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As If ~ JJK


"I hate you! I hate you so much!" I yell but his careful hands pin me against the wall. "But I need you more than air itself." A princess of various names lives in a castle with her parents and maids. You'd think she'd have everything she ever needs but part of her yearns for something more, something else. She's tired of playing the role of pamper princess. Meanwhile, Jungkook, a gang member, seeks for nothing more than revenge. He will drag others through the mud if it means earning compensation for him and his gang members, especially the royals who have gotten in his way countless times. When their lives intertwine, they'll either build each other up or tear each other to pieces. Which will it be? ~Started ♥11/6/19 ♥ ~Ended ♥ TBD ♥

Adventure / Romance
Dope Snakeu
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I’ve been inspired by many different stories to write this. I have many drafts but this is my first time writing a nonrealistic story of my own. I’m not sure how well this is gonna be done but you never know...I guess I might surprise y’all and myself. Once, my mom read what I wrote and was like “you’re such a fantastic writer....but why do you write such sad stories?” which made me realize that no matter how hard I try to make a non depressing story, they always turn into depressing stories. Perhaps this is because I can’t write without listening to sad music (pretty much meaning I can’t write without crying) so I guess it makes sense. I’ll say this now, this story won’t be a happy story at all. Sure, I’ll provide comedy but the plot line itself will be sad.

This intro is going to be pretty short because there isn’t much to say. I mean, for the first time in my publishing history (actually no but this sounds more dramatic) I have no warnings except my terrible writing quality. Should there be any mature scenes, there’ll be an M written in the chapter title and all chapters with mature language will be warned individually on under the chapter title. Honestly, I won’t curse or write smut because I feel extremely awkward writing smut and I don’t curse in real life so cursing in my writing would be weird for me. Yet again, you never know, your dear author could make a bold choice she’ll regret forever on college aps.

Enjoy this story...and if you’re reading it please let me know what you think. Let me know whether it’s frickadoodling fantastic or it straight up sucks. You don’t have to read this whole intro or my updates but please let me know how you feel about my writing! I would love to see your reactions and suggestions both.

After all that stalling to start the story, I finally present to you, As If~JJK


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