Hidden note: The Winchester Mad Bombings Case

Christmas' Gifts

Against all probabilities, Lawliet regained consciousness; I guess he wanted too much to tell the truth about his stormy life. Thanks to his statements we could reconstruct the history:

After Rei's fake death, Lawrence contacted the orphanage Pont Blanc, and so learned that his ex-girlfriend had made preparations to leave their child there. After kidnapping the boy, he kept him hidden in a warehouse that Liam Mc Carthy used to store the chemical components of the bombs created for the IRA. By then, his alcohol problems almost led him to lose his job, but his friend Albert Collingwood covered him up and did fund a treatment for him. Shortly after L escaped, he discovered that his beloved woman had arrived to Winchester under the new identity of Layla Elizabeth Melbourne, so he got a new hope to retake their relationship, for which he sent his accomplice to the Melbourne residence asking for a job under the pseudonym "Robert Gibbs". The Pianist accepted immediately, given the physical beauty of that man, and so Lawliet could learn that the lady had the protection of Melbourne because she was blackmailing Thomas using the information she had about his illegal business. As Rei harassed her bodyguard, he and Lawliet planned a series of strikes to punish her. They attacked the factory and the library, and they were about to explode Miss Melbourne's car, but instead they destroyed Mr. Wammy's one. After that, Mc Carthy had to return to his hometown, and Lawliet was forced to get his own explosives. He always acted on Wednesday, simply because that was his free day. He fell into the trap laid on the cultural center, but fled so lucky that even he returned himself the stolen white Gol and appeared as a hero. Later, he tried to damage the Melbourne residence, trying to scare Rei enough to get her of the country, far away from Mr. Wammy. When he was beaten, he recognized Marshall, but blamed his former girlfriend, because he wanted somehow to get her exposed. When he received the flowers in the hospital, he was about to open the envelope where was written: "For Law Law with love", but preferred to flee. Realizing that his beloved one hated him to death, he began to build a plan to die along Eric Clapton, whose songs made him remember the lost happiness.

He was questioned about the attack in Wammy's House, but never accepted authorship. After reading the testimony of Yukiko, Quillsh concluded that incident and Ted White's murder, had been orchestrated by Elizabeth, who probably saw our ad when he was in Osaka and recognized L in Nell's show. Not wanting the child to find her, she tried to relocate him along with the other orphans, but later decided to get rid of him specifically. We suppose that she involved Lawliet in the crime, just to cause him a big pain when he was called to indentify the corpse of his son, but having failed, Marshal silenced White. Weeks ago, she had already killed his alleged uncle, and every death meant to her nothing but another pawn knocked down on her quest to become a new, millionaire and successful woman. That's why she had constantly drugged Quillsh, in order to get his money and eliminate him quietly. His son didn't want to find out her whereabouts, but yet he kept the name "L"; maybe he wanted his mother to notice how important he had become, or perhaps just wanted to take advantage of the fame that his first big case gave him. No one will ever know.

Lawrence died after six months in prison. The official version stated that was a result of his head wound, but some sources claimed that he committed suicide. We didn't want to find out the truth.

On December 24th, Wammy's House choir performed for the first time at the cathedral. The children were really motivated, because they had learned to dream of a big future. The audience gave us a standing ovation, and we promised to participate in every festival of the city council. To reward us, our benefactor gifted us a brand new bus, so we left even more joyful.

Once at home, we gather around the main table. Along the fourteen children, we had as guests the relatives of all the employees, so we felt like one big family. We could enjoy trays with turkey meat, caviar, fruit punch, cider, cod and all kinds of sauces, but there was a huge chocolate cake that our leader kept packed apart. It was obvious that he was waiting for his crazy protégé, but with every passing hour he was falling in despair. Shortly before midnight, he went to the garden, with his eyes filled with tears, but then saw a slim figure among the snow falling.

—Good evening, Mr. Quillsh Wammy — a shivering L greeted. My boss ran to open the fence.

—How good you've come! Come in, we were waiting for you!

—Actually I'm here just to return this —the kid said, while he handed to Quillsh my gun and a knob of my TV, which I had searched for desperately —. I hope that you're getting enough profits with the investments I suggested, so my debt has been settled. I appreciate your help and attention. It was a pleasure to meet you.

—But what do you say? Where are you going?

—It's time to follow my own way. I already resolved the cases that kept me here.

—Will I see you again?

—No, but you'll hear of me.

—It's a shame to see you go; I had so much fun with our research, so I decided to become a detective myself. There's nothing like mystery and danger to make someone feeling alive.

—You'll face a lonely and risky existence, are you sure you want that?

—I ask to you the same question.

L remained silent. Then the bells rang celebrating Christmas, and Wammy hugged him.

—My previous life was a disaster. Now I want to be successful —the child confided, surrendering to love.

—Success doesn't consist to achieve great things, but in feeling peace with yourself. You Like being with me, don't you?

—But sooner or later we'll have to be apart. It will be easier to do it right now.

—You and I are a lot alike; my life has also been a fail. Let's start again, under a new identity.

—Would you leave everything just to follow me?

—On the contrary: it would have everything to follow you.

The boy smiled tenderly and Quillsh took him inside carrying in his arms.

—Let's celebrate that from now on, we will always be together

The boys wrapped the frozen visitor in a blanket, and we all sat back to the table to enjoy the delicious dessert. Later, Wammy took L and me to his office and told his protégé to open a gift box with his name. I was speechless when he extracted a folder with documents.

—That's the death certificate of L Lawliet, who died three days ago of pneumonia —Wammy explained. No one will have rights over you: you are completely free now. I got a new birth certificate with which you would become Lionel Payne, the son of a distant cousin of mine. This way, I can keep you in my custody without being directly related. What do you say?

—Of course I agree, although I'd love to stay dead —L declared while outlining a strange smile—. Now it's my turn to rename you, Wammy-San. Would you like to be called "Watari"?

—Sounds good, and easy to remember.

—And what about me? —I intervened—. What's my new identity?

—From now on, you are "director Roger" —my boss replied, and announced to everybody that I became the leader of Wammy's House, and also he would provide me enough money to continue my studies. Thanks to that, I got my degree as a biologist, specializing in entomology and botany.

Two days later, our heroes left us. They had heard of the disappearance of a major Russian scientist, and went to that country to investigate the case. I received a few news about them, because it was dangerous to contact me, and so we grew apart. I knew that later they lived in the United States, and then in France, but it is more likely they have lived in many other places. Quillsh visited us a few times a year, without staying more than half a day, and I saw the detective again as a young man, when he came to study high school and played in the UK. tennis championship. Sometimes he went to the children's home posing as an oratory teacher, and thus he met the kids who competed to replace him.

The day after Kira's death, I got in touch with the members of the Japanese task force to know where they had buried L's body. The inscription on his tombstone said: "Here lies the owner of an amazing mind, who expired fighting the greatest threat that justice faced." Since we didn't get permission to deposit his remains in the mausoleum of Mr. Wammy, I got an idea that my friend would have liked: we left the ashes of Mello within the empty grave of his mentor, and the best detective of the century stayed to rest forever in a corner of Coventry.

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