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Read the tale of a young girl who grows into a young woman. The man she loves cuts her wings off, Her most prized item ever! And she becomes evil wanting to kill someone the king now loves!

Fantasy / Adventure
Physco Pickle
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Once there was a time

Once lived a beautiful girl, who had angelic wings and was soaring high in the sky. Laughing as the wind Ran through her hair gently. Suddenly The Enchanted trees bellowed, "INTRUDER! INTRUDER ALERT!!!" The smile from her face faded as she flew out of the sky and towards the ground.

Still bellowing the trees once again yelled, "INTRUDER ALERT CRYSTAL COVE!!!! "
Determination on her face she flew towards the Crystal cove and suddenly made her way towards the ground.

She stamped the ground pavement spreaded away., Where is the intruder? " Her young voice called
The trees on each side of the cave guarding the cave to keep the intruder inside of it.
"In here", The tree said as he jerked his body towards the entrance of the cave.

" Well come out theif!" She called shrilly
A young boy around her age stumbled out if the cave
Looking down at the ground shamely he cried and screamed out,"I'M SO SORRY HAVE MERCY PLEASE!!!! "
Malifencent saw the tears in his eyes and smiled, "Why, I wouldn't hurt a hair on your head"
He glanced up at her, "R-Really? "

She chuckled, "Of course not"

He smiled weakly,"I come from there" He slowly pointed to a beautiful castle standing on the beautiful grass.
"Oh the human place,I dream of living there", She glanced at him
Softly he said, " I'll go"He started to walk but Malifencent grabbed his arm.
"My Crystal?Now!"She said in a eerie whisper
He slowly moved his hand to his pocket, " Bu-" He saw the fire in her eyes and was truly disappointed in himself.

"I need this!To make a living...
He argued but she shamelessly snatched the crystal out of his pocket.
"You may visit but promise me! PROMISE YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OR STEAL FROM CRYSTAL COVE AGAIN! My name is Malifencent but you may call me mal." The boy saw the fire and the joy in her eyes and couldn't help but stare understandingly into her eyes.
"P-P-Pa-Peter" the boy stuttered

Mal chuckled "You don't have to be afraid of me!"
Peter sadly looked at the ground shaking his head.

She looked at him with confusion, "It's ok really! Totally no reason to be afraid and ashamed cause I promise you its ok" She said in the sweetest voice.

"You wouldn't understand.... In my world you have to be rich to make it in life. You have to be rich to be happy. You have to be rich to do anything. And if you aren't people treat you differently and tell you to die and stuff! I need the crystal that's why I tried to steal it BUT I WAS CAUGHT!!!You have to be rich to eat a-and to d-rink water THOSE PEOPLE ARE SELFISH!!!!!! THEY SHARE NOTHING EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF GOOD FOOD TO FEED ME! " Peter Screamed at her
"P-Peter Of course you can stay here we have free food and we can even play... "
She smiled weakly as tears ran down Peter's face.....

She looked desperately at the trees,
One of the bellowed, "YEAH YOU MAY STAY YOU JUST MAY NOT ROB!!! " Peter flinched as if a tree was about to hit him.

"Uh o-ok" Peter smiled and turned to look at the castle, "But I have to go back I will come back every singleday to visit" And with that he ran off towards the barrier that blocked the magical creatures and humans from each other. The humans were able to pass but the creatures cannot. The force pushes them back and tend to hurt the most magical creatures.
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