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Squidward Did a Stinky


The marvelous journey of Squidward which leads to his fatal death.

Romance / Drama
Stinky Poo
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Squidward is Born

He opened his eyes. He sat upright in what apeared to be his bed. Squidward was confusion. For some reason he felt as though he was completely submerged in water. Everything felt weird. Squidward was excited. He got out of bed (or rather floated out of bed considering he was submerged under water) and left his house. He ran around his yard, jumping as high as possible feeling as though he could fly. His nose wobbled as he did so. Everyday for the next few years, Squidward continued his happy life, bouncing around his yard, not eating, sleeping or speaking. His life was filled with pure happiness however this was not going to last.

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