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Hidden note: The Winchester Mad Bombings Case

The empty tomb of Coventry

As I said before, the figure of Mr. Quillsh Wammy was very important in my life. Even before meeting him in person, I knew his adventures and misadventures through letters from my sister Margaret, who was madly in love with him. She lived in the capital near the famous family, so she followed their steps and collected the stories about them appeared in the newspapers. Her passionate messages were the note that broke the silence of my lonely life in Hampshire, but what I knew at that time about the inventor was superficial; to his authentic self I could only access through the conversations we had, and thanks to his diary, which was the most valuable treasure that I had in my hands. Actually, it was a bunch of sheets written with large differences of date between each one, and sometimes the facts were narrated in detail or just as ideas or isolated phrases. As he annotated, "the paper was the only friend I could have trust those thoughts". I was forced to destroy the documents, because for this purpose were given to me, but before I did read and reread its content, memorizing it so carefully, that I can still reconstruct complete pages.

Quillsh Wammy was born on May 1st of 1933. He was the eldest son of Rose Mary Lindbergh and Edward Charles Wammy, retired airline pilot and successful manufacturer of pipes. In 1936 was born Victoria Rose Wammy, the last of the offspring. From a very young age, Quillsh showed great intelligence and interest in school, so he could finish basic education with honors in just a couple of years. In 1940, when England was threatened during the Second World War, Mr. Edward decided to enlist in the Royal Air Force, and sent his wife and daughter to refuge at his mother-in law's house in Coventry. Meanwhile, the Little boy became an apprentice to legendary scientist Reginald Victor Jones, with the recommendation of the also mythical Alan Turing, who relied on the talent of the child to develop technologies to neutralize the weapons of the German enemy.

Edward was recognized as a national hero after taking part in air battles of August, but his son did not became famous at that time. The project he worked in was kept in the utmost secrecy, and the names of the participants were only revealed years later. Then, England people could applaud the men of Bletchley Park who preserved countless lives through his prodigious reasoning, but Quillsh didn't enjoy the glory, because had failed to save his most beloved one: his mother. Scientists diverted bombs several times, but failed to prevent the destruction of the place were Wammy women hide; Edward never forgave him that his heir. Due to the magnitude of the disaster, the remains of Mary were buried without ceremony in the devastated city, but months later were sent to the family crypt in London. Fortunately Victoria survived, but suffered a trauma so strong that remained afraid to go outside. So she never married, despite being very beautiful.

Quillsh continued his studies and graduated as a physicist and engineer in electronics with the best grades. In just over a decade managed to record fifty eight patents ranging from innovative models of stoves, water heaters, radar, rifles, various chemical formulas, techniques for extraction of minerals, to cooling and fire systems. Soon his fortune exceeded that of his father, and he founded numerous factories, besides the orphanage we care for: Wammy's House. The institution opened in 1969 in the region of Winchester, as a tool for making bearable the loneliness of his sister, who was in charge. The inventor had not married neither, because he had not found a woman who meet the expectations of perfection that his father had taught him. So, despite being an admired member of the major social groups, and have money to throw away, he was sad and empty... just like the tomb of his mother in Coventry.

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