Skewed Destinies- The Flames of Origin

Footprints in the snow

Chapter 65

Footprints in the snow

Kraine was quite glad he had long lost the ability to feel the cold, especially on nights such as this. Seated in the shadows outside the back window of the doctors surgery, he listened intently to the movement inside. Only Lloyd remained inside the main quarters now. The doctor had retreated into the next room in order to sleep.

He could hear the sound of Lloyd's snoring, but it was far from a peaceful slumber. It was to be expected, given everything that had occurred and especially considering the advanced state of his condition. He'd followed Lloyd back, despite being told not to, and hadn't been able to bring himself to leave again. The lack of an attempt to sleep rarely bothered him. Thousands of nights had come and gone with only his sometimes maddening thoughts to keep him company.

He reeled his mind back on their past conversation on the rooftop of the Flanoir Inn. Lloyd had certainly not been the only one to discover some new unexpected information that evening, that was for certain.

"Kraine!" Lloyd had complained, right where it all began. "At least give me a bit of credit. Everyone knows that story."

There had been an unshakeable question of relevance dancing around behind the boys eyes while he retold the story he had been spoon-fed in various ways by the priests that worked in the Temple of Martel over the course of his life. It had been as though he were attempting to figure out whether his question to him was some kind of elaborate change in subject. He had been talking about the story of Mithos the Hero of course.

"Mithos the Hero saved the world from the war. He was sacrificed and his sister Martel became an angel. Origin regenerated the world and Sylvarant flourished."

Kraine had always felt rather ill, teaching those passages to the students of Iselia. The only thing that had kept his sanity intact had been the fact that there were in fact some truths hidden within the lies surrounding the bigger picture.

"I'm not sure that's exactly right any more though," Lloyd had continued on after reciting the passage perfectly. "The Journey of Regeneration is all a big hoax since Cruxis and Desians are the same organisation, after all."

The bitterness in his words had been rather obvious but completely warranted. Desians had ripped his life apart. They had taken his mother from him, hurt and tortured many innocent people, and tried to kill him more than once in order to take his exsphere. Just the fact that Lloyd had been willing to talk to one of the figureheads of Cruxis calmly was a testament to him, and something that Kraine found himself infinitely proud of his son for. After telling him so in the only way he knew how without turning their conversation into an awkward one, Lloyd had rebutted rather venomously, explaining that he could thank Yuan for that for the most part. He'd said it with such a hard glare at the railing on the balcony that Kraine had half expected the dirty snow to melt under the weight of all the unspoken words.

Though Lloyd praised Yuan on one hand, he had then gone on to divulge that he hadn't been certain that even the half-elf, his beloved first professor, could be trusted any more. To hide his surprise that Lloyd had in fact brought up a subject he had been hoping to breach at some point willingly, he'd bowed his head slightly and allowed his fringe to fall in front of his face. Reflecting back on it, he wasn't quite sure why he'd even bothered to hide from Lloyd like that. It was as frustratingly natural as pulling out his wings at this stage in his immortal life. Ignorance is Knowledge was an old creed, yes, but at times he also found it a hindrance.

He'd gone on to agree with his son about the enigma that was Yuan Ka-fai. The half-elf had so much to answer for, but at the same time it hardly seemed fair to antagonise him. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Yuan had done his bit in keeping Lloyd and Gesea safe. While his true motives were still unclear, he'd caught himself hoping- somewhat naively- that they weren't anything that would force him to be on a different side to them. Yuan's talk of sides and such earlier that night both worried and intrigued him in equal measures. From what he'd gathered, Lloyd didn't seem to believe that he was a part of Cruxis. He was right of course; at least, as far as he knew.

After peering in through the window to get a brief look at Lloyd, Kraine seated himself again and pensively tapped the crooks of his crossed arms with his index fingers while he continued onward with his train of thought.

He'd explained to Lloyd that not all of the legend was incorrect. Origin's power was vital to Mithos the Hero saving the worlds, and the story of the Chosen meeting 'Origin' also had some truth to it, in Sylvarant anyway. He hadn't told him why at that point however, since Lloyd had battered him with several more questions instantaneously, making it apparent that he had needed to hurry his pace a little. He had only been away from the profession for a short time and already he found himself losing the knack to teach adequately.

Being an individual blessed with the ability to learn skills rather quickly, the trade off had always been that he'd found himself needing to scrupulously study said skills over and over in order to keep up the knack. That, and his belief that those who teach should do so by example, was the reason he insisted on lugging notebooks and literature with him wherever he went. A thought pinned itself into the back of his mind that perhaps Lloyd was the same as him. He scrunched up his face and tried to perish the thought. If that was truly the case, all hope may well have been lost. Even the birds in the trees at Iselia likely knew of his sons desire to procrastinate from anything study related as much as humanly possible.

"There are explanations that only make sense if the adequate background is sewn into place," he'd said at seeing Lloyd's growing impatience for an adequate justification to everything.

"It can't be anything too surprising by now. I'm all ears."

Kraine had begged to differ but pressed on, disclosing that Mithos the Hero had not sacrificed himself, and neither had 'The Goddess', Martel. With Lloyd's curiosity in full swing, he'd decided on blunt truth to handle the crux of the matter.

"'Martel' never existed in the first place. The true Martel resides in the second soul of a woman you have met on multiple occasions. Her name is Martuan."

The shock he had given Lloyd had been abundantly visible. His brown eyes widening and his pupils dilating, he had stuttered out her name. "M..Martuan… as in.. the Renegade Martuan?"

At first he hadn't seemed to realise what he had revealed, but then at the precise moment his brain had clicked, he'd covered his mouth and cursed. Kraine had quickly put his mind at ease, saying that he had been fully aware of Martuan's movements. It was only a slight exaggeration. Given the interest she had shown in Yuan, he suspected that the two of them were working together.

"Really?" Lloyd had asked him, lulling his head. "Wait, back up a sec. The second soul? Y-you mean.. she's like Colette and me?""

Given his situation and everything that had happened at the tower, Kraine hadn't been particularly surprised that he'd been able to understand it. He'd hit the nail on the head but only taken a single breath before beginning a second bombardment of questions. "You mean there are more people like us around? It isn't just a Chosen thing?"

At that, he'd tried his best to simply explain to the young swordsman that the world was brimming with people like him and Colette. "There are single souls as well, but many more double souls. Occasionally people end up with more than two as well."

And that was where things had taken a strange turn. His eyebrows creased in memory.

"So that's what mum meant," Lloyd had said casually, striding away from him and stretching a little to cross his arms behind his head. "That's why you have all those names. Kratos, Raine and Regal, right?"

Kraine once again tried to recall a point where Annalicia had said those names to Lloyd. She had indeed been rather liberal with the things she had chosen to say at one point or another when 'taking over', but he was still rather confident that those names hadn't come up, just as he had been when Lloyd had first surprised him with that knowledge.

After what Lloyd had told him next, it might have made sense, had a small portion of his story not been entirely contradictory the second he had asked him to explain what he meant in more detail.

"When I was trapped in the exsphere while we were in Derris Kharlan, mum said a few names when she was talking about you."

It was in fact the only thing that made sense to how he'd known all three of those names- that he had been watching the event unfold. Kraine hadn't wanted to consider the idea, but the truth was that the only time those names had been said recently was when Lloyd had been unconscious and a fake Annalicia had tried to trick Presea. The revelation had left him wondering what to say. Something so left wing hadn't been on his list of expectations for the evening. Neither had Lloyd surprising him with a visit, for that matter.

As it turned out, Lloyd had indeed heard the entire conversation between him, Genis, the fake Annalicia, and Presea. He'd considered it pretty simple, if not a little concerning that he had been able to be drawn into the Angelus Project even with a key crest on his hand.

"So you heard and saw your mother say those names?" he'd asked, just to make things clear. He hadn't known just how much to the opposite effect his question would have at the time.

"Well yeah. That part makes sense, doesn't it?" Lloyd's question hadn't really been about the subject though. It had been about whether Kraine believed him, which he had. Honesty had always been one of Lloyd's most admirable (and dwarf-like) traits. "What I don't get is how Mithos got in there too."

There it was. The enigma that still made Kraine's head ache more than the question of how people could never seem to remember that they had been someone different when they all of a sudden changed. Very few things gave him the chills. He had discovered that he wasn't altogether immune to surprise however, thanks to that one little curious rambling from Lloyd's lips. A cold shiver had run the length of his spine and he'd found himself reduced to an undesired staring and uncoordinated mess.

At first, he had thought he must have heard incorrectly and had asked for Lloyd to say it again. Confused, Lloyd had asked him what he meant for him to repeat. Throwing caution to the wind, he had reached out to grip Lloyd by the shoulders. "Was Mithos truly inside your exsphere? Are you one-hundred percent certain?" he'd exclaimed, cutting him off. His own son had flinched back in surprise at what was either the touch, the suddenness, or both, but remained in eye contact nevertheless to give him a nod to the affirmative. He'd withdrawn after that and swiftly apologised, his need to make the journey back to Derris Kharlan and investigate the matter personally heightening rapidly.

"Mum saved me and got me to go back to my body. I could be wrong, but it sounded kinda like Mithos wanted to take it over or something."

It was at that point Kraine had realised that it hadn't been just one thing Lloyd had revealed to him. He had thought that Lloyd had simply recognised finally that Annalicia was his mother and had seen her through the window of the exsphere, but that had not actually been the case.

Kraine checked on Lloyd again when he noticed his surroundings had gone a little more quiet. The window had become too foggy to see much, but he could still hear his breathing if he listened closely enough. He seemed to have fallen into a deeper sleep. Satisfied that all was well and knowing that although a seraph could not feel the cold, they could still catch one, he decided to head back to the inn.

The rhythm of his boots making somewhat loud crunching sounds in the snow while he made his way ended up spurring his thoughts again on the impossible matters that had come to light. The first part, about Lloyd's mother being in the Angelus Project, was clearly an impossibility.

Annalicia had lost her life while wearing the exsphere and found her very soul absorbed by the thing. Gesea had then received it. Nowadays, the soul of his beloved resided in the un-crested Cruxis crystal that sat on his hand, feeding on his life force more with every waking moment.

Annalicia had been transferred from the Angelus Project to the old Presea's body, then to the Cruxis crystal that Mithos had given to him. He hadn't had a chance to address that to his son though, nor had he been sure whether it was a good move at the time. Revealing that would have also put Genis and Presea's true identity on the line, along with their relation to him and Annalicia. Since emotional strain heavily influenced the inofficium Lloyd currently suffered, he had thought it better to leave that conversation for another time.

No matter how he looked at it, it was blatantly obvious that whoever Lloyd had seen, she had not been his mother. If another soul did in fact reside within the second Angelus Project (something he had only been privy to quite recently), he did have reason for concern over their designs on Lloyd though. Something had to have given them the desire to masquerade as his mother. Pure and simple malice seemed about as likely as Flanoir becoming a beach resort to rival Altamira, but currently it was the only plausible answer he had.

There were more complications to think about as well. In lieu of deciding to keep the imposter within the Angelus Project on Lloyd's hand a secret from him for the moment, he had decided to investigate in a subtle way he felt quite sure Lloyd wouldn't be able to unravel.

"So you know your mothers name too, then?"

It had been something Lloyd hadn't known before. As expected, a faint smile had come to his face when he nodded. "Her name is Anna."


The way it looked, it seemed that the imposter must have known more. It was rather obvious that one of Annalicia's names had been Anna, after all. Still, he had always quietly adored the way Annalicia rolled off his tongue. She'd joked with him back when he had first confided his secrets to her, about what their combined name would be. "Imagine someone called Krannalicia!" she had joked. "Ooh, or what about Annaliegal!?" She still had always preferred his alias name as Regal, telling him that his true name as Kraine made him seem more like an angel of Cruxis than a man.

When the inn keep on duty smiled and waved at him upon his entrance, he realised he had been smiling to himself. He nodded politely and flashed the key-card at him before taking to the stairs. Questions about the imposter as well as Mithos' apparent presence in the exsphere mounted the more he tinkered with his thoughts. He expected Gabriel was to blame nevertheless.

The human had been the head of the Angelus Project in Mithos' stead and had already seemed to be planning to use one under the radar after taking it from Gesea. That plan hadn't ended well for Rodyle and had kept Gabriel out of Mithos' bad books. The question was, would Yggdrasil listen to him if he were to confide his concerns about Gabriel to him? No matter what, Mithos had always trusted Gabriel the most. He'd been happy with that particular development during the warring times, but his lack of interest in becoming Mithos' confidant over Gabriel seemed to be quickly becoming a thorn in his side.

Arriving at the second flight of the inn, he stopped at Yuan's room as the thought that he might be able to discuss future matters with him cropped up in his mind. He likely wasn't asleep anyway. As much as he didn't want to go down this road again, he knew it was inevitable. He would need to leave the group in Yuan's care while he investigated Mithos' whereabouts and confirmed things for himself. Yuan, as ironic as it was, seemed to be the best person to explain what needed to be done to. As much as he would have preferred Genis, he knew the young half-elf would have insisted that he not go alone and that it was unfair to Lloyd. Cowardly, perhaps, but leaving now was likely the best way to protect those he cared about the most.

He knocked on the wooden door and waited to hear a voice or footsteps. When neither yielded, he knocked once more, this time a little harder. This time, the door opened slightly. It didn't appear to have been shut entirely to begin with. It swung open with a light creak to reveal a room bathed in moonlight. Lonely white bedsheets on the bed shone under the concentrated light coming in from the window. Nobody seemed to be occupying the room at present. At first Kraine decided that Yuan might have gone on a night time stroll, but getting to think on why the bedroom door had been left ajar alerted him to possible other scenarios. The easiest one to believe was that Yuan was up to something again.

Dashing out of the room and down the stairs past a confused inn keeper after that thought, Kraine closed his eyes and felt around the area for hints of Yuan's mana signature. It came as no surprise that he couldn't feel it. He had been suppressing its strength when they had first met him in Palmacosta as well. Opening his eyes, he only had to ponder what to do for a second before he saw the answer on the ground right in front of him. He couldn't help but grimace at the irony. Yuan had thought to hide his mana signature, but had possibly forgotten to hide his physical form.

Following the set of fresh footprints in the snow, he found himself heading directly toward the doctors surgery. The closer he got, the faster he ran, until he was back at the spot he had been not ten minutes prior. Holding his breath and concealing his mana signature as best he could since he wasn't particularly great at it, he listened for voices.

"Will this really help?" came Lloyd's sleepy voice. He sounded rather hoarse.

"It will," came the blue-haired half-elf's unmistakeable smirky sounding voice that reminded him a little too much of Martuan at times. "You can thank your father though. I'm just the messenger."

Kraine could barely believe his ears. Torn between bursting in at that moment and remaining invisible, he continued to listen for just a little longer.

" knew?" Lloyd asked, stuttering. "That Kraine was my.."

The hesitance Lloyd exhibited in acknowledging the truth sent pangs of guilt surging through his heart. Although he certainly didn't deserve the title of father, he would have been lying to himself if he didn't agree that at least a tiny part of him wished for Lloyd to embrace the idea.

"I did," Yuan quickly responded. "I'm afraid I'm just as guilty as he is for keeping you in the dark for as long as you have been."

There was a rustling sound, followed by the faint clink of metal on a wooden surface- probably the bedside table.

"Will you finally tell me what is going on?" Lloyd pleaded. "Kraine told me a bit but I.. I wasn't feeling very well earlier." It sounded like it pained him to admit it. "I think I fainted for a few seconds or something after he was pushing me to tell him about my mother."

"That seems awfully ironic," was the stock response that came from Yuan at that, rather than any kind of answer to the boys question.

No voices could be heard for twelve whole seconds, only a strange squeaking noise. Curiosity almost overrode patience and Kraine was moments away from giving away his location by running to the front of the clinic and forcing the front door open when Lloyd said something else. "So what is the difference between this one and the old one?"

"Just think of it as an upgrade."

"Oh, okay." The disappointment in Lloyd's voice was as obvious as Yuan's footprints.

"As for your earlier question, what exactly is it that you desire to know so badly that you don't already? There are some things you are better off not knowing."

"That's what everyone seems to think," Lloyd muttered. "At least tell me if Colette, Sheelos and Gesea are okay?" His voice broke a bit. "I haven't seen Gesea in such a long time. Kraine won't tell me where she is, but I know he knows!"

All was quiet for a second. "And I think you do as well," Lloyd added.

Yuan chuckled lightly. "Heh. You're actually a bit more observant than you probably get credit for."

"And Noishe too! We left him alone with the Renegades at Altessa's." With Lloyd's voice growing louder, Kraine was frankly surprised the doctor was managing to sleep through it all. He had to admit, he'd forgotten about Noishe. The Protozoan could look after himself well enough though. He didn't see cause for worry.

"The Renegades?" Yuan sounded surprised. "They were also present?"

"Yeah, they were there to capture us, but they ended up fighting the Papal Knights instead."

"Hm." Yuan sounded like he was deliberating something. Kraine could hear the familiar sound of footsteps pacing along a wooden floor, back and forth, back and forth.

"For now, you need to focus on the task at hand," Yuan said, stopping his pacing. "Getting the summon spirits and putting an end to the regeneration ritual is important. You want to save Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, right?"

Kraine wasn't sure what to feel first about that particular part of Lloyd's plan. It had been a dangerous and delicate balance to begin with- one which Origin had warned them about prior to the use of the Eternal Sword to split the two warring nations. There was no doubt about it. That route would require the Eternal Sword to be wielded and for Mithos' control over Origin to be forfeit. The first part was complete. He had broken the seal on Origin's power without realising it at the time he had first swapped places with Annalicia. He was fairly confident on his deduction despite how little of the events in the Torent Forest between Mithos and everyone he had seen for himself.

The fight to end Mithos' reign over Origin's power was a completely different story. They needed many things, including a summoner and the Ring of the Pact, if Lloyd were to be the one to use the Eternal Sword, but this was only if Origin allowed another to use his power in the first place. He himself was capable of using the sword, but he already knew Origin would not place his trust in him again when he and his friends had let the world become the constant cycle of decline and prosperity it had. This cycle was not supposed to have gone on for so long. He'd allowed Mithos to continue with his twisted idea to split Martuan and the rest of the world because it had made sense. The world wasn't the way it was supposed to be and without change, half-elves would likely never be accepted. That still did not change the fact that Mithos had abused Origin's trust, and by extension, so had he, Gabriel and Martuan. The world needed a new hero if they were to right their wrongs.

"Don't worry about Noishe," Yuan said to Lloyd, breaking him out of his troubling thoughts. "He's with an old friend of mine. I assure you he is quite safe and doing his own part in helping out."

Kraine scowled and decided that now was the time to approach Yuan before too much more happened. He had involved Noishe already and it only seemed to be a matter of time before he entangled Lloyd in his web of… deceit? No, perhaps not. But a web of trickery seemed fitting. Yuan knew more than he should and such knowledge unshared was a danger to them all. If he saw it fit to meddle in their affairs any longer, he needed to tell them everything.

He heard Yuan's footsteps growing further from the window he was standing by and decided to head him off so that he had no chance of escape. Ducking under the sill so to not be spotted, he trod as lightly as he could and made his way around to the front of the clinic. The door clicked as though it were about to be opened. Kraine readied himself.

"Be strong Lloyd. Don't let this go on any longer than it needs to." The wooden handle twisted.

"Yuan," Lloyd called. The handle stopped mid-turn. "I know you gave me my exsphere."


Lloyd watched Yuan turn his head of blue hair a little to look back at him from his spot near the door. Most of his face was cloaked in shadows so he couldn't make out his expression, but just the fact that he had managed to stop him with his words was proof enough that they held at least a little bit of weight. He hadn't wanted to bring it up. He would have been much happier just trusting that Yuan had his reasons or that maybe the Mithos in his exsphere had been some kind of illusion, but given how Yuan had once again stepped in to save his life as though he'd been prepared for it, he couldn't just let him walk out again without at least getting some answers.

Feeling that he had a little more energy now, he sat up in bed and let the blankets fall to his midriff. "Or at least I'm pretty sure it was you who gave it to me." He suddenly felt awkward at Yuan's persistent gaze on him now and sunk down a little while he stuttered and gulped back the rest of his doubts. Now wasn't the time for that. If he really wanted a resolution, he needed to be resolute. "No. I'm sure it was him. He didn't sound like he was lying."

Yuan turned fully to him and stood still for a few seconds that felt more like minutes, just eyeballing him. He then sauntered closer to the bed and rested a hand on the back of a chair that sat near his bedside, close to his feet. "It seems that perhaps you've found out more than I thought you would because of this." He scoffed lightly to himself and looked up at the ceiling. "And here I thought I'd managed to prevent his soul from taking over."

"Mithos?" Lloyd realised he was falling into a trap that Yuan had so obviously set, but he didn't really care. He was a little surprised actually, that Yuan wasn't asking questions and expecting him to figure out the answers. Up until now, that had been the usual routine. "Well, he didn't really take over.. I don't think." He questioned himself quietly after that. There were a few things that stood out as being weird. The longer he tried to figure out what it meant, the more his forehead hurt from frowning so hard.

"I think we need to discuss some things Lloyd."

While he'd been concentrating, Yuan had moved from his position leaning on the chair to sit down instead. "You mean it is true?" He knew the answer already, but confirmation just felt good.

Yuan made his chair creak a little as he leaned back and stole a glance toward the window where reflective light from all of the snow filtered in. He was looking so far off in his thoughts that Lloyd wondered whether to interrupt or wait for him to answer. "It's true," Yuan said, just as he opened his mouth to ask if he was okay. "I gave you that exsphere when you were very young. In order to make sure there was no doubt, I made certain Cruxis knew of your appearance in Iselia. Remiel was entrusted with ensuring your transition into the Chosen was accepted by the people in Iselia."

While Yuan explained, Lloyd found himself looking at his exsphere and the new key crest Yuan had given him after saying that it would save him from the disease Kraine and the doctor had been talking about. He'd known for a while that he probably hadn't actually been born with the exsphere, especially after what Kvar had said. That part wasn't the surprise.

"So what you're basically saying is that I wouldn't have been the Chosen if you hadn't given me this exsphere that belonged to my mother?" Even as he was saying it, another question begged to be asked. "How did you get it anyway?"

"No," Yuan replied simply. "You would have lived as normal a life a boy who had been adopted by a dwarf could, free from the burden of being the Chosen. It would have been a life where you might have wished that the Chosen would appear in order to save your world. You would have been Colloyd until the day you died, not knowing any different."

Lloyd wasn't sure why that thought terrified him, but it did. "So that's why you gave it to me? You didn't want Sylvarant to keep suffering?" Yuan groaned impatiently, making his blood boil a little. "Then if that's not it, tell me what it is!"

"Use your own head a little!" Yuan screeched back. They both paused before saying anything else, hearing a sound coming from the adjoining room where the doctor slept. When it seemed as though he was just stirring in his sleep, Yuan continued on, this time his voice a light but rough whisper. "If that was all I wanted, then why would I have waited so long and put an exsphere so important in the hands of a child who had just seen his own father kill his mother?"

Lloyd noticed Yuan looked just as shocked as he felt at the words out of his mouth. A faint squeak of hesitation came from him before he grumbled and sat back in the chair.

"You were there.." Lloyd said softly, shaking his head to stop the tears that had suddenly threatened to fall from his eyes. "You saw what happened and did nothing to stop it?" He felt oddly numb as he said it.

"I did." Yuan sounded emotionless. His face when Lloyd tried to discern what he was thinking when he'd responded had reminded him a little too much of Kraine.

"But why didn't you do anything?" He clenched his fist, ready to punch him. The only thing holding him back at that moment was the knowledge that Yuan had given him the key crest to help him, and all of the other times he had helped him over the years. Speaking of which, he realised another thing in that moment. Yuan had probably become a professor at Iselia in order to make sure he learned about being the Chosen in the way he wanted him to. It hadn't been until he had first started teaching him things about the angels that he had been able to grasp the idea that he might end up being one when he began the regeneration. Things were starting to make sense.

"I couldn't have done anything, even if I wanted to," said Yuan. "Forgive me Lloyd. This is where the conversation about that subject must end."

"It'll end when I say it will!" he spluttered back without even thinking. Yuan looked furious. He'd only seen him with such a hard expression like that when they were in battle. The man who had once been his idol was dissolving before his very eyes as he again seemed to be ready to leave things at that. "How can someone do that?" he asked sadly, sure he wasn't going to get a response anyway.

"You misunderstand me," Yuan grunted. "I wasn't allowed to do anything to help. To do so would have been detrimental to all I have worked toward." Lloyd chewed on that statement, but of course it made no sense. Yuan sighed. "You were right though, about what you said earlier. I did want the world to be saved. It's just that it has to be you that saves it."

Now there was an idea Lloyd knew he could get behind. "I plan to do just that. Sylvarant and Tethe'alla shouldn't have to steal each others mana like they do. That's the first step. I'll look for a way to solve all the other problems while I do it." He felt himself getting more confident as he spoke. "Yeah. I'll find Gesea myself. Then with Genis and Presea, we'll go and find Colette and Sheelos."

"Search the seals in Sylvarant for Colette. As for Sheelos.." Yuan crossed his arms. "Let's just say that I know for a fact that she's ended up with Colette."

"I wish you would just tell me how you know all this stuff though." It was a shot in the dark. He didn't expect it to work. It didn't. Yuan shrugged his statement off and moved for the door with purpose this time.

"You'll need to contact Botta at the Renegade base here in Flanoir. That's the only way you can transfer between the two worlds.. give or take a few loopholes here and there that I won't go into."

Lloyd made a mental note of it before raising an eyebrow. "Wait a second. You're talking like you won't be with us."

"There are some things I need to check up on presently. I'll be in touch." He left without another word.

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