff, supernatural(?) Posted on: December 12th, 2017 Rewritten in: October 2018

Scifi / Adventure
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"I completely forgot about my childhood

when I had a lot of dreams"

- Kim Namjoon (No More Dream)

The listener

They are always listening, even if you think so otherwise. When you rant to them, they will not interrupt until you are finished. They are the ones who ask real questions.

They are the ones who ask questions that bring more clarity.

"If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm all ears"

The Believer

They are the ones who bring confidence into your life, even if it means making a fool of themselves. They'll teach you how to rid of any self-doubt that you have.

They are the ones who teach you how to Love Yourself

"Ew, you're ugly when you cry. Stop it."

The Mind Speaker

They won't hesitate to be real with you, they'll tell you like it is. Although they seem like complete assholes, they are doing what they do to protect you from being vulnerable. Harsh words will be said, but you just have to deal with it.

They are the ones who will make you strong

"Get off the floor, you look pathetic."

The Inspired

They'll make you feel like anything is possible, but at the same time, they will also tell you that you can't do everything. They'll support your most bizarre dreams, and will even indulge in such foolishness. They are your own personal cheerleader.

They are the ones who teach you how to live a little

"Let's go, we're going out."

The Wordsmith

They always know what to say. They are sensible and will always choose the statement that they find the most supportive. But during other times. they'll simply say nothing.

They are the ones who teach you how to think properly and be responsible

"You put this on yourself, now you have to fix it."

The Comforter

They are more on the relaxed side of things, but can also be very wild and optimistic at the most random times. They are the ones who uplift your spirit, but can also calm you down. They will be someone you'll need almost all the time.

They are the ones who help you believe in yourself

"You know what? We're going make a pillow fort right. now."

The Idealist

They are the ones who help you see the bright side of things. Just like you, they have many crazy dreams that they will most likely drag you into them. Whether you are pissed at them or you pissed them off, they'll always be by your side.

They are the ones who teach you about learning.

"I may not like you or vice-versa, but guess what? You're stuck with us."

And she wouldn't want to have it any other way.


NOTE: Everything will be told in present Nari's pov. Pretty much this is present Nari vlogging, where she tells you her trainee story via video. There will be times where present Nari cuts into the story, but that's mostly for comic relief, and to give specific context to a certain situation. To know when she is speaking, you will see a pretty border and she'll say "PAUSE" right before she explains. when she's done, you'll see "PLAY", which means that the story has continued.

All scenes that are written in italics entirely represents that Nari does not remember that moment at all. If it is in bold italics, that is present Nari's thoughts. This book snaps between the past and present, which will be obvious to the readers as the story progresses.

Battery? Charged.

Date? October Ninth, Twenty-nineteen.

Recording? Check.

"Hang on, I have to get a right angle–" Nari grinned in satisfaction once she was satisfied with the camera angle. She clapped her hands.

"Alright! There's a chance that I might never post this since," She paused to chuckle. "Uh, I might seem insane." She rubbed her thigh, thinking about what she should say next. "So….This is my my origin story, on how I became Jay. Because man, it's such a wild story."

Nari took a deep breath. She played with a charm bracelet on her right wrist, which accompanied another bracelet that was made of string. Each strand was carefully(and a bit clumsily) braided into a series of stripes, consisting of the colors navy blue black, and white. "So...It was a few years ago…."

She was told that she could do anything she puts her mind to.

She was told that she could be anything she wanted to be, to dream big, to work hard, to do anything that she had to do in order to reach her goal.

They all were lies.

Everyone wanted her to work hard, so they could determine her fate. Everyone told her, to dream big just so they could crush them. Do anything that she wanted to do to reach her goal? Don’t make her laugh.

That conversation led her to where she is now, at her 21st birthday party. She stood in front of a few family members and he father comrades with a pair of scissors in her hand that was dangerously close to her brown, curly locks. Naomi–who already was on the brink of crying–looked at every single person in the room.

Everywhere she looked, she saw disappointment. Well, why wouldn’t they be? She was about to throw away the only career she was eligible for. Her eyes surveyed the room for a bit under her gaze landed upon a man in the front of the crowd.

“Naomi, sweetie, please....put the scissors down,” Naomi’s aunt said as she choked back sobs. Naomi bit her lip. She was hurting people that she loved. She should stop, but she couldn’t see it in herself to put the appliance down. She was too stubborn for her own good. She froze as the male from earlier made eye contact with her.

His gaze was sharp-yet-soft, which held many different emotions. Disappointment? Anger? Sympathy? Naomi couldn’t directly pinpoint it. Despite the whirlpool of emotions, the man kept a smile on his face. He wanted to assure Naomi that he was comfortable with whatever choice she made, even if he wouldn’t be happy with it.

If this was the last time he had gotten to see her, so be it. Just looking at him made her think about whether or not this was worth it.

“Naomi,” Her father said roughly, taking a step forward. “Quit being childish and put those down!”

“I’m being childish?!” Naomi exclaimed, tears unknowingly streaming down her puffy cheeks. She sat the scissors down on the silver cart where her cake resided.

“All you care is about your ridiculous company, your stupid partnership, an your wealth. Have–Have you ever thought about what I wanted?! Ever think of that? Huh, father?!” If Naomi was holding back her emotions earlier, then now it was very apparent. Everyone was shocked at Naomi’s sudden outburst. She picked up the scissors, the blades right up against her hair. Choking back a sob, Naomi spoke.

“You have no right to call me childish. I’m a grown woman and I should be allowed to make my own decisions. I’m not some doll you can play with, and I shouldn’t have to be dealing with choosing between the people I love and myself in the first place.” She took a deep breath.

"This ends here."

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