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Miss Sonia?


After Sonia Nevermind was found dead in the locker rooms, despair has roamed the hallways, especially filling Kazuichi's mind with sorrow. Shortly, an old rival comes to help drive himself back into hope.

Drama / Romance
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A Bloody Gown

"Oh, Miss Soni-" Kazuichi was just about to go see Sonia, when he was stopped by a crying Hiyoko. "S- Sonia! Sh- She's.." "Woah, calm down little dudette. What's the matter?" Hiyoko had grabbed onto Souda's arm and pulled him into the girls' locker room. "I don't think I'm supposed to be in here-." In a short amount of time, his heart stopped. Everything seemed so blank. The beautiful princess, Sonia Nevermind, had been laying on the floor dead next to a pile of clothes. "No.. Nonononono.." After Hajime and the others found the body, the class trial had shown that Mahiru Koizumi had murdered Sonia. She was shortly punished and everything was back to normal. Well, that's what everyone thought.

Kazuichi wasn't the only one stuck in despair, as his, "love rival", Gundham Tanaka, had looked terrible ever since she died. He can even remember a few things that happened before Sonia's body was disposed. Tanaka had held her in his arms and was quietly whispering. I could tell he was about to cry, which was unusual. Damn, he must've had a bad crush on her.

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