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Murder And Robbery (VKook)


VKook One Shot a Murder and Robbery happening at the same time and place. Jungkook-Top Taehyung-Bottom

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Murder And Robbery

Taehyung has been planning to get rid of his boyfriend and today is the day. Taehyung got rope, tape and other things that he's going to need. Taehyung has just woken up and looks over to see if his boyfriend has already left and he has as the other side of the bed is empty.

Taehyung went through everything he was going to try to see if he remembers everything and he successfully remembers everything. Good thing is that he won't have to do anything until his boyfriend comes home. Taehyung has been planning this since he got with him, actually this is the only reason Taehyung's even with him I mean don't get him wrong his boyfriend is handsome, smart, rich and kind of sweet and they have been together 3 years but none of that matter to Taehyung.

Right now Taehyung is going to the store to buy more suitcases. Taehyung already had two suitcases but in order to take what he wants most he must buy at least four more suitcases. Taehyung already filled one suitcase with all the jewelry as in rings, necklaces, earrings and other things that this no name boyfriend bought him.

Since his clothes missing would have been weird. He's going to put all of his gucci in the suitcases. Taehyung goes home once he bought the suitcases but instead of four he bought six. He packed all his gucci in his very big suitcase and in one of the others he had stacks of money.

In the rest of the suitcases just things that he needed like his ID passport and things like that but he also packed thing that he just wanted like almost all of his clothes and shoes and more.

Taehyung looked at the clock and saw that his boyfriend is going to come home soon, good thing that Taehyung was done packing. Taehyung put all eight suitcases in his car and went back in to make sure that everything is ready.

Taehyung's boyfriend opened the door and he smiles as he saw Taehyung standing there waiting for him.

Tae's boyfriend:"hey baby"

Taehyung:"hi" Taehyung gives him a small smile

Tae's boyfriend:"did you not make food today?" Tae's boyfriend noticed as when he comes home from work it smells like food and he doesn't he any food on the table as he walks into the dining room.

Taehyung seeing as his boyfriend is distracted he decides that its's the right time.

Taehyung moved quickly and from behind he put his arm around his boyfriend's neck and with the other arm in front of the arm around the neck so that it can't move and not long after Taehyung's boyfriend passed out.

Taehyung has tided his boyfriend to a chair and taped his mouth closed.

As Taehyung waits for his boyfriend to wake up he continues to pack anything he might have forgotten.

Half An Hour Later

Just as Taehyung has already finished packing, eating and showering he hears a noise in the other room where his boyfriend is so he goes to check on him. When he walks into the room he notice how the man sitting looks scared and a little bit sad so Taehyung decides to take off the tape and without a warning he rips of the tape from his boyfriend's mouth so he can talk to him.

Taehyung:"is there anything you want to ask me before I d this?"

Tae's boyfriend:"there's only o-one thing I can think of"

Taehyung:'and what is that?"

Tae's boyfriend:" well... um- does his m-mean you're breaking up with me?"

Taehyung:"yes but right now are you scared?"

Taehyung's ex-boyfriend nods

Taehyung:"are you scared of me?"

Taehyung's ex-boyfriend nods

Taehyung:"do you still love me?"

Taehyung's ex-boyfriend nods

Taehyung:"good because if you didn't love me then what would be the point of this"

Taehyung's ex-boyfriend stays silent and doesn't move

Taehyung:"great lets get started" Taehyung grabs the tape and tapes his mouth again.

Taehyung:"first I'm going to cut you a few times as I imagined the first time I met you"

Taehyung grabs gloves and puts then on so that they wont think it was him and he wants the police to think he was kidnaped he already got all of the things to make it look like he was kidnaped when his ex-boyfriend woke up.

Taehyung grabs a small knife and starts to cut the skin on his ex-boyfriend's left arm and Taehyung's ex-boyfriend started crying from the pain but when he saw what Taehyung wrote he cried even more as he tried saying the words on his arm 'IT WAS FAKE LOVE'.

Taehyung:"I always imagined these words on your arm, I'm just so happy that I finally get to do this" He looks so happy the only other time his ex saw him like this was when Taehyung 'accidently' cut him. Taehyung suddenly stopped and said while thinking for a bit.

Taehyung:"now that I think about it you are totally a bottom, I mean so am I but like I could have topped you and I'm sorry to tell you this but you aren't very good in bed ether I mean I had to cheat on you three times once every year just because of that and weirdly enough it was with the same guy every time like I would be shopping and boom there he was and I went to the movies and again he was there and of course I found it weird third time that happened but we still ended out sleeping together" Taehyung walks over to the bed in front of his ex and sits.

Taehyung:"but you know what's even weirder is that we always met on the same night 'May 13'" Taehyung smirks as he sees his ex's eyes widen

Taehyung:"right it's today, that's actually why I chose to kill you today but I'm a bit sad like what if I met him again but I know I won't since I will just kill you and leave unless he just shows up here but that's not going to happen since all I know about him is how he looks and that each time I meet him he has the same letters on his clothes 'JK' not to mention the fact that he was my first and well I guess he knows how I look but I don't know if he knows anything else" Taehyung sighed and got up and pulled out his favorite knife of what seem to be nowhere and got closer to his ex and lifted up his knife to his ex's neck.

Flashback to the same time Taehyung woke up

Jungkook woke up still feeling tired but hungry so he got out of bed and slowly went down stairs to see his hyung eating and walks over to the seat next to his hyung but that's when his hyung noticed him.

Jimin:"Oh Jungkook you're awake" Jungkook just nods and grabs an apple from a bowl in front of him.

Jimin:"um.. Yoongi hyung told me that Hoseok hyung told Yoongi hyung that Jin hyung told Hoseok hyung that Namjoon hyung told Jin hyung to tell you that you have a job tonight and to ask Namjoon hyung for more information"As soon as he finished he went back to eating.

Jungkook got up with his almost finished apple in hand and walked to Namjoon's office. When he got in front of the door of Namjoon's office he just went in without knocking or anything like that.

As soon as the door was fully opened Jungkook wants to wash his eyes with bleach as the image of his hyungs making out comes into his view.

Jungkook:"eww stop" Jungkook wrinkles his nose and puts up his hand to cover his eyes. Jin pushes Namjoon and gets off of Namjoon's desk but since Namjoon didn't hear Jungkook he just looks confused at Jin and Jin noticed and points at Jungkook who still is covering his eyes.

Jin and Namjoon fix them selves to make it look like they weren't just making out but it didn't work.

Namjoon:"Jin baby can you leave us" Jin just nods and leave but not before closing the door behind him.

Namjoon:"you can remove your hands now"

Jungkook:"you have ruined my innocence"he cries out dramatically.

Namjoon:"oh please that happened when you came home late looking like a mess three years ago" when Jungkook heard him his face turned into a shocked one.

Jungkook:"how did you know?"

Namjoon:"well at first I didn't but when it happened two more times and on the same date 'May 13' I knew"

Jungkook:"and that's today"he says a little disappointed since he has a job tonight and by chance would have met him again, not that he knows a lot about him all he knows is how he looks. Jungkook is some what weirded out by the fact that they for some reason always seem to be in the same place, on the same day.

Jungkook:"do the other hyungs know?"

Namjoon:"not that I know of"

Jungkook:"okay so what's the job" Jungkook walks up and sits down on the chair in front of Namjoon's desk and soon after Namjoon sits behind the desk and pulls out a folder. Namjoon opens the folder and pulls out a picture of a young man.

Namjoon:"this is the man you're going to rob, he lives at *******street with his boyfriend but we do not have a picture of him" Namjoon hands Jungkook the folder.

Jungkook:"and what do you need me to steal?"

Namjoon:"turn to the third page there's a picture in there"

Jungkook looks over the picture but can't see why his hyung wants it and Namjoon noticed.

Namjoon:"there's no reason to tell you about it so just go" Jungkook left soon after and took a shower after eating he got ready and got all his things he needed to do his job and put it all in his car. Jungkook looked over the folder and saw that his target should be home soon so he rechecked if he had everthing, when his hyungs came out and walked to him.

Jimin:"do you want us to come with you?"


Yoongi:"are you going to complete the job?"


Jin:"are you going to come back home right after?"


Namjoon:"and you won't get dictracted?"

Jungkook:"yeah why are you asking?"

Jimin:"well it's May 13 and we just want to make sure you won't sleep with someone again at least not tonight since you have the job"

Jungkook:"I guess you all know but don't worry i won't" All his hungs nod and wish him good luck after saying their goodbyes Jungkook gets in the car and drives alway leaveing his hyungs still standing there.

After a while Jungkook starts wondring if he should have left earlier since his target's house is far but stops as he thinks about how his target will still be asleep either way.

Two Hours Later

Jungkook is still not at the house but he is close when he suddenly made a turn and now he is right in front of the house where his target lives with his boyfriend. Jungkook parks the car and gets out, he opens the back and grabs two extea guns as he already had one in the poket of his hoodie and put one of the other ones on the back of his waistband, covers it with his hoodie and the last gun in his hand. Jungkook closes the back door but leaves it unlocked just in case anything happens.

Jungkook looke around to make suer that no one will see him and starts walking up to the house when he sees that no on is near. Once Jungkook is in front is starts picking the lock but since he is a pro it only took five seconds and without a sound he goes in, closes the door and starts walking but stops as he noticed that all the lights are on. Jungkook walks through the rooms silently and carefully with his gun out when he gets closer to a room he hasn't been to yet he can hear somone talk and can't make out what their saying.

Jungkook notices that the door is opened so he gets closer to see what's going on and what he saw surprised him. Jungkook saw a man talking but got up and suddenly has a knife in his hand and the man walked over to another man tide up on a chair that's when he notice that the man is his target or a least the owner of his target. Jungkook sees the man with the knife bend a little and hold the knife to the others neck and whispers somthing to the one tide up.

Jungkook:"are you going to kill him?" Jungkook knows it's a dumb question but he didn't know what else to say.

Taehyung turns around and sees Jungkook standing there looking shocked as he notice who it was and Jungkook sees the same thing happening to Taehyung. When Jungkook noticed it was Taehyung he put his gun away.

Taehyung:"yes but how- what are you doing here?"

Jungkook:"no what are you doing here?"

They stop as they see Taehyung's ex with a confused look on his face and they both knew what he was trying to ask.

Jungkook:"I slept with him"

Taehyung:"he's the one I cheated on you with"

They said at the same time and looked at each other suddenly the man tide up started crying and tried to say something but can't since his mouth his still taped so Jungkook removes it wanting to know what he wants to say.

Tae's ex boyfriend:"what are you doing here?" He looks at Jungkook

Jungkook:"oh right i almost forgot where is this" Jungkook takes out a picture and shows it to him happy that he didn't leave the picture in the car.

Taehyung:"so that's why you're here?" Jungkook nods

Taehyung:"you came to rob us" he looks hurt and Jungkook noticed

Jungkook:"but i didn't know you were here if i did i would never rob you" Jungkook cups Taehyung's cheeks, caresses them and gives him a peck on the lips. Jungkook let go of Taehyung and turned to the man tide up.

Tae's ex boyfriend:"it's in the closet, in the safe the combination is 31 17 13" the man said since he knows that he's already dead and he lost the love of his life.

Jungkook turns around and sees the closet and walks to it, opening it and quickly sees the safe, walks to it and puts in the combination and it immedistely opens with a sound.

When Taehyung heard the noise he walked over to Jungkook putting his hand on Jungkook's shoulder which made Jungkook turn around and look at him.

Taehyung:"what are you looking for?" Jungkook turns and grabs something out of the safe and shows it to Taehyung.

Jungkook:"this" Jungkook holds it in front of them and puts it back into the safe.

Taehyung:"why are you putting it back?"

Jungkook:"well I'm suppose to leave as soon as I have it but you still need to kill him" Jungkook points to Taehyung's ex and walks out of he closet to sit down on bed.

As Taehyung was about to walk out of the closet too he saw a suitcase and decides to open it and there were more stacks of money filling the whole suitcase up, so he quickly closes it.

Taehyung:"wait here I'm going to put this in my car" without another word Taehyung leaves the two and walks out side to his car but stops as he heard someone talk.

Lisa:"Taehyung what are you doing out so late?"

Taehyung looks at his neighbor with a smile on his face.

Taehyung:"well i'm just packing for a small vacation"

Lisa can tell there's something wrong but doesn't say anything and Taehyung noticed.

Taehyung:"I should get going there's still a lot to do"Taehyung walks back to his house after he put the suitcase in the car, locking it after and quickly closes the door.

Jungkook:"so..........................how long have you two been together? I mean are you even together because he said that he cheated on you so I'm just assuming you guys are together" he asked as soon as Taehyung left.

Tae's ex boyfriend:"we were together untill... i don't know how long it's been so lets say half an hour" Jungkook nods

Jungkook:"so does your ex like chocolate-"

Tae's ex boyfriend:"are you stalking him? and yes.. i think"

Jungkook:"no why would i stalk him?"

Tae's ex boyfriend:"i don't know but he told me how you two would be in the same place at the same time"

Jungkook:"yeah i did notice but no i'm not stalking him"

Tae's ex boyfriend:"why are you robbing me-" He was interrupted by Taehyung coming into the room.

Taehyung:" okay I think I'm going to kill him now" was the first thing that Taehyung said when he entered the room and turned to Jungkook.

Taehyung:"can you pass me the knife next to you?" Jungkook looks around untill he spots the knife, grabs it and hands it to Taehyung.

Taehyung:"thanks" Jungkook just nods as Taehyung turns to his ex and walks closer to him, Taehyung grabs the tape and tapes his mouth close again. Taehyung goes behind his ex and noticed Jungkook watching his every move. Taehyung bent down a little, brought the knife up to his ex's neck and looked over at Jungkook keeping eye contact as he slit his ex boyfriend's throat.

Blood all over the floor, on his ex's body and a little bit on the bed but both the boys still looking into each others eyes.

Jungkook:"wow that....that was- such a turn on" Jungkook smiles as a surprised look gets on Taehyung's face but quickly turns into a smile as he starts walking to Jungkook.

Taehyung:"really?" He asked as he got closer to the bed and Jungkook.

Jungkook:"yeah" when Taehyung gets close enough Jungkook grabs Taehyung's hips and gently pulls him closer until Taehyung is sitting on Jungkook's lap

Jungkook:"stand up and take off your clothes" Taehyung quickly got off of Jungkook and slowly took of his clothes teasing the man in front of him.

Jungkook:"do you guys have any lube?" asked as Taehyung is fully naked.

Taehyung:"yeah it's right behind you" Taehyung points behind Jungkook as somehow lube is there but they don't care.

Jungkook:"get on the bed head down and ass up" he told Taehyung when he graded the lube and stood up to let Taehyung get on the bed. Once Taehyung did what Jungkook told him he looked up and saw himself in a mirror behind the dead body. He sees Jungkook get on the bed behind him.

Jungkook puts lube on his fingers and gets a bit closer to Taehyung, ready to prep him but was interrupted.

Taehyung:"hold on can we move a little?"

Jungkook:"sure but why?"

Taehyung didn't answer but moved a little so he can see through the mirror and watch himself get fucked.

Taehyung:"okay I think this is good" he looks over to the mirror and gives himself a small nod.

Jungkook moved so he was behind Taehyung and put a bit more lube on his fingers since most of it fell on the bed when Taehyung was moving. Jungkook closed the bottle of lube, puts it down somewhere on the bed. Taehyung watched as Jungkook rubbed his entrance in small circles making Taehyung moan softly. The first finger slides in easily and when Jungkook wiggles his finger, Taehyung moans and squirms. A second finger joins the first one and starts scissoring the tight hole.

When Jungkook thinks Taehyung is ready Jungkook pulls his fingers out, Jungkook then grabs his three guns and puts them on the bed next to them, then quickly takes his hoodie, his shirt, pants and boxers off and throws it in the pool of blood on the floor by accident but doesn't care. Jungkook slowly entered Taehyung and soon after started moving knowing Taehyung wouldn't get hurt and if he did get hurt Taehyung would tell him. Taehyung's moans get louder as he watches himself get fucked hard and fast as Jungkook finally noticed the mirror that Taehyung is looking through, they make eye contact and Jungkook smirks as Taehyung's moans suddenly got louder as Jungkook found his prostate and he wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors heard.


Lisa is standing out side since she thought Taehyung was acting weird and was completely embarrassed since moans started coming from the house but stays as she remembers how Taehyung was acting until she realized something.

Lisa:"sounds like he's finely fucking him right" Lisa checks the time out of habit.


Jungkook kept thrusting, hitting Taehyung's prostate each time perfectly even though they are both close so Jungkook thrust faster still hitting Taehyung's prostate perfectly until Jungkook pulls out and turns Taehyung on his back only to slam back in but this time going a bit slower as he starts sucking on Taehyung's neck giving him hickeys and Taehyung does the same to Jungkook's neck but stops as Jungkook pulls out again and cums on Taehyung's stomach and the sight of Jungkook cumming on his stomach makes Taehyung cum almost instantly.

Jungkook lied down next to Taehyung, forgetting about the dead body on the chair of or that there's blood on the floor covering both their clothes in blood. Until Taehyung sighed.

Taehyung:"we should leave"

Jungkook:"yeah" They got up and Jungkook was he first to notice their clothes in blood.

Jungkook:"can I borrow some of your clothes?" Taehyung looks over to see their clothes in blood and nods. They both walk to the closet that they were in earlier.

Taehyung:"take anything you want?" Taehyung walks over to the almost empty side of the closet since he packed most of his things and both got dressed grabbing some the clothes they both liked.

When they finished getting dressed Jungkook grabs the thing he was supposed to steal and put it in a box that he found and grabbed his guns. Jungkook went to Taehyung who was in the dinning room.

Jungkook:"so.. I've been thinking would you like come with me?" Taehyung looks at him with wide eyes.

Taehyung:"are you serious? are you sure? I mean don't you-"

Jungkook:"yeah I'm sure and I wouldn't be asking if I had something important to do..."

Taehyung:"are you-"

Jungkook:"okay yeah I have something important to do but when I'm done we can run away if you want"

Taehyung gives him a look asking if he's sure and gets his answer when he sees a smile on Jungkook's lips so Taehyung gives Jungkook a peck on his lips.

Taehyung:"okay" Taehyung smiles at Jungkook looking even happier then when he was cutting his ex boyfriend.

Jungkook:"I'm guessing all your stuff is in you car"

Taehyung:"yeah, why?"

Jungkook:"well since you're coming with me we should take my car and plus the police can fine you easier if we take you car" Taehyung nods knowing he's right.

Taehyung:"we should leave, did you get everything you need?"

Jungkook:"yeah, you?" Taehyung nods already walking to the front door with Jungkook right behind him.


Lisa was sitting on a foldable chair that she got from her house while her neighbors were having sex when her neighbors door suddenly opened and she saw two guys walk out. One of the guys went to a car she has never seen and that's when she noticed that she never has seen him before. They don't see her since she's not just sitting in the street and it's dark enough for them not to see her but she can see them.

Lisa saw the unknown man get to a car see has never seen get in but it seems only to pop open the back hood of the car while the other man she recognized as Taehyung gets two suitcases one in each hand and walks to the unknown car as the unknown man helps him, once all the suitcases are in the unknown car the unknown man gets in his car while Taehyung goes to his car to check if he needs anything else from his car but when he sees that he got everything he needs he walks over to the unknown car and gets in, Lisa can see the stranger and Taehyung lean in and kiss which shocked her since Taehyung didn't seem the type to cheat on his boyfriend.

Lisa stands up and walks to her neighbors house when the two men drive away, she knocked but there is no answer so she tries to open the door by turning the door knob only to fine out that it is indeed unlocked. Lisa slowly opens the door and walks in.

Few Minutes Earlier

Jungkook drives away from the house and they sit in comfortable silence until Jungkook decides to break it.

Jungkook:"we're going to drop off the box first and then we can go anywhere we want"

Taehyung:"what about your stuff like cloths or.... anything else" Jungkook laughs at Taehyung's cute face when he tries to come up with something to say.

Jungkook:"don't worry about that but should we change the car just in case someone saw us?"

Taehyung:"I don't really know but just in case, we should"

Few Hours Later

Jungkook parks the car in the driveway and looks over to Taehyung, only to see a him asleep so he shakes him carefully but doesn't want to wake him up since Taehyung looks so cute when sleeping.

Taehyung opens one eye and when he sees Jungkook he quickly opens he other.

Taehyung:"are we there?"

Jungkook:"yeah" he looks over to his house.

Jungkook:"I'm going to take the box and when I come back we're going to take that car" Jungkook points to the car right next to them.

Jungkook:"so I'll give you the keys to that car and start putting your stuff while I finish some things inside okay?" Taehyung nods so Jungkook grabs the box from the back seat and opens the back hood of the car, Jungkook and Taehyung get out of the car Jungkook starts walking to the house while Taehyung fully opens the back hood of the car still just standing there.

Jungkook knocks on the door as he forgot his house keys, as soon as the door opens he sees his hyungs.

Namjoon:"what the fuck" Jungkook looks at him confused but gives him the box.

Jungkook:"the thing you want is in there" He walks over to the table next to the door and picks up the keys for the car they are going to take so without another word he leaves, gives the keys to Taehyung and goes back inside the house.

Jimin:"what the fuck Jungkook" Jimin says as soon as he enters the house again but still gives Jimin a confused look.


Jimin:"you said you wouldn't sleep with anyone tonight"

Jungkook:"how-" he looked shocked.

Jin:"your hair is a mess, you have different clothes on, you look like you just kissed a vacuum and you have hickeys all over your neck"

Jungkook:"shit I forgot" Jungkook tries to ignore them as he goes to his room and packs a couple of things along with some clothes and grabs a bag in the room that's used for Jungkook's emergencies full of money.

Jungkook goes back into the living room with all his hyungs still standing in front of the door, they all turn to look at him and see him with the bags.

Hoseok:"wait where are you going? is that your emergency bag?"

Jungkook:"don't know where I'm going yet"

Yoongi:"are you going to come back?"

Jungkook:"yeah....because I want you all to meet him one day" he mumbles the last part.

Hoseok:"what was that?"

Jungkook:"nothing anyways I got to go"

Jungkook walks out of the house with his hyungs following behind him but when they got outside they were surprised to see a man taking suitcases out of Jungkook's car and putting them in the car next to it. They saw Jungkook put his bags in the car next to his but walked over to his car only to grab what seemed to be the last suitcase since he closed the door after and locks the car. Jungkook walks over to the other car putting the suitcase in, closing it after when the unknown man walks over to Jungkook they are ready to walk over as Jungkook and the unknown man are talking but stop when they see the man and Jungkook kiss.

After the kiss the man nods and gets in the car while Jungkook walks oer to his hyungs.

Jungkook:"take care of my car" was the first thing he says as he hands them the keys.

Jungkook:"I'll also be goes a while" without another word Jungkook walks over to the car, gets in and drives away leaving his hyungs but Yoongi was the first to snap out of it.

Yoongi:"i wonder who that man was" Yoongi walks back inside with the others following behind him but they still have not snapped out of it until they all hear the T.V that they left on, so they all go to the living room immediately seeing what's on the T.V.

Panda 11 News

News lady:"now big news the brother of CEO of Min's company Min Taehyung will be getting married to the mafia leader- I mean a young man named Jungkook"

News man:"yes I wish them a happy life together with a happy marriage"

News lady:"on other news a couple of hours earlier there was a murder a 25 year old man named (Taehyung's ex boyfriend) ****** and the police are currently looking for Kim Taehyung the boyfriend of the victim and the suspected murderer along with a unknown male who was seen leaving the crime scene with Kim Taehyung after the two suspects we're finished having sex in front of the dead body no we do not have many details about what happened"

News man:"we are going to put a photo of Kim Taehyung and please if you see him call the police" a picture of Kim Taehyung popped up onto the screen.

News lady:"or call if you know anything at all, now today there was a robbery at the mall and they took one of the hostages who was there celebrating his birthday with his best friend Park-"

The hyungs stopped listening as soon as it wasn't about Taehyung anymore.

Yoongi:"at least we know who he is now"

Jimin:"okay great.... now why would Jungkook go with him?"

Jin:"you heard they had sex"

Hoseok:"no I don't think that's why because even if Jungkook slept with that person he wouldn't bring them here" Jimin suddenly gasped.

Jimin:"what if Jungkook wasn't just fucking around on the same day every year like we thought"

Namjoon:"that's also probably not it"

Jin:"they did seem pretty close so maybe they knew each other"

Yoongi:"we'll just have to wait for Jungkook to come back and tell as what happened"

After a few minutes Jungkook decided to break the comfortable silence.

Jungkook:"Jeon Jungkook"


Jungkook:"My name is Jeon Jungkook and you?"

Taehyung:"Taehyung, Kim Taehyung" they continue with the comfortable silence not knowing where they're going.

The End

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Trish09: Love the series so far.

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