Skewed Destinies- The Flames of Origin

Remiel and the revelations

Chapter 2

Remiel and the revelations

Kraine cast his eyes over the duo. They were still very mesmerised by the bloody battle (if they could even call it that) they had just witnessed him fight. He knew he had to say something. Colloyd wouldn't let the matter go if he didn't respond with a reason. "I am a scholar who simply knows how to defend myself," he replied. It was a weak explanation at best, and even a relatively inexperienced and self-taught boy like Colloyd should have been able to see right through it. Still, he didn't really have much else to add.

While Colloyd thought on the spot, Gesea spoke up as she walked to his side and looked at the sword he still held in his right hand. She paused for a moment and then gazed to the circle of dead Desians surrounding her brother. "I thought you didn't use your sword any more."

Colloyd wondered what that meant. He figured it out quickly though. They would have needed some kind of way to protect themselves when they'd travelled to Iselia a few years ago from wherever they'd come from.

Kraine sheathed his sword. "There are times which call for the sword over the brain." He spoke in his typical big brother voice to her. "We must not forget that in such turbulent times."

"You're hiding something," Gesea said, "again." She rolled her eyes slightly and ran a quick hand through her pink hair. "You're still an expert with your sword. That alone suggests a high likelihood that you've been training in secret."

"We can discuss this later," Kraine said, sounding irritated before resting his eyes on Colloyd. "I suppose that no matter what I say to you, you will just continue to foolishly head to the Oracle?"

"I'm the Chosen, remember?" Colloyd said with an indignant grin. "That's kinda my job."

"This temple feels ominous. There are many monsters about," Kraine started. "It would not do to let you make the journey through alone. I'll see to it that you have safe passage." He looked at Gesea. "Go home, Gesea."

Gesea startled back. "But.. Kraine.."

"It's okay, you can come," Colloyd said. When Kraine went to start on him with the reasons why she shouldn't come, he came back with a retort of his own. "I feel much more comfortable with Gesea around. Seeing you using a sword like you've been doing it for years is making me a bit uneasy."

"Hmph," Kraine muttered. "I suppose I can keep a better eye on Gesea if she journeys with us. Let's head into the temple to find the sorcerers ring to unlock the door to the Oracle." He walked ahead of the children, trying to keep a level head as they started talking about how cool the journey of regeneration might be. "This isn't a field trip, you know," he called back to them.

Their first battle was with a weak Field Slime. Kraine had fought them a million times, but obviously Colloyd had not. The Chosen was more interested in getting close enough to feel it rather than fight it and was in turn rewarded for his curiosity when the monster sent the pink core residing within itself flying out at him. It hit him in the head like a rampant ping pong ball. Kraine dashed in and made easy work of the enemy while Gesea erupted with laughter as she scrambled to see if the boy was alright.

Clicking his sword back into its sheath when he was done, the stoic swordsman watched the peppy Colloyd raise one fist into the air in excitement after he put his own barely used weapons back into their respective sheaths. "Yeah! We did it!"

"We? I had thought you were observing," Kraine said. The teenager gave a cry of retort but no actual words. The professor-turned-strangely-talented-swordsman's eyes on him turned into a disapproving scowl. "Using a chakram and a sword is a terrible way to fight, Colloyd."

"Why? It gives me range and strength," he replied. "Plus you only have one sword. I've gotta have at least double the chance in battle that you do."

"Are you telling me that is why you insist on dual weapons?"

Colloyd was sure he had seen a brief flicker of pity in his eyes at that and slumped his shoulders as he let out a sigh. Kraine started walking off from them. He and Gesea shared a quick glance and made to follow him before he snapped at them to not take all day.

The three of them wound their way around the outer passage of the main room to find the stairs which led to where the sorcerers ring was located. It was a measure to keep unwanted visitors out of the temple, but now as they entered the room, they saw the large boulder type monster guarding the passage.

"Look!" Colloyd said to his companions, heading right for it as he tried to remember how to deactivate it. The priests had told him multiple times but he had always been too distracted by wanting to get his hands on the ring and try it for himself. Even now as he saw the ring on the pedestal behind the monster he had a familiar buzz of excitement forming in his gut. "It's got to have an off switch," he thought as he approached it and reached a hand out to touch it.


The monster made a loud grunting sound and raised its arms to pound him to the ground. He would have been caught off guard and a Chosen-style pancake if Kraine hadn't stepped in front and blocked the attack with his sword to give him enough time to move out of the range. He proceeded to throw the chakram in his left hand at the enemy. Its eyes followed the disk that frequently had been used as a fetch toy for his dog, briefly mesmerised. He took the opportunity to dash in and slash at the monster with the sword in his right hand. Kraine delivered the last damning blow and the collective lump of multiple rocks and gears that made up the Golem fell to the ground with a thud, finally allowing them passage.

After the group collected the sorcerers ring from its pedestal, they headed back to the front of the temple and to the main room with the magic seal which blocked the entrance to the Oracle room. Colloyd's unwavering excitement was unsettling to Kraine and he tried his best to warn him that this was the very start of a dangerous journey. He looked at Gesea and tried to figure out how he was going to go about what he needed to do without impacting the girl too harshly. The people of Iselia village would surely take her in and look after her. The thought of leaving her unsettled him somewhat since he had for a very long time been present to keep a watchful if not somewhat nervous eye on her.

The turquoise coloured double doors in front of the group screeched open to reveal a glowing light. An angel descended down from the top of the roof, his hair a deep brown and his wings the typical type one would expect on an angel. Kraine watched Colloyd instead as he approached the altar and waved excitedly. "Wow!" Gesea whispered under her breath to him. "Do you think he could be Col's real father?"

He didn't answer because the angel spoke, his voice soft but commanding. "I am Remiel. I am an Angel of Judgement. I am here to guide Colloyd, the son of the mana lineage, on his journey to heaven as the seventh Chosen." He descended a little closer to the group, holding out his hand. His palm glowed and a red shape appeared in it before floating closer to Colloyd. It flashed a bright white for a moment before attaching itself to Colloyd's left hand where his cruxis crystal sat atop the key crest his Dad had made.

"From this moment forth, Colloyd is the Chosen of regeneration. We of Cruxis bless this event and bestow the Tower of Salvation upon Sylvarant."

Upon hearing about the tower, neither Colloyd or Gesea could resist looking out of the window of the temple for a moment to see the tower off in the distance, just as Remiel had said. It was Kraine who gently put his hand on Colloyd's shoulder to remind him that they were still in the presence of an angel. Colloyd turned back to Remiel, putting his hand behind his neck in an embarrassed stance. "Oops, sorry."

"Colloyd, the Chosen of Regeneration, unlock the seals of the world to open the path into the Tower of Salvation and climb its stairs to heaven in distant lands," Remiel continued, paying no mind to the wasted time.

Colloyd stood in awe of the situation until Gesea nudged him to answer. He blinked and nodded enthusiastically at him. "I humbly accept this task."

Remiel gave a small and sort of unnatural looking smile. "Very well. We shall bestow you with the power of the angels with each seal you unlock. Once you become an angel you will be able to ascend to heaven and meet Origin. In doing so the world will flourish. First head south to the Seal of Fire and offer your prayers at the altar there."

Colloyd nodded and watched as the angel started to ascend. "Please wait! I have a question!"

Remiel stopped and looked down at him expectantly. "Go now, my precious son Colloyd. I will be waiting for you at the Seal of Fire."

Colloyd stared as the angel disappeared for good this time. Gesea and Kraine allowed him his surprise over the current turn of events for a time before suggesting they leave and go back to the village.


As they were about to head out of the temple, they heard a familiar yell from an old woman. "Phaidra!" Colloyd yelled. "I thought the Desians had left!" They all raced out to see an elven looking man with a pointed face and spiky black hair holding onto the little old lady. A bunch of Desian troops stood around him. "Get away from her!" Colloyd bellowed.

The elf turned in their direction, his eyes scanning them. "Is this the Chosen?"

"If you are going to ask who I am, I would first like to know who you are!" Colloyd sneered. Kraine almost rolled his eyes. Colloyd may as well have added a 'please' at the end of his sentence for all the good his attempt at a threatening stance had done.

The elf gave a low chuckle and glanced past the boy to look at his much taller companion. "Hmm. I had not expected to see you here." He looked at Phaidra and then at Colloyd. "Do not sleep easy Chosen." Letting Phaidra go, he ran away with the rest of his troops down the steps of the temple and out of sight.

Colloyd looked over the old woman and sighed with relief. "Thank goodness you're okay." He looked up at Kraine, who harrumphed at knowing what he was going to ask. He glanced back at the temple longingly. He had hoped to find some time to examine the building closer before continuing on with what must be done. It would have been the perfect opportunity, too. Heaving a sigh he knelt down with his back to the woman.


After Kraine had carried the old woman back to Iselia, all the while trying to keep the two children under his watchful supervision, they all sat around her dining table to discuss what was to come next. "You were very impressive with your sword skills," Phaidra complemented, smiling at Kraine. She had lost a tooth in the attack but otherwise seemed almost fully recovered.

Kraine shifted uncomfortably. "I suppose this is where you offer me compensation in return for my promise to aid the Chosen on his journey?"

"What?" Gesea asked, gaping along with Colloyd.

The old woman's mouth shot up in a small smirk for a second. "Remarkable. How did you know?"

"I suppose I simply saw it coming," the professor replied coolly. He had a small edge of confidence to his voice, too.

"I see," Phaidra nodded. "Yes that pretty much covers it."

Kraine looked over at the children briefly before turning back and nodding. "I have no reason to say no to a request as long as you are able to pay me."

"You can't be serious," Colloyd gaped. "The Professor? Surely there are actual mercenaries fitter for the job?"

Kraine immediately felt the urge to find a piece of chalk and throw it at the brunette boys head. Instead he settled on a meaningful glare. "Do you have a problem with that?" he asked him, standing from his spot at the table and heading to the door. Gesea got up from her seat too and followed behind to leave. Colloyd shook his head, knowing any other answer would end in Kraine, Phaidra and her husband scolding him for being so brash. Following reluctantly, he bid goodbye and stepped outside.

As he stepped out of the house and toward his friend and teacher, he caught his foot on the slight raise of wood on the balcony which led to the steps and sent himself flying straight into the dirt at Kraine's feet. Gesea giggled girlishly at him before attempting to help him up. Of course, considering her short stature, Colloyd found himself doing most of the work.

"I suppose now would be a good time to go to your house?" Kraine asked him after a small silence between them ensued.

Colloyd glanced left to right at the suggestion and Gesea grimaced. "C'mon Col, surely you can trust us by now right?"

"It's not me," Colloyd explained with a sigh. "Dad doesn't like exposing our house to anyone. He's always been worried about someone coming after me."

"Hmm, wise," Kraine nodded. "Though it seems as though he is not your real father, correct?"

Colloyd glanced down again for the second time in as many minutes. "Remiel said he was my real father, but Dirk is still my dad. He never told me but I think he and I both knew that I wasn't biologically related to him. It was pretty obvious when I learned I was the Chosen and a descendant of angels." He shrugged. "I'd have to get angel blood from somewhere to be the Chosen, right?"

"And you are sure you didn't get it from your mother?"

Colloyd grimaced and shook his head. "I'm double Dad's height. I'm almost sure I'm not part dwarf." He tilted his head in question. "You're sure asking a lot of questions all of a sudden."

"Forgive me for prying," Kraine replied, walking ahead to the exit of Iselia. Guards glanced at him as he approached and set their eyes on the two youngsters he had in tow. As they gave friendly nods and left, Colloyd hoped his Dad had expected this to happen one day. He had once asked to invite Gesea over but had been scolded and asked to repeat all one-hundred and thirty-four dwarven vows before he had been allowed to eat supper that night.

He led his companions through the forest to the slight north-east of Iselia, past a pathway that led to a human ranch and to a small clearing with a lake and a bridge. Clear ahead he could see the wooden log house that belonged to his dad and a green and white 'dog' charging clear for him with an excited yelp.

"Noishe!" he exclaimed, trying to calm the beast down as it kept speeding right for them. With only enough time to pull Gesea out of the way, the dog tackled Kraine to the ground and proceeded to attempt to lick him to death. It took them both to pull him away from the professor and allow him the chance to get to his feet. His eyes stayed on Noishe. Colloyd laughed uncomfortably and apologised, swiftly introducing the pet to them. Neither of them seemed to believe he was a dog though for some weird reason. Noishe was loads of fun to play fetch with and he growled and whined too. He had to be a dog.

Leading the two in closer toward the door of the house, Colloyd started to get even more nervous. He'd never had visitors and was glad that he had cleaned his room recently. Buying himself time to think of what to say when he introduced them to his Dad, he took the two of them to the left of the house and down a short cobble path. It was a ritual of his anyway. "Hi mum," he called habitually as he leaned down in front of a large stone headstone. "I'm home."

"This is where your mother rests?" Kraine asked, looking over the boy to try and see the name on the grave. He only saw R.I.P.

Gesea nodded her head at the grave in respect and Colloyd got back to his feet. "Yeah, but I won't bore you with the details of what happened to her." He left it silent in case they had anything else to say, but when it felt awkward he grinned and pumped one fist in the air. "Alright! Let's go and see Dad!"

"Yes!" Gesea said, also pumping her fist in the air and trooping after him. Kraine paused for a brief moment, nodding his head in respect to the grave also before following them.

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