Hidden note: The Winchester Mad Bombings Case

The man who didn't love Eric Clayton

The week preceding the concert, L and I had hidden in the hotel; even we revisited a Quillsh, much less go out to eat out or anything like that. We were renting four quarters in different plants, and we alternated sleeping in three of them, always in the bathtub. The other room we used it exclusively for calls. We suspected that our enemies sought us, and that was the best way to keep us safe. A day earlier he had informed me miss Melbourne at the event, and were seeing each other outside the venue to give your ticket. She was very insistent to be me, but by no means accepted, knowing that danger. The little detective remained alert during the first days, with revolver ready all the time, but on Wednesday asked me to relieve him for a little rest. Before he fell asleep like a stone, but by then easily aroused to any strange noise; I think his brain went into a permanent way of distrust could never deliver. When he rested enough, he switched to the active phase of its final plan; hit a voice filter which carried with him and phoned the head of Waverley.

Hello, I need to talk to the superior who coordinate -solicitó Clapton concert.

'Who should I advertise? Asked the clerk.

Tell him to call the detective known as L. If you have not heard of me, living in another world.

In a minute I was in line to the police chief.

Hello, here Barlow. What I can serve you?

I need your help to arrest several criminals, including the mad bomber Winchester.

'I direct you to the officer in charge of the case.

-and I know, is Collingwood. The problem is that the offender is one of his subordinates.

Does she have evidence of what he says?

If the villain will cooperate with me in action. I will not ask anything that disrupts their plans.

Forgive me, but I do not know, and therefore I can not trust you.

It's a shame because I can serve as an extra on a silver platter to the murderer of Thomas Melbourne and Ted White.

I beg your pardon? ¿Melbourne is dead?

-Trabaje Me and say even the place where is his body. You will gain much from little.

-Negociemos Then. What do you need?

I require to install hidden cameras at key locations in the Village Hall and connected to a monitoring system that only you and other trusted officer must control. Some elements of Collingwood will go to support them, right?

So is. I have on my list three of his men.

Must ordering them to review the site before anything else between, and carefully monitored. There is a high possibility that one place an explosive device.

'I can not take the risk of an accident. Better to cancel their participation.

'As you record the offender can stop and remove the pump without the public understands something. When the concert has started looking for a Alfa Romeo 164 dark blue with an athletic guy inside. Get the bullet that killed Mr. White, and cotéjela with gun guard will carry. If the subject has a wound on his left hand, also process it for the attempted murder of Mr. Roger Ruvie. When the function is completed, locate a woman with dyed blond hair and green contact lenses, and take it to the police station to testify about the arrested man. Once neutralized these people, I'll tell you exactly where you will find the body of Mr. Thomas, but by no means disobey me, or those three thugs flee without being able to obtain evidence against him.

Not lose anything to give it a try, but I would like to identify himself.

I'll be overseeing the operation, so I will come to greet him ... and by the way, walk around there a boy of eight years, who is the son of the official Lawliet. He was immediately recognized by its great similarity.

-How? ¿Lawrence has a son?

Aye, but do not know that I have had. Let the guy ronde the place to your liking, because while there is unlikely to detonate the bomb suspects; In addition, the poor thing is very ill and his last wish is to see Clapton even for the window. Do I have a good heart, Mr. Barlow?

I'll do as requested, but I warn you that if this is a joke, costs expensive.

Wait to Saturday and see. I will contact you prior to the event. Until then He dismissed L and hung up. What you just heard only worsened my nervousness, as if Captain Barlow failed us, we would have to face our enemies personally.

On the appointed day we took a bath and we paid the hotel bill. In that I spent all my money, but the boy still had their savings, so he asked me to go and buy a walkie-talkie and rent a car. He was responsible for managing sitting on my lap during the hour of road that separated us from Dunsfold. We arrived well before the start of the show and hide the vehicle behind some bushes, where we spied the arrival of the police force.

Hello, Inspector. Here L. How is everything? Barlow was greeted by the radio.

'How, detective? I thought I would never hear from you. There currently are in the building's Eastoft, Appleton and Lawliet police. His behavior has been all the normal time, and is praised its thoroughness in the review. I accompanied by a bomb expert, who has not noticed anything unusual.

'I beg that after they finish the Winchester your specialist among us have a look.

-and Men come out and everything was correct. By the way, I found out about you, and I'm disappointed. De unless stated Mr. Wammy know, it would have discarded before their requests.

I am quite sure that today will be here an attack. Maybe a car containing explosives. Can we get a detector dog?

I'll be honest: I do not think anything. I researched Melbourne, and he is abroad, not underground as you say. It has been wrong about everything, Mr. L. Now continue my work. Over and out.

The child was very thoughtful for what he had heard; grab the opportunity with Lawrence handed had escaped. There was no way to imprison him for his other crimes because there was no evidence, only had to find the explosive before it was used.

In brief dusk fell, and the site became a shadowy place. We were watching each of the vehicles that were coming up that were forty guests expected. When pianist arrived, my stomach turned. It was time to do my part.

Thanks for everything, Mr. Ruvie. It was fun working with you 'I said L. In response, the pinched.

Stop fire you, you make me nervous. This is going to be fine. You always get away with it, damn brat - uttered.

With the remains of that wave of optimism I approached miss Melbourne and shook his hand. The lady returned my greeting coldly. He wore glasses on, behind which managed to uncover his dark eyes very irritated.

How is Quillsh? 'I asked.

-I Do not know. Do not want to receive anyone lied.

'I heartbreaking, but it is best to break. It's not fair what makes me. I would be able to wait until it comes out of jail as long as we got married, but if not give me any guarantee, prefer to continue with my life.

How are the investigations of his detective? I -desvié the subject.

We'll talk about that when we get home. Who brought it? ¿Ralph?

It was a friend who also picking me up. ¿Marshall came with you?

Yes, stayed in the car. But better go in, it's time.

For the gala a dozen tables with various delicacies and wines they were willing. Several windows allowed the room to be ventilated with fresh air of Surrey, and walls adorned with wooden afforded to the house a cozy feel. Elizabeth and I settled near the stage and talked to any nonsense to kill time, but really my attention was on Lawliet, whose appearance shocked me. The dark color of their uniform contrasted with the pallor of his skin, and the early hours of service had given her huge dark circles; even his back was hunched as his rod. He looked at me with disgust, then went to a corner of the enclosure, where he continued watching us.

Meanwhile, L examining the cars of the guests until Barlow intercepted.

I lost my pet. He ran to the boy explained here.

With that you are Lawrence junior greeted the head.

'Please do not tell dad I'm here. He told me to wait in the car, but my cat got out.

-Don't Worry, I'll help you find it. If you want, put there, by the window so you can see Clapton. Already singing.

-Thank You! I charge a lot Marshall. It is black, with a white spot on his nose. He likes to get under the car L said with feigned joy and ran to the side of the house. I could see a lock of her unruly hair out the window and I got even more nervous that his father would find out, but it still remained at the bottom of the enclosure as a sinister statue. Our favorite artist performing "I shot the sheriff" with great energy, and Elizabeth seemed possessed by the melody.

Outside, police were grumbling about the son of his partner. Barlow ordered them to find the cat:

We have to find it. Surely he brings the pump.

The officers celebrated with laughter the occurrence of his boss and got between cars shouting the name of nonexistent pussycat. Then the bodyguard miss Melbourne guarding alighted from his chariot and faced:

'I'm Marshall. All is well?

The superintendent was surprised to find the man who had described L.

-for Safety we have to review it. Show us an ID.

I am bodyguard, so I bring this pistol explained the athletic boy, as he pulled his coat a revolver and a credential.

The officer checked the gun and then handed it back.

Excuse the inconvenience. Follow having a good night.

The suspect returned to the car, and immediately started, to the astonishment of the police. L communicated again with the captain:

-¡Mande A patrol after the man!

His gun was not the one who killed White, and although he had a bandage on his hand, I can not stop it.

If he was looking for a .38 Webley MK III, let me say that is an idiot. With that he was shot in the leg, but with which they finalized was immediately the subject!

I think who will arrest you you said Barlow and hung up.

L bit his nails, because his plan was going down the drain. The bomb did not appear, and on top of the dams had escaped. I noticed that went back to the window by the unmistakable shadow projected, but minutes later another bigger shadow joined him.

I am very sorry, but you must leave here. We know that you are cooperating with that detective sergeant he said.

-¿Ya Found Raskall? I can not go without it.

-¿Raskall? What did not you tell Marshall?

-Do Not. Raskall is a black cat with a white spot. Can I wait for Dad? Almost the concert is over.

While Clapton performing "Tearing Us Apart" Lawliet slowly approached the stage, and suddenly jumped on the singer, holding him by the neck. With the other arm shirt to reveal a bomb strapped to his chest was opened. His colleagues rushed toward him.

-¡Salgan Of here, or I will explode! Will he threatened the attacker, and these began to leave, but I did not respond legs. Lawrence pointed his pistol at Elizabeth:

'You do not you go, dear. This show I prepared for you. We will die together, listening to live the damn song we met.

She froze in the middle of the room, and I put me under a table.

-¡Why Does love got to be so sad! Lawrence ordered the musicians, who obeyed instantly filled with nostalgic song salon:

Got to find me a way (Tengo que encontrar un modo)To take me back to yesterday. (de regresar al ayer)How can I ever hope to forget you? (¿Cómo puedo siquiera esperar olvidarte?)

Won't you show me a place (¿No me mostrarás un lugar)Where I can hide my lonely face? (donde pueda esconder mi rostro solitario?)I know you're going to break my heart if I let you.

(Se que romperás mi corazón si te lo permito)

Why does love got to be so sad? (¿Por qué el amor tiene que ser tan triste?)

Like a moth to a flame, (Como una polilla hacia una flama)Like a song without a name, (Como una canción sin nombre)I've never been the same since I met you. (Nunca he vuelto a ser el mismo desde que te conocí)

Like a bird on the wing, (Como un ave en su ala)I've got a brand new song to sing, (Tengo una canción completamente nueva que cantar)I can't keep from singing about you. (No puedo dejar de cantar acerca de ti)

I'm beginning to see (Comienzo a ver)What a fool you've made of me.

(el tonto en que me has convertido)I might have to break the law when I find you. (Tal vez tendré que violar la ley cuando te encuentre)

Stop running away; (Deja de huir)I've got a better game to play,(Tengo un mejor juego que jugar)You know I can't go on living without you.

(Sabes que no puedo vivir sin ti)

During the last stanzas, Miss Melbourne tried to run, but the officer shot near his feet.

'I do not return to go, my love. If we could not be together in life, we will be in death -vaticinó him.

In that, the windows appeared several gun barrels. Among all those weapons I recognized my revolver, which L wielded with trembling hands. I never knew if he was afraid to kill the artist or dad; perhaps both. Anyway, I hesitated to shoot.

You son of mine, how good you came! Cried the deranged man to recognize we will die as a family!

Clapton left Lawrence and Elizabeth ran to charge. It all happened in seconds. I looked horrified as he placed his hand on the trigger as he approached the window and resigned myself to die, but then the bomber fell down a hole right in the middle of the forehead.

What followed can not remember, because I fainted, but Quillsh told me. Barlow had come to him for questioning about the detective L, which left him restless, so he decided to escape taking advantage of the pick. Then he managed to recover his car and hurried to the concert, arriving just in time to avoid the tragedy. As Lawliet was still alive, he removed the pump and took him to hospital.

I awoke several hours later by the bed where he was the officer. We had just had surgery and was in coma. Wammy looked after us both.

-What Good you wake up, said Roger-me when he saw me open my eyes.

Where is L? I asked.

-I Do not know. He disappeared after the shooting, but should be fine, because he sent a report to the police station in Winchester. Thanks to that left me free.

Elizabeth 'And how are you?

She escaped. You will not believe this, but the body of his uncle was buried in his garden. They are also looking to Marshall.

Barlow entered the room accompanied by a couple of subordinates.

Hello again, Mr. Wammy. We finished the paperwork and come to say goodbye. I really would appreciate your help and your detective. Deductions on the case were incredible; do not talk about something else internationally. Please tell L we'd meet him in person said the superintendent and retired. Then a nurse went to check the vital signs of Lawliet, and Quillsh sighed:

-L Lost his father because of me.

'You had no choice. Anyway, if he survives, he will stay long in prison.

I need that we find Rei soon. Think you can travel to Japan tomorrow? I must not move from here to testify about the Melbourne event.

I'm super agent R replied jokingly. I am always ready for action.

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