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Obsessed With Me |KOOKV| +18


Hello , welcome to my book ! _______________ "Why are you so obsessed with me ?" TH. "This isn't called obsession baby boy. This is called love ."JK. One night changes Taehyungs life forever. He finds himself being stalked by the person who claims him as his territory now. Warning : This story is not for those who aren't prepared for mature themes !

Action / Thriller
♔ LoRi ♔
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1: My Territory

⚠️ warning ⚠️

This book is mature , for mature people. If u feel uncomfortable please Leave.


Welcome .

Hope you are into my gangsta shit . Lol .



It was dark outside , Taehyung walking through the streets alone without anyone. He looked both sides . Gulping he continued on walking , it was like something was following him.

"Calm down Taehyung ..." he whispered gulping . He held his bag and books on his hands .

"Hahhahahah" he heard some people laughing . He gulped hiding behind the wall . He peeked from the wall and saw drunk people dancing . He sighed holding his books tight .

'On three' He thought and nods at himself . He had to do this . He slowly took a step and was on full view infront of the people who were dancing .

He passed them but just when he turned around he was frightened by a black cat , "ARHH" Taehyung fell hard on the ground catching those people's attention .

He knew he screwed up and looked to his left and saw that those people had stopped dancing and were staring at Taehyung . he gulped not knowing what to do .

"Well,well,well! What's a little boy like you doing in my territory !?" A guy stepped infront of the others and smirked down at Taehyung.

"You are in the wrong place baby!" The man crouched down to Taehyungs level .

Taehyung gulped no words were coming out, he was out of words . He was scared , this man was covered in tattoos , holding a metal bat on his hands whilst smirking down at Taehyung .

What was Taehyung supposed to do . Run?!.

The books and the bag were shattered on the ground and the man picked one up opening it . He looked at Taehyung with a smirk.

"A student? Are you 18 yet ?!" The guy asked.

The man lightly hit Taehyungs head with that book and got up throwing it on the ground and glared down at Taehyung .

"What should we do with you ?! Hmm!" The man used his bat forcing Taehyungs head up.

"Are you mute ? That makes it much better?!" The guy laughed with his gang . Taehyung inhaled sharply at the thought of what these people could do to him.

"Let's play shall we ?!" The guy cracked his knuckles and held his bet . He looked at his gang nodding at them . "Let's make him our bitch".

Taehyung had to do something . The gang members started walking towards Taehyung holding their bats with smirks on their faces.

"Please-I-I don't mean n-no harm !" Taehyung managed to crack out , the guy turned around and smirked .

"Baby . Anyone who walks through my territory becomes my bitch !" The man said and continued "get him" .

Taehyung did the only thing he could think of. He got up and ran fast . "Bring him here !" The man said and the gang members laughed separating in different ways .

Taehyung looked behind him and continued on running . His heart beating fast whilst he was out of breath but he had to keep on going .

"Oh God !" He stopped at a dead end . He didn't know what to do anymore . He looked both sides but there was only a dead end .

"There he is ...." that guy again , with his gang members . All of them laughing . Taehyung was defenseless .

"Please don't !" Taehyung had tears in his eyes knowing that he had no way out he only prayed for a miracle .

"Just give up !" The guy smirked making his way towards Taehyung .

Taehyung didn't want to end up in their hands and looked around spotting a big trashcan . He ran towards it climbing on it and hoping on the other side of the wall .

"GET HIM!!" The guy climbs on that trashcan too and jumped on the other side , he was determined to get Taehyung .

Taehyung ran fast . He heard footsteps running behind him . Closing his eyes he forced his feet to run faster .

What he didn't know was that he was running into a bigger , deeper , worse pit .

The footsteps stopped and the noise stopped , Taehyung looked behind him and saw that the guy had stopped running with his gang .

He didn't want to stop!

Just when he looked infront of him he tripped on something making him fall on the ground and roll . He released a cry , sniffling he tried to get up .

His elbows were bruised with his knees and knuckles . His cheeks and left eyebrow were bleeding as well as the corner of his lips .

He forced his head up a little only to find two combat boots infront of him . He gulped slowly looking up . His eyes went wide .

In front of him was a guy dressed in black . Holding a pointy metal baseball bat . The guy had two earrings , his eyes were dark and sharp . He had a tattoo to the left of his eyebrow , with a sharp jawline and chain necklace around his neck.

( anyone remembers Yoongi 😂)

Everything about him screamed dangerous.

Taehyung gulped as the man studied his face. Taehyung was trembling in fear . He slowly got up on his knees looking up at the man . The man was still staring at him .

"I-I-" Taehyung couldn't bring himself to talk.

The guy's lip curled a little bit, but again was gone back to a serious expression. The guy crouched down at Taehyungs level ,deeply staring into Taehyungs eyes .

"Why are you in my territory?!" The guy's raspy voice sent shivers down to Taehyungs spine making him flinch. Taehyung couldn't answer this guy .

"That's my property Jeon !"

The guy's stare turned into a glare as he titled his head to the side looking at the man who kept on chasing Taehyung a while ago.

"Property?!" The Jeon guy titled his head to the side questionably. "Do you know who you're talking to ?!" The Jeon guy said getting on his feet , leaving Taehyung frozen on the spot as he walked towards the other man.

Who was he ?!

The other man flinched stepping back . His gang members nudged for him to stop. "T-the boy is mine ," the man again said making Taehyung gulp.

He looked at them scared as thought of a plan on escaping both of them .

The Jeon guy looked at Taehyung then back at the man and suddenly a smirk was plastered on his face . It was like a total different person in a second .

"Yours?!" The Jeon guy asked . Taehyung gulped forcing himself up . He needed to escape these people .

"Cross through my territory and you'll end up as food to my Cats!" The Jeon guy used his bat drawing a line on the ground .

The other man looked at the Jeon guy for a moment and stepped back.They walked away.

Taehyung used this opportunity and ran , but this didn't go unnoticed by the Jeon guy who turned around watching Taehyung as he ran.

Taehyung ran and ran thinking that he had lost those guys especially that Jeon one who was scary as hell .

He hid behind a wall catching his breath as he calmed down . He closed his eyes and sighed, he got up and looked around . He needed to get home , or he will end up in the hands of some killers who kill for fun.

What he didn't expect was to bump onto something rock hard . He gulped looking up , meeting with those two dark orbs staring down at him .

"P-Please don't hurt me !?" Taehyung managed to say . The man released a small laugh as his face turned back into serious one .

The man smirked as he leaned in whispering into Taehyungs ear making Taehyung shiver , and gulp at the same time .

"You are my territory now ." The Jeon guy whispered leaning back after.

Taehyungs eyes went wide as he looked up at the Jeon Guy who had a smirk plastered on his face .

Taehyung gulped stepping back . The Jeon guy took a step backwards and turned around disappearing into the dark alley .

Taehyung was trembling in fear . 'Territory? His territory?!' He held his chest, his heart was about to burst out of his chest .


My motherfucking ass finally is doing something she wants and feels at the moment.

I'm sorry but I'm just too into dark shitty gangsta shit . It makes me feel home .

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