Skewed Destinies- The Flames of Origin

Revenge is a dish best served discreetly

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Chapter 67

Revenge is a dish best served discreetly

Lloyd awoke the next morning feeling different. The events of last night still fresh in his mind, he sprung to his feet with still part of the last snore sounding. The doctor, who had been examining him with a noteboard in one hand and a pen in the other, checking things off and scribbling things, looked up at him. "You're finally awake I see," he said. He sounded far away in his thoughts still.

Thinking back to the previous night, Lloyd discreetly looked at his left hand where the Angelus Project sat, now with a new key crest attached. Yuan had told him so many things that night.

"It has to be you that saves it," Yuan had said in relation to him saving the world.

The main thing was that he was now pretty sure Yuan was on their side. If he wasn't, he didn't think he would have any reason to save him from his earlier condition. He now had goals to work toward. The first was leaving Flanoir with Genis, Presea and Kraine. Yuan had as good as told him that he would not be joining them for the time being and 'attending to business.' Rather than dwelling on what his old professor turned seraph-involved-in-everything was doing, he set about working on what he could do. He would ask Kraine to tell him what had happened to Gesea, and he would not stop until he got a satisfactory answer- even if he had to nag him for an entire day.

Thinking about that made his ears heat up a little. This would be the first time he would travel properly with Kraine since discovering that he was his family. "Aaah!" he shook his head to try to shake away the thoughts and made a bee-line for the door to the clinic. Sitting around thinking about things would drive him crazy. Now was the time for action.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

He flinched when he heard the question from the doctor as he scurried up behind him just as he placed a hand on the door knob to head outside. He turned and stuttered for a few seconds while trying his best to hide his exsphere'd hand from him, knowing he would probably ask questions he didn't want to answer if he saw the new key crest. The doctor casually steered him back toward the bed. "Your father should be coming soon. Stay put until then."

Lloyd nodded absently, wondering how they were going to pay for the doctors fees. He decided it was best to be up front and honest now rather than have the doctor pick on a seraph of Cruxis and suffer the wrath. Kraine was scary enough as an angry teacher without being a ticked off angel-father-teacher. The doctor was staring at him. "What?" he asked, sure he had still kept his hand hidden.

The doctor sighed. "You don't think I didn't see it while you were snoring away for hours after I woke up, do you?"

"Ah.." Lloyd gaped, then sighed with a slump of his shoulders while he looked at the clock on his bedside. It was almost eight in the morning. With that in mind, he was kind of surprised that his friends had not come for him yet.

The doctor fiddled with some papers over on the counter across the room for a few seconds before raising one piece of parchment up in the air to show. Lloyd couldn't read it from that distance but he could make out one of the pictures. He'd seen it before, he was sure. Squinting his eyes, he realised why. It was a picture of the unicorn horn that Sheelos had been searching for.

"Just who gave you the advanced Rune Crest?" the doctor queried. "The information on how to make one is quite rare and I would quite like to know how the person responsible came across it. I have my suspicions though."

Lloyd didn't get a chance to ask what he meant by that because the front door opened with a creak, letting in light, a pile of snow, a cold breeze, Genis, Presea and…

He couldn't help staring at Yuan as he wandered in after and closed the door behind himself, pushing the snow that had tumbled inside out with it. More than that though, he stared at him because he had expected to see Kraine in his place. Yuan had said so himself- he had apparently needed to 'check up on things'.

"Lloyd!" Genis greeted, a giant grimace on his face as he and Presea quickly made their way to his bedside. "Are you feeling better?"

"He looks much better," Presea said in observation and her quiet tone that reminded Lloyd of Gesea. Both of his friends waited for his response. He grinned happily for their sake and bobbed his head. "Y-yeah." He wasn't sure how much more to say and hoped Yuan would help. He stole a glance at the half-elf.

"Kraine gave him a new key crest," Yuan blurted out shortly after, to Lloyd's surprise. "It should stop the Toxicosis and reverse any adverse effects."

Genis and Presea were just as surprised as Lloyd, but he realised probably not for the same reason. He thought on Yuan's words until Yuan addressed him again. "So what is on the agenda of the leader today?"

"Bed rest, and plenty of it," the doctor interrupted. "He still has yet to fully recover and is not up to gallivanting around Tethe'alla, doing Martel-knows-what."

"I actually feel fine," Lloyd objected, getting up from the bed again and stretching. "Good as new." He flexed a bit and did a jog on the spot to try to prove it to the doctor. He didn't look like he was buying it but eventually exhaled and nodded his head. "Very well. I know when my services are no longer appreciated. I will take payment now." He scanned the rest of the group, probably looking for Kraine. His eyes fell on the adult of the group, Yuan.

Yuan cleared his throat and casually reached behind him to the backpack he carried everywhere. By now, Lloyd was sure it possessed some magical abilities with the amount of things he had seen him pull from it. Yuan pulled out a bunch of cash this time. "How much is it that you are asking?"

The doctor looked perplexed. "I'm sorry, but I already had an arrangement with the boys father. Is he around?"

Yuan sighed. "I was afraid it would come to this." He looked at Lloyd, then at Genis and Presea. "The three of you should purchase some new armour and weapons for the journey ahead." He waved the wad of cash around until Presea took it from him and counted it. "I will catch up shortly." He turned to face the doctor, who had a slowly widening grimace on his face.

Lloyd quietly left the doctors clinic with Genis and Presea in tow and closed the door behind him. He was about to ask Presea about herself and why she was coming along with them when it was going to be a dangerous journey when a concerning cackle sounded from inside. The three of them listened.

"Shut up and just get it over with already," Yuan snapped. "If you weren't Tethe'alla's best doctor, I'd have rather snapped your neck than put up with this treatment." He sounded extremely irritated.

"Okay. Tell me, how does this feel?"

There was silence for a bit, then a harrumph from Yuan. "Well, it doesn't make me want to chop your arms off, if that's what you're asking."

"Then how about-"

Before the doctor could finish his next question, a large crash that sounded further away filled the area. Lloyd jumped back from the door and looked at Genis and Presea for silent advice as to what they should do. Presea's whole face seemed almost the same shade as her hair. He wondered what was wrong but before he could ask, the door opened again and Yuan stepped out. His hair looked a little frizzed but otherwise he looked normal. He didn't appear to be too surprised to see them though. "Shall we go now?" he asked, the irritation in his voice still clear. "The payment to the doctor has been made in full."

"But what did he want?" Lloyd couldn't help but ask.

"It's nothing for you to concern over," Yuan responded mysteriously, making Lloyd feel all the more curious. He looked at Presea and she flinched. "I think it is best not to ask him," she answered, looking away and at her feet as they trudged in the snow.

"He was just showing his wings to the doctor," Genis muttered, only loud enough so that they could hear him. He lifted his head to look up at Yuan. "I don't really understand why, but I have a feeling it's best not to ask that."

"You would be correct," Yuan said with a nod. "Let's just say that Kraine owes me one and I intend to maximise on that one day."

Lloyd stopped and shot his friends confused looks when Yuan kept on ahead toward the items store. They shrugged together. Eventually he decided it was best to just do as Yuan said before continuing on with the next part of his quest to find Gesea and the rest of his friends. The weight of the Noishe figurine in his pocket made itself known again. This time he was determined. Things were going to change and he was going to be the one to change them.


Sheelos quickly realised she wasn't the only one distracted with her thoughts about her dreams when she noticed Martuan walking ahead of them and almost about to tread straight on a spike trap. Colette let out a cry for her to stop and moved swiftly to try to help, only to trip over her own shadow and have her pink wings pop out from behind her to prevent her from face planting the bricked floor.

Martuan looked all of a sudden panicked and froze on the spot. Sheelos caught up to her first while Colette picked herself up once again. "Look down," she said to Martuan, unable to hide the snicker in her voice. It was a rare treat to see the lady Renegade so disorientated and with something on her mind so much that she had lost awareness of her surroundings. "If you walk any faster than a snail, you'll end up being skewered."

Martuan proceeded to glare at the spike trap she had almost fallen victim to. Sheelos wondered whether it was out of embarrassment or something else. She flinched when her venomous glare transferred from being on the spike trap to being on her. "And praise tell how you have come to know this? Have you been here before?" Martuan interrogated, shifting her gaze up to Colette who had taken to the air and was currently observing them as they had their conversation. "It is my understanding that you initially planned on killing the Chosen."

"Yeah, you'd know all about that." Sheelos let her look say it all for a second before frowning down at the ground. There was more that Martuan was trying to find out, she just knew it. She needed to be careful on what she said on the matter. It was kind of easy to forget her relentless side as a Renegade and how she had also wished Colette dead not too long ago though.

Colette landed on the other side of the trap and chimed in before Sheelos could give Martuan a satisfying answer without giving away too much. "Sheelos never wanted to kill me. I could tell."

Sheelos felt a tiny part of her heart melt. It was no wonder Colette often found herself in troubling situations considering the amount of trust and hopefulness she placed in all whom she met. She was the epitome of what the Chosen was expected to be, unlike her- the necessary evil of Mizuho.

"That still doesn't explain how she knows how the mausoleum looks," Martuan replied after a brief likely melting moment of her own. "There is only one explanation."

Colette's blonde eyebrows creased together. "That she has been here before?" Her eyes rolled up to one side as though she were trying to recall something.

"I suppose I might as well tell you," Sheelos groaned, deciding guilt would pang too hard on her soul if she were to watch Colette try to come to some kind of innocent deduction. "I can open up the seals here as well." She gestured for the group to continue on after she and Martuan had carefully walked over the trap. They were wasting valuable time just standing around.

"You can?" Colette seemed to have already trailed her mind back to when she had seen her at the Balacruf Mausoleum, arguing with Yuan. She squinted one eye and then the other, before scratching her head. "Yes, of course you can."

The way Colette said that worried Sheelos. Colette continued. "I mean, you did try to kill me more than once. We ran into you right as we were about to leave." She sounded kind of uncertain even as the words tumbled from her lips.

Sheelos stopped even though she had been the one to decide on leading the group. Some monsters lurked ahead, but they weren't anything to worry about. The infestation of the tougher and more powerful enemies had been taken care of by her and Yuan the first time around. Regardless, Colette's spoken version of events differed from her own memories. Didn't she remember her and Yuan arguing outside and how Kraine and Yuan had not-so-subtly hinted that they knew each other were hiding things?

"I always wondered if that meant you'd gotten past Noishe or had been able to get in before us," Colette continued to muse.

Martuan burst out in a sarcastic laugh. "Nothing gets past Noishe if Kraine orders him to stay. Especially not Tethe'allan infiltrators in Sylvarant." She tilted her head in Sheelos' direction.

Sheelos had other things on her mind instead of responding to the dig. She lazily reached for her seals as a small skeleton monster carrying its head in its hands spotted them and began to lumber toward them in lopsided strides. Its bones clinked like a creepy instrument as it approached. Before it could even get into range and right as she was preparing to make a run and jump to ambush it, something whistled past her ears and head. She watched Martuan's battlestaff hit the monster true in its solar plexus… or what would have been its solar plexus, if it actually had any visible nerves. Still, the impact had the same result as if it had, and the once walking pile of bones disassembled and dropped to the ground, emitting a bright flash and vanishing into nothingness.

Sheelos tried not to feel jealous as Colette praised Martuan for a job well done and shrugged it off to continue onward down the darkened hallway that stretched out in front of them. The slight flowery fragrance that wafted around might have been more pleasant if it wasn't combined with the choke of dust she would also inhale if she breathed too deeply. A grimace quirked at her lips at remembering how she had teased Yuan on the way through last time, saying that the Church of Martel should employ him and his feather duster for their ruins. She'd gotten a look from him that even to this day made her snort and giggle. Unable to resist the urge, she found herself rewarded with questioning gazes from the other two girls. Not wanting to share, she just shrugged her shoulders. Luckily for her, Colette was not the prying type and Martuan didn't really seem to care either way unless she thought it mattered to the big picture.

The metallic clang of the metal spike traps protruding in and out of the back wall grew louder as they got closer and totalled a couple more enemies on the way. When they were close enough to stand and watch them move without being harmed and close enough to see the hungry mouth of an exit up some steps just beyond the traps, Martuan let out a heavy and obvious exasperated sigh. She shook her head and muttered something under her breath before materialising her seraph wings of pink and green. Taking to the air, she expertly fluttered over them and landed with a delicate thud on the other side. Colette, seeming to believe it was the best thing to do, and still having her wings out, raised a leg to take flight into the air. She stopped right before her feet left the ground, whipping her head back to look at Sheelos with a cross between a worried and apologetic expression.

"Go on," Sheelos urged, waving for her to go on ahead. "The last thing I want is for something like this to kill you after everything we've been through." She'd meant it to sound like a joke in her head, but it hadn't exactly come out that way. As far as she was concerned, if she hadn't sacrificed her for her village and for the fact that it would mean it would be extremely unlikely she would become the Chosen and have to endure the journey in her lifetime, then nobody could lay a hand on Colette. The fact that Colette was her friend and adorable came in as a close second reason though. Actually, Sheelos was willing to admit that maybe that reason took prevalence now.

With Colette (somewhat less gracefully) landing next to Martuan on the other side of the traps, Sheelos set about watching their movements. They moved in and out of the wall with a few seconds between their in and out positions. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves and ensure she would not be as adorably clumsy as Colette in a dire moment, she readied herself for the next opportunity. Before she even had time to think about what she was doing, she'd dashed through and landed in the safe space between groups of the traps.

Waiting again, she timed the seconds that went by. The second set of spike traps, as they had the last time she had been inside, moved in and out at different intervals and at a faster rate. That made sense. She'd noticed the clanking sounds had sounded more like an odd musical tune rather than a unified sound. Waiting till the first of the two was starting to retract into the wall, she made a mad zip for her allies on the other side; hoping against hope that she had timed it well enough. A sigh of sheer relief escaped her jaw when she made it to the front of a pleased Colette. Martuan had left to move into the next room already. Sheelos made to follow her, Colette at her side, her pink wings still fluttering behind her as she walked.

She wasn't very good at reading the mana in the air, but even she could tell the difference a single room made as they neared the location Sylph likely slept. It had been the same when they had unknowingly been on Gnome's tail. She hadn't realised it at the time of course though, and she tried not to think about it too much. The idea of summon spirit sudoku was already a little bit much to compute.

The room that stood before the three of them was pretty unremarkable, aside from the varied sizes and colours of the pinwheels that sat around, ready to be moved with a gust of wind from the sorcerers ring, or in Yuan's case, wind magic. It still kind of stumped her as to how Yuan had known the exact order that had opened the path up ahead the first time. It was as though he'd done it all before. If he had indeed been on a journey around Sylvarant before and gone to the seals, that would explain a few things, but not everything.

One of the gems in her obi heated up as she approached the marbled stairs that led up to where faint rays of daylight shone through to their location. "Finally," said Gnome. "It's been quite some time since I saw my friends!"

"They're your friends?" Sheelos grimaced. "Or is it maybe something more, Gnome?"

All of the gems in her obi heated up at that and a chorus of various laughs sounded from her summon spirits. Even Volt himself even buzzed in contentment.

"Guys!" Gnome yelled, making Sheelos flinch. She could almost picture poor Gnome, his cheeks red with childish blush while he put his mole paws in front of his eyes. She felt kind of sorry for him, but it was still a cute image to picture.

"Do not bother to deny it Gnome," Undine chastised, her underwater voice a pitch higher than normal. "I seem to remember you not being able to stop talking to Sephie last time you were united under one summoner. My memory is quite accurate."

Gnome made a whining noise. "We're just friends!"

Sheelos grimaced to herself. While they hadn't told her directly, they had in fact revealed one thing to her. Summon spirits understood the same concept elves and half-elves understood. Probably catching wind of her thought, they all stopped their playful banter and fell quiet. She bit her lip in curious thought until she heard a cough from Martuan. "We're waiting for you, Summoner," she called to her from up ahead where the summoning altar stood.

Clearing her head, Sheelos approached the altar. The faint smell of roses and freshly cut grass wafted up her nostrils. She closed her eyes and concentrated. "Sylph! I am Sheelos and I demand the opportunity to test my skills before I make a pact with you!"

She kept her eyes shut and waited to feel the ground vibrate, an unfamiliar voice.. something. Nothing came though and she eventually got bored enough to squint one eye slightly open. For a panicked moment as she looked at Colette and Martuan, both shrugging their shoulders with the same confusion in their eyes, she wondered if the Sylph were like Gnome- hanging out in a lush Meltokian backyard out of sheer boredom.

Thankfully, the Sylph apparently preferred to practice the art of 'fashionably late' and gradually appeared in front of her. Even before any of the three spoke, Sheelos disliked them. They had three different pairs of wings on them. One had feathered wings of the slightly golden colour, like the majority of mindless Cruxis angels, another had smaller pink and orange pointed wings, similar to those she was used to seeing on the seraphs around her. Lastly, one had giant pink and purple butterfly wings that were twice the size of their body. Sheelos wondered which one was Sephie.

"So, you've come," the golden haired and pixie-winged Sylph holding a giant shield addressed in a high pitched voice that made Sheelos' insides cringe.

"That's Fairess," Undine explained. "She's probably the most level headed of the three." Sheelos nodded, thinking it made sense considering her choice of battle gear. She decided that she must have been the spell caster.

"Like a moth to the flame," Sheelos replied to Fairess, channelling a certain blue-haired half-elf's favourite phrase and unable to stop her grin. "I request a pact with the three of you, Sylph!"

"You don't have to say it more than once you know," the purple haired one with the butterfly wings stated, rolling her eyes. Her voice was slightly less squeaky than Fairess' but still annoying. "Why do you think we appeared in the first place?" Her wings fluttered fast for a few seconds, developing a brief gust that sent Sheelos' short and unmanageable hair flying into her eyes and mouth. She withheld a groan of frustration and simply fixed it up as best she could.

"And that's Yutis," Efreet commented. "Do not let her bow fool you. Her arrows of wind are just as sharp as her attitude."

Deciding to keep that in mind, Sheelos realised that the remaining one, the turquoise haired and golden-winged Sylph, must have been this 'Sephie' Gnome was infatuated with. She looked the fiercest. A fire burned in her eyes and she looked like she was ready for a good fight, and so was Sheelos.

"We the Sylph already share a pact with Mithos," Sephie explained. Her voice was actually relatively normal, which in itself was odd.

"I know," Sheelos replied. "I ask that you annulst your pact with Mithos and establish a new pact with me."

There was a brief quiet moment where all that could be heard was the whistle of the wind.

"Very well," Sephie responded, raising her sword. "I presume you know what comes next as well then, Summoner?"

"You bet I do." Sheelos grimaced and glanced back at her companions. Colette unsheathed her chakrams and Martuan held her staff in an offensive stance. Sheelos tried to not think too much as she summoned Gnome to the battlefield.

"It's nothing personal!" Gnome yelled as he unleashed his earth magic right as Sephie charged at Sheelos while and the other two Sylph took to fighting them from a distance. Rocks of varying shapes and sizes materialised from the ground in the middle of the battlefield and floated to their targets before circling them like vultures closing in on carcasses. With several heavy thuds, they smashed against their targets and sent Fairess, Yutis and Sephie all skidding to the ground with surprised squeaks and cries. At seeing what he'd done, Gnome covered his face with his paws and whimpered. A tinge of guilt touched Sheelos at that and she decided to apologise later once everything was said and done.

"Y-you win," Sephie groaned, her arms and legs quivering as she tried to get up but failed.

Yutis tried next but failed as well. Sheelos blinked, unable to believe what she was seeing despite it having been a somewhat.. expected.. outcome. "We hadn't expected you to have such power," Yutis groaned as she bowed her head, the hand she'd been reaching out to her dropped bow retracting to hug against her body instead.

"Make your vow, and the pact will be yours," Fairess instructed.

"Wh.." Martuan mouthed, before dropping her staff at her feet and putting her hands on her hips. "What!?"

All three Sylphs looked at her after her sudden outburst. Sheelos grimaced, happy her hunch had worked. She'd seen the way the woman had looked during their battle with Efreet. She knew something about what was happening, or in the very least why what was supposed to happen wasn't happening. Not that she was necessarily complaining about the outcome, the easier things were, the better, but something just seemed off and she couldn't shrug the feeling that answers would help her understand some of the other questions she had about the world and what the future held.

"Hold on just a minute," Martuan said after having gathered her tone back to her usual calm. "I can understand that maybe Efreet was a little weaker than the rest given that we had an abundance of water magic to use on him and he was the least challenging last time too, but you three-" she pointed at each of them- "what is your excuse?"

"What are you trying to say?" Sephie asked cautiously, sitting up from her position and weaving a finger around the sword she had been prepared to do battle with just a few moments earlier.

"Exactly what it sounds like!" Martuan snapped. "There is simply no way that I will believe that a few stray rocks from Gnome, who didn't aim properly to begin with, would hit all three of you, let alone win the battle for us."

"Oh no.." Gnome said, turning his back to all of them. "I'm sorry!"

Sheelos felt her gems heating up, but the summon spirits all seemed sort of speechless.

"But.." Colette placed a hand on Martuan's shoulder. "Martuan?"

Martuan briefly glanced back at her before giving the Sylph's her most demanding glare yet.

"Why do you think it's not normal?" Colette continued to question anyway. "I mean… maybe Sheelos is just strong?"

"Not to blatantly disregard you Colette, but don't you think it seemed odd that one hit would be all it takes to knock out a summon spirit and win the right to make a pact?" She trained her eyes on Sephie after that. "You especially did not go easy on the last summoner who came to request a pact."

An annoyed growl sounded from each of the Sylph at that. Slowly they all stood from their crouched and wounded positions. The wind picked up and sent Sheelos' hair into her face once again. "Mithos abused his power over us," Sephie snapped.

"You can say that again," Fairess added.

"You say that as though it was the reason you went all out on him four thousand years ago," Martuan responded sharply. Sheelos had to admit, her method was good. Unlike Yuan though, she could see exactly where this half-elf was going with her plans. "But how could you have an existing reason to go all out on a child who only wished to save the world from the war that threatened to completely destroy it, saving the seed of the great tree as well as the summon spirits who would not exist without mana?" She looked over each of them evenly. "It is as though you knew what would become of him and still made the pact anyway."

The Sylph all flinched back. Sheelos couldn't help the raise of her brows. Without much effort at all, Martuan had cornered them. Now she just needed to wait for the answer. The Sylph retreated into a tight huddle together after a minute and flew up higher into the sky. Martuan was about to give chase when they came fluttered back to ground level, each with somewhat determined looks in their eyes.

"Don't you know?" Sephie asked them first.

"We were merely testing your sharpness," Yutis continued on.

"-Before we test our true might against yours," Fairess ended. All three Sylph crossed their arms across their chests and bobbed their heads. Gnome, who was still summoned and had retreated to a corner to watch from afar as the event unfolded, let out an unhappy low groan at the turn of events. Sheelos felt her summon gems heating up again but couldn't hear anything the spirits were saying.

"Now they mean business," Martuan said from beside her. "Curious."

All three Sylph flew away from the center of the field as they had the last time and turned to them.

"Should we each take on one of them?" Colette asked, her voice quivering. Sheelos nodded uncertainly. Just like Colette, she was actually a bit scared now that the prospect of a decent battle with the Sylph seemed a reality.

Sheelos set about deciding on her next course of action. Re-summoning Gnome seemed like the best idea. She hadn't even gotten a few words into her summoning chant when she heard "Here I go!" The wind whistled around her.

"Get down!" Martuan yelled. Sheelos ducked, but felt the sharp lick of wind magic against her back still. The flapping of heavy wings drew closer after the wind had subsided. Utilising her teachings as a ninja of Mizuho, she jumped up to catch Sephie by surprise with her own short sword she had concealed in a thigh sheath under her robes. While she clashed weapons with the sword user Sylph, she saw hints of Colette's chakrams flying through the battlefield toward where Yutis flittered back and forth, attempting to skirmish arrows at the group.

Sheelos shook her head. She had to focus on the battle. Sephie was holding nothing back now. She ducked under a side swipe of Sephie's sword and walloped her own toward the sylph's unprotected shoulders. Sephie was fast though- too fast. She backflipped in mid-air to avoid the attack before charging in for a lunge at her. It didn't take Sheelos long to realise that if she was going to win this fight and help the others in their own skirmishes, she was going to have to use Sephie's agility against her.

After parrying and clashing with her opponent, waiting for the movement sequence to happen in the same way again, she finally found the window of opportunity opening itself. While she aimed for Sephie's left shoulder this time, she reached into her outfit for her seals. She heard a cry from Colette, but couldn't turn to see what it was about in such a vital moment. Sephie of course dodged the blow to her shoulder and attempted the same follow up move as last time. Sheelos methodically ducked and leaned forward with her seal in her hand, ready to cast Pyre Seal.

She heard the yell of Colette again. The hiss of weapon cutting air sounded close but she didn't get a chance to see what was making the sound before it hit her. Letting out a shriek as pain burned in her chest from the arrow that had struck from above, she found the seal leaving her hand and herself flying backward.

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