Survivor's diary

Chapter 16


"And that's how we found her" Vicky ends the story. My dad holds the bottle of water on Carol's lips, her taking little sips.

"Heard anything from Rick?" he asks. Daryl shakes his head, still watching Carol. He hasn't looked at anything else since they got back here. As if something will happen to her if he looks away for one second.

"Nope, he's probably still on a killing route through the halls."

"Glenn and Maggie are not back either" I say, and I quickly look at the exit of the cell block. Every time, I hope the sound of Daryl's motorcycle is coming this way. And I'm wrong every time.

"They probably stopped somewhere to do a quick one" Vicky says, not bothering the lifted eyebrows of my dad. Daryl shakes his head, a little annoyed. I quickly put a hand in front of my mouth, hiding a little laughter.

"Well, it was an exciting day, a lot to write about" Vicky says, turning around. "They'll probably be back before dinner, and if they're not, just bring it to me. I can eat for two."

"Where are you going?" I ask, seeing Vicky walking towards the exit.

"Back to E" she says. I'm surprised, and when Daryl looks up I know he is too.

"What? Why would you go back there?" I ask. "The lock's broken, right? It's not safe anymore."

"Of course it is" Vicky says, a little annoyed. "Rick killed them all, right? Very unfair of him, 'cause now there's none left for me, but it means I can sleep in my own part of the palace."

"You can stay here if you want" my dad offers, looking around the corner. "We got a spare cell."

"No thanks" Vicky says. "It's too crowded here. And besides, I'm a little cray-cray, so I don't think it's good for you guys with me turning things up all the time."

Without letting anything else stop her, she walks away.

"Did she just say 'cray-cray'?" I ask Daryl.

"Yup, she did."

"We should bring her dinner tonight" Carol softly says, and Daryl almost runs towards the bed. Carol smiles. "I think we still have some corn."


I stare at the phone. Will it ring again? Will I hear her voice again?

I reach for the horn, but pull my arm back. No, it doesn't work that way. It didn't work the other times I tried, why would it now?

I lean back on the chair, not letting the phone out of my sight.

"It won't walk away" a voice behind me says. I don't have to look up to know it's Vicky. "Unless, it has feet which are in camouflage mode right now. Like an insect. What was that name again?"

"What are you doing here?" I ask her. She jumps down from the steps, sits down on one of the many boxes.

"Y'know, jus' chillin' with my dead homies. One of them told me you were in here."

"Who was it?"

"It wasn't your wife, if that's what you're thinking."

I feel the little hope I had wash away, and the only thing to hold on to is the phone. Vicky sighs.

"You know that who you talked earlier, it's not real."

I feel something cold climb its way up my back, like a spider of ice. "What do you mean?"

"C'mon, Rickie-boy. You know what I mean. Those dead people, the ones on the phone. Trust me, ghosts can't use phones. If that were true, I would call my mom every minute of the day."

"What do you know about it?!" I ask, a little louder than planned, but of course, Vicky doesn't bother.

"Well, a lot, actually. More than you think, more than I like."

"Now, what? You're the "Ghost Whisperer?"

"No, my name's Vicky. And you are Rick, a guy who lost his wife and is now going crazy."

"You mean, like you?"

Vicky laughs. "Well, if you end up like me, you're very fucked. No, you're on your way becoming like me. You're halfway there of losing yourself."

"Who are you? My psychiatrist?"

"No, I'm Vicky. And I'm telling you to get your shit together."

"Like you did?" I glance.

"You're fucking annoying, you know that? If it wasn't for Carl, I seriously would've strangled you."

"Do what you want. Carl can handle himself. He's a good kid, he-"

I hear a sound of something nearing my face, and then there's pain on my left cheek. I finally turn away from the phone, and see Vicky's widened eyes spitting fire.

"You're an idiot" she says, her hand still in the air from the slap she just gave me. "If I tell you to get you're shit together, you do it, understand? You got people counting on you. You know what they did today? They found the missing members, they got the food for your baby, they took care of each other. They're shitting their pants 'cause you won't show your ugly bearded pirate face. And don't you think you're daughter wants to see her daddy's face? I tell you, man; get your shit together."

I swallow a lump through my throat, and turn back to the phone. I stare at it, for one last time. Vicky stands up from the crutch, but doesn't walk away. I realize she's waiting for me, and I sighed, and then I nod.

"OK, I'll get it together. I'll go back."

Vicky nods. "Finally, it has found its brain again."

I look at the phone for one last time, before I stand up. "OK. I'm going. I'm going back."

"Good boy" Vicky says, and gives me a pat on my head. "If you were a dog, I would've given you a cookie."

Summerday I don't know

AAAAAAAAAANNNNDDD I am back! Not from the dead, I'm just back from a little trip. Not like a school trip, more like a 'YEEY I'm having the time of my life!' trip. And a lot has happened before I went on the 'YEEY I'm having the time of my life!' trip. First, Hershel took his first step as a cripple. And it wasn't like a baby taking his first step, which was a little disappointing. Then, outta nowhere, walkers joined the party, and T-dog and Lori had a baby and died too, and we lost Carol, and Rick went cray-cray and Daryl almost cried, and I was very angry. So I went away, 'cause when I'm angry, I want to kill things. People and other things. But I know I'll regret killing Carl or somebody else later, so I went away. I thought of the Hunters, the idiotic cannibal people who live like cavemen with their bow and arrows from wood. I thought they were responsible for the party, but it turned out they weren't, but it was already too late 'cause I already killed them. But there was a guy who wasn't with them, so I let him live and lead me back to his people. Turned out it was the town people. I killed…wait I don't even know how many. At least, they know it was me, which made them very scared, I hope. I think they got the message that they don' fuck with me.

But when I got back to the prison, Daryl told me (Yeah, Daryl. We temporarily stopped hating each other so we could team up like The Avengers and search for Carol) that one of the prisoners organized the party and got two people killed.

So Daryl (which I think can be Hawkeye) and I (I really wanna be Iron Man, but I know I can't, 'cause I don't have a suit or a piece of a grenade in my heart, and I'm also not a man. And I don't want to be Pepper, 'cause she doesn't have super powers. So I think I'll have to be Black Widow, 'cause she's a girl and a good fighter and she also has red hair, like me. But I think it's fake, 'cause if you have natural red hair, it's more like orange.) searched through the halls, and found Carol and brought her back. I then went to see Rick, 'cause Lori said he was talking to the phone, but there was no one on the other side. She said she was worried, and asked me to check on him. I said I didn't want to, and told her that she has to stop asking people to do stuff for her. Even in dead, she still is annoying. But I did went to see Rick, and slapped him in the face, and then he went back to the others of his group.

And now I'm alone again, and I very much like it. I'm not in my cellblock, I'm outside. I don't want to go back, 'cause I know that he is still there. The sun's still shining, and I like it. There are some walkers by the fence, and I think they're very funny. Especially when you watch them from one of the watch towers. From above, they're even more ugly.


I see the tears blinking in my father's eyes, as he holds my baby sister for the first time. She's moving her tiny arms and legs around, and looks curiously at the new face. With her thick fingers, she touches the beard growing on my dad's cheeks. The touch of the tiny hairs scares her a little, and she starts crying.

"Shh, it's OK" my dad whispers, and slowly swings her in his arms, holding her close to his chest. "Everything will be alright."

I stand next to Beth, and she gives me a smile. I smile back, and let out all the oxygen I had held inside me for the past hours. Seeing my dad crying for some other reason than my mother's death, something special, something beautiful, makes me feel less crazy. My dad wasn't the only one getting a little crazy. My world was spinning around, but seeing my dad had overcome himself, helped me get myself together.

"Let's get some fresh air" my dad says, still looking at my sister. We exit the cellblock, and walk into the sun. Baby sis stops crying, and makes soft sounds cute babies always make. I walk next to my dad, with Hershel hopping with the crutches behind us and Beth following too.

We stand still on the courtyard, looking at the place where it all happened. I can't believe it's only been one day.

My dad lays a hand on my shoulder. I look up to him. He smiles, and has tears in his eyes. I smile back. There are no words needed. We both know what we want to say, but not how. But looking in each other's eyes, seems enough.

My dad looks up, and I see a change in his face. His smile fades away, and he lets go of my shoulder. He softly hands baby sis over to Beth, and starts walking towards the front gate.

I follow his eyes, and see the walkers roaming by the fences. My dad reaches for his gun. I look at Hershel, and he lifts his shoulders.

I decide to follow my dad, and the closer I get to the fence, the more I understand.

One of the walkers isn't a walker. One of them isn't dead, or undead. It's alive. It's a woman, and she's alive.


"Where's Rick?" Carol softly asks.

"Dunno, but I thought I heard him come in a minute ago."

"Why didn't you wake me?" Carol tries to sit up, but I push her back on the bed.

"'Cause you look terrible, and need to sleep."

"Thank you, very nice of you" she says sarcastically. "But I don't care. How is he?"

"I dunno. We'll see. First, you eat something."

"Where's Vicky?" Carol asks, and pushes my arm with one of the last pieces of cracker in my hand. "I have to talk to her."

"She's back to her own cellblock."

"What? Why? She can't stay alone in there. She's part of our group now."

"I never said she was a part of our group" I say, narrowing her eyes. "She may helped us out a lot, but she's still dangerous. We can't trust her, especially not with everything going on right now."

Carol rolls with her eyes. "Why so sceptical? She's a good girl."

"Can do, but still dangerous."

I hear the gate of the cellblock being opened, and reach for my crossbow.

"Why would you…"

I put a hand on Carol's mouth, and tell her to keep quiet. I stand up, and look past the wall. I quit the secret agent thing as soon as I see the used-to-be sheriff walk in.

"Look who decided to stop by?" I say, and Rick smiles lightly. I pat him on the shoulder, and look into his eyes. The two blue things are bright as always. The cloudy mess I saw yesterday, is finally gone, and I'm happy with that. Can't stand to see the guy so far away from himself.

"There's someone who really wants to see yah" I say, and step aside so he can see Carol. His eyes widen, and he reaches out for her. Carol takes him in his arms, and smiles.

"Foun' her in a closet, almost dried out" I say.

"Where's Lori?" Carol asks, and immediately Rick's sad again. I lets go of her, and looks at the ground. Carol lifts her eyebrows, and looks at me. I look away. I don't want to be the person telling her this. She looks at Carl, and then she realises.

"O no." She puts hand over her mouth, and tears fill her eyes. "Oh, Rick, I'm so sorry, I-"

"Who the hell are you?" Vicky's voice suddenly sounds from the front of the cellblock.


I look at the girl form tip to toe. She's is one weird person, I'll tell yah. Her clothes are the first of many things wrong with her. She's wearing jeans which are basically torn apart, and a t-shirt with 'Imma candy lover' on it, probably size XXL or something. Her red hair is like a big curtain around her face, and her blue eyes are curiously big.

"Who wants to know?" I ask coldly. From the corner of my eye, I see the beard man coming out of the cell, with another man after him.

"I'm Vicky. I wanted to say 'nice to meet you', but I haven't, 'cause you didn't tell me your name."

I glance at the girl. She obviously isn't normal. "I'm Michonne."

Vicky crosses her arms, and makes her face expressing like she just ate something really gross.

"What kind of name is that? Are you sure you're not called 'Michelle'?"

I put my hands on my hips, turning away from the gate. "I'm sorry; what?"

"Do you have a problem with your ears?" She doesn't mean it to be insulting, I can hear from the tone of her voice she actually asks me if I'm deaf.

"No, my ears work just fine" I say.

"Do I talk weird? Is that why you don't understand me?"

"Vick, let us talk to her, OK?" one of the men says. I can see he had a loaded crossbow in his hand. The red haired girl lifts her shoulders.

"OK, but you gotta talk very precisely. I don't think she fully understands English."

I see the bearded man, who seems to be the leader, hide a smile behind his hand. "We'll try."

The girl goes into the cellblock, to the cell where the injured woman is in, and the two men come towards me.


"So, what are we gonna do?" Beth asks, a little panicked. "We can't fight a whole town!"

"She says she knows a way in" I say, with a hand on her shoulder. "It won't be long, and we'll probably only get in and get out, nothing else."

"Don't worry, Beth" Vicky says, playing with a strain of her own hair. "The towners are easy to kill."

"How do you know that?" Michonne asks, from behind the gate. Vicky sits up, and grins mysteriously.

"We can leave today, and be back before dark if we're lucky" Daryl says, and it seems like he wants to change the subject. "Me, Rick and Michonne can go."

"You don't necessarily need Michonne" Vicky says, laying down on the ground. "I know where it is."

"You do?" Michonne asks, narrowing her eyes. I watch Vicky as she grins again, while she plays with her feet in the air.

"I think it's best if yah stay here" Daryl says, with a quick look at Carol. Carol rolls with her eyes. "To protect the others."

"You're very stupid, you know?" Vicky says. "You think I'm dangerous, and you can't trust me. Why would you leave me here, when it's better to keep me close, so you can watch every move I make?"

Daryl glances, but doesn't answer the question. Vicky kicks out her shoes, and tries to catch them while the fall down.

"I think you staying here is a good thing too" Rick says, with a strange look at Daryl. He then looks over his shoulder to Michonne. "If she found her way to us, more can follow. You know how to handle with them, so I suggest you stay here."

"You guys are so dumb" Vicky sighs. "If I kill one of these fine people here, their blood's gonna be on your hands."

Beth gets real pale, and I see Carl swallow a lump through his throat. Carol looks at Daryl, with a scream for help in her eyes. I don't know what to do, with the mentally not stable girl talking like this. She looks up, and lets out a laughter.

"Wow! You should see your own faces! Priceless!" She rolls over to her side, still laughing.

"Crazy bitch" Daryl grumbles.


"C'mon, Daniel! Please, come to the fight tonight!" Patrick almost begs me. "I swear, everyone's gonna be there!"

"I'm not really in the mood" I say, kicking the ball back towards my friend.

"Seriously, what happened to you?" Patrick kicks the ball towards me. "Since you got back, you're different."

"I'm not different" I reject, and almost kick the ball in the face of a woman passing by. "Oops, sorry."

"Watch it" the woman says annoyed, before walking through. Patrick puts his hands on his hips, and shakes his head.

"Man, I tell you, you never shot a ball like that."

"Well, MAN, I tell you, I'm fine."

Patrick gets our football back, and passes it to me. "Whatever you say."

"Oh, Danny boy!" Merles voice sounds from not too far away. I sighed, and I see Patrick lifting his eyebrows.

"What does he want?"

I lift my shoulders. "I dunno. Probably have to go out on a run again."

Merle walks down the pavement, with a creepy grin on his face. "Your specialties are needed!"

He kicks the ball away from my feet, into Patrick's face. "Ow, crap!"

"Oops, sorry." Merle doesn't bother to look at him, but narrows his eyes at me. "We got a job to do. Come with me. Yah'll love this."

I look at Patrick, and see one of his glasses is broken. He sees me looking, and waves with his arm. "Just go, I'll be OK."

Merle drags me away from him, towards the office of the Governor.

"What am I supposed to do?" I ask, but Merle just grins.

"We got a little test for yah."

"A test? What do you mean a test?"

Merle pushes me inside the building, slamming my face into the door. I feel the pain of my injured nose.

"Fuck! What was that for?"

"C'mon, don' go princess on me."

We walk through, till we get to the back of the building. This part is built later on, it's not part of the original construction. The walls are metal plates and the roof are just wooden planks.

We stop in front of one of the doors. Merle knocks on it.

"Hello, hello? Someone ordered a pizza?"

There's no answer coming from the other side. "He's probably sleepin'."

Merle kicks in the door, and pushes me inside. I look around, and I see a table and a chair, and on the chair sits an Asian guy. He has one black eye, and blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"Danny, meet my friend, Glenn" Merle says. "He don' like talkin' to me, so maybe you'll get him to talk."

The guy, Glenn, looks up. His eyes look weak, and his head seems to be too heavy for his neck.

"What am I supposed to do?" I ask, still staring at the injured guy. And I thought I was having a bad time.

"Like I said; a little test" Merle says, and he pushes something in my arms. It's a knife. "Jus' a little thing to test your loyalty."

A little thank you to SexySelena666 for letting me use the amazing new word; cray-cray.

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