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[namseok] "if you were a girl, I would date you." Hoseok has had the biggest crush on his best friend, his best friend has fallen for his personality- but not his gender. The story of a boy who gives up his gender, to make his best friend love him. Top! Namjoon Power bottom! Hoseok

Romance / Fantasy
Seulgi Bear 💕
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Namjoon was different.

Different to every single guy Hoseok had ever encountered.

The small dimples that fell sharp on his cheeks with every smile of his friendly persona.

That was the reason everyone loved Namjoon.

There were so many reasons why you could love him...

He was tall, had a great build, popular and had such a kind personality.

"Hey Namjoon," Hoseok greeted, sitting at there usual lunch spot.

He stoped though, noticing the same girl that appeared multiple times sitting on his lap.

"Hello," the girl innocently replied, it just angered Hoseok even more how easily this girl had fallen into Namjoon's clutches.

Jennie Kim.

The most popular girl in the boarding school they attended.

It just made sense for the popular girl and boy to fall in love.

Some cliché love story that held no problems, some would say it was quite boring.

Hoseok preferred the love story of two of his closest friends.

Taehyung and Jimin.

It seemed a bit mismatched, both coming from families that held distaste to same-sex relationships.

How they joined the lgbt club that was ran by the maths teacher, they would go and they formed a friendship.

Both denied there feelings... obviously.

Knowing the judgmental people that walked these corridors.

But after a while, the small distance between them was now where they held hands.

The stuttering and confusion became smitten kisses.

And the constant blushing just grew.

They no longer hid in there dorms, Taehyung sharing a dorm room with his best friend Jungkook.

Jimin sharing with Namjoon.

Which always relived Hoseok, knowing that nothing would happen between them.

Hoseok shared with a quiet boy, Min Yoongi, I guess they didn't have a friendship as such, but it was better than having someone like Jackson Wang in your dorm.

Hoseok's mind was drawn back to the two "lovers" as Jennie played with Namjoon's blonde hair.

"I have to go meet Jungkook," Hoseok quickly spoke leaving the table at a fast pace.

The couple not really caring, to lost in each other's embrace.

They weren't official, people knew Namjoon wanted commitment before making things proper.

But this relationship had started months ago.

People knew that soon Namjoon would grow a backbone, and ask the gorgeous girl out.

This was how Hoseok and Namjoon grew apart.

They were best friends.


Every time Hoseok got asked who his best friend was he'd always respond with "Namjoon-hyung," no hesitation about it.

But he had new friends, six to be exact.

Lisa, Seulgi, Chaeyoung, Jisoo, Irene and Wendy.

He got a few comments "such a faggot hanging with girls."

But they never really got to him.

The comments they said were somewhat true.

All the girls in the group new Hoseok was gay. Really gay. But only ever felt love to one male.

Kim Namjoon.

But Kim Namjoon loves girls.

He didn't love Hoseok like that.

Because he loved Jennie like that.

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