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he gives off a warm, yellow glow-that matches his golden ears and tail. her dark skin and hair are similar to her raven tails and ears. hybrid jimin x hybrid oc. this is my first fan fiction, so please give me pointers you experienced ones! this book isn't really mature, just pecks on the cheeks and lips! started: november 29, 2019 ended: ? disclaimer: The names of people, places, events, objects, and others that are connected to real life are either by coincidence, or used in a fictional manner. copyright © @not_star

Romance / Fantasy
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cats are gross.

but not in this dream.

his tail wraps around my arm, and he nuzzles his face into my neck. this was nice. just watching a limo is with the one i love. my tail starts wagging rapidly, and Jimin smiles. “who knew we would be together. black and yellow. like a bee. cat and dog.” he whispers, thinking of a reference. “like us?” i say. “yeah. like us”

and then i wake up.

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